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Viet Hai Village Cat Ba is a picturesque destination, not well-known by many tourists in Hai Phong. Here, nature has gifted the scenery with serene mountains, abundant limestone cliffs, sea, and diverse ecological forests. If you are looking for a cool and peaceful resort, surrounded by fresh air, then be sure to visit Viet Hai Village.

1. Where is Viet Hai Village?

About 18 km from the center of Cat Ba island district, passing through Cat Ba National Park, you will reach a small village called Viet Hai. Viet Hai is a small fishing village nestled deep within Cat Ba National Park, located in Cat Hai island district, Hai Phong. Compared to other fishing villages, Viet Hai has a relatively small area, covering only about 141 hectares with 70 households. This ancient village of Cat Ba is also known as the "island within an island" due to its rich ecosystem, including mountains, forests, and the sea within its boundaries.

Where is Viet Hai Village?
Where is Viet Hai Village?


Due to its secluded location within the Cat Ba archipelago, this potential tourist destination remains undiscovered by many visitors. As a result, Viet Hai retains a particularly tranquil atmosphere and a simple way of life for its residents.

2. How to get there?

Located deep within the national park and about 10 km from the town center, there is currently no direct road access to the fishing village. To reach Viet Hai fishing village, tourists can choose one of two transportation options.

If traveling by sea, visitors can go to Ben Beo in Cat Ba town. From there, you can purchase tickets to Viet Hai with the following options:

  • Boat ticket: 50,000 VND/person/way

  • Rent a tender: 150,000 VND/way

  • Rent a canoe: 400,000 VND/6 people/way

  • There are also some luxurious 5-star cruises such as Heritage Cruises, Stellar of the Seas, Serenity Cruises, and Paradise Grand Cruises that have itineraries to the fishing village.

How to get there
How to get there

However, during July and August, Cat Ba often experiences rough seas and large waves, making it difficult for boats to travel. Therefore, you can choose the second transportation option, which is trekking in Cat Ba to reach Viet Hai fishing village.

First, you need to go to Cat Ba National Park and purchase an entrance ticket for 80,000 VND/person. Then, you will have to trek through the forest for about 12 km to reach the fishing village. Based on the travel experience to Viet Hai fishing village in Cat Ba, if you choose this transportation option, it is advisable to hire a tour guide to avoid getting lost and to prepare the necessary equipment and insect repellent before starting the trek.

Additionally, there is a new option that allows you to quickly reach the village by taking an electric car. This method is not only fast and comfortable but also cost-effective, with a fare of around 30,000 VND/person for a round trip.


3. What to do and see

3.1. Enjoy the serene scenery of Viet Hai fishing village

Viet Hai fishing village is blessed with a picturesque landscape of mountains, serene waters, lush green rice fields, and beautiful beaches. When you set foot in Viet Hai, you will feel like time slows down, the air becomes fresher, and a profound sense of tranquility surrounds you.

Viet Hai fishing village

Viet Hai fishing village

In addition to the majestic nature, the local residents have contributed to creating a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere for any visitors who come to visit. Here, you will witness the simplicity of ancient life gradually fading away in modern society. You will see houses with thatched roofs, mud or wooden walls, and kitchens fueled by firewood, reminiscent of a bygone era.

3.2. Experience the village life

Here, you can leave behind all the modern conveniences and "transform" yourself into a local farmer or fisherman. You can become a fisherman and go on a boat to catch shrimp and fish, or visit floating houses. You can also try your hand at farming by joining the locals in plowing the fields, visiting livestock farms with buffalo, cows, pigs, chickens…

Afterward, you can ride a bike or walk along the coastal roads, through golden ripe rice fields, along village paths, and breathe in the rhythm of life in the mountains, forests, and seas. Additionally, engaging in conversations with the local people and hearing their stories about their lives is also a humble experience when visiting Viet Hai village.

3.3. Enjoying delicious dishes

In addition to the exciting activities, indulging in the seafood cuisine here is an essential experience. The locals are not only friendly and hospitable but also skilled in creating uniquely delicious dishes. You shouldn't miss the enticing flavors of grilled sea snails with scallion oil, steamed scallops, squid cakes, Cat Ba specialty double-fried fish, seaweed salad, red snapper, herring, etc.

Enjoying delicious dishes
Enjoying delicious dishes

3.4 Enjoy fish massage

Visitors who want to experience the feeling of relaxation and comfort by a cool stream can try the fish massage service in Viet Hai Village. With only 20,000 VND per person, you will experience a foot and hand massage service provided by small fish. During 30 minutes, the fish will nibble away dead skin cells on your feet, leaving them clean and stimulating the growth of new cells. Fish massage is considered an effective method to relieve stress, stimulate the nervous system, and improve blood circulation.

With only 20,000 VND per person, you will experience a foot and hand massage service provided by small fish
With only 20,000 VND per person, you will experience a foot and hand massage service provided by small fish

3.5 Visit Lan Ha Bay

When visiting Viet Hai Village, tourists should not miss the opportunity to admire Lan Ha Bay - the emerald paradise of Hai Phong. Tourists can choose a tour that combines a visit to Viet Hai Village and Lan Ha Bay. Lan Ha Bay boasts a pristine and peaceful beauty with numerous small and large islands along with attractive sightseeing spots. To experience the life of the fishing village's residents, tourists can visit the floating market in Lan Ha Bay and the fishing village of Cua Van. Tourists can also participate in underwater activities such as swimming at Van Boi Beach, Cat Dua Beach, kayaking, or taking a bamboo boat through Luon Cave, as well as snorkeling to observe coral reefs at Monkey Island.

Tourists can choose a tour that combines a visit to Viet Hai Village and Lan Ha Bay
Tourists can choose a tour that combines a visit to Viet Hai Village and Lan Ha Bay

4. Best time to travel

Each visit to the fishing village will offer you unique experiences. However, it is best to travel to Viet Hai Village, Cat Ba at the following two time periods:

From February to March: This is the spring season, and the air here is cool and refreshing. It is also a magnificent scene when the village is often covered in mysterious mist, creating a fascinating atmosphere during your visit.

June: According to the experience of visiting Viet Hai, Cat Ba, this is the most beautiful time to explore. From the picturesque and tranquil landscapes to the fresh and clean air, everything supports your journey. Moreover, June is also the season when the rice fields are ripe, so you can admire many beautiful scenes.

With the detailed sharing and reviews about Viet Hai Village, Cat Ba, I hope that travelers will have a wonderful experience here. Come and enjoy the peaceful and pristine atmosphere, as well as admire the magnificent and picturesque scenery in Viet Hai fishing village!

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