Enjoy the nightlife in Da Nang like a local: Top 5+ hottest destinations

As twilight casts its magical spell, Da Nang awakens, transforming into a mesmerizing playground that sets the stage for an unforgettable night of revelry. For those seeking an authentic local experience, the nightlife in Da Nang offers an exhilarating blend of tradition, modernity, and sheer joie de vivre. 

Prepare to be captivated as we unveil the top 5 hottest destinations that will ignite your senses and immerse you in the true essence of Da Nang's nocturnal charm.

1. Top 5+ hottest destinations to enjoy the nightlife in Da Nang

1.1. Asia Park Da Nang at Night

Asia Park Da Nang at Night
Asia Park Da Nang at Night


Asia Park is one of the largest amusement parks in Southeast Asia, captivating visitors with its array of entertainment activities and artistic masterpieces. Nestled in the heart of Da Nang, this park promises to delight every traveler who sets foot within its enchanting realm.

The park encompasses multiple themed zones, offering a diverse range of attractions. If you're an adventurous soul visiting Da Nang and seeking thrills, brace yourself for a series of exhilarating nighttime adventures. Imagine free-falling from towering heights on a drop tower, soaring through the air on a suspended monorail, or gliding on a thrilling roller coaster. Asia Park caters to all adrenaline seekers, ensuring an unforgettable experience under the stars.

Moreover, it offers a unique culinary experience, allowing visitors to savor exquisite dishes from various Asian countries. From Japan, Indonesia, and Singapore to South Korea, India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, China, and Vietnam, the park is a melting pot of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

Address: 1 Phan Dang Luu Street, Hoa Cuong Bac Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang

1.2. Han River Swing Bridge at Night

Han River Swing Bridge at Night
Han River Swing Bridge at Night


The Han River Swing Bridge stands proudly as the first rotating bridge designed and built by Vietnamese engineers and workers. This bridge is considered a source of pride and a symbol of the city's renewed vitality for the people of Da Nang. What sets this bridge apart is its magnificent display of millions of vibrant lights, illuminating the night and infusing it with a captivating charm.

If you wish to admire the spectacle of the swing bridge, plan your visit on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 PM to midnight. On weekdays, the bridge typically rotates between 1 AM and 2 AM.

The Han River Swing Bridge is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the nightlight in Da Nang. Its enchanting transformation after sunset casts a spell on visitors, offering an awe-inspiring experience. Witnessing the bridge's majestic rotation amidst a sea of colorful lights creates a mesmerizing sight that will forever be etched in your memory.

Address: Le Duan Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang, Vietnam.

1.3. Da Nang Love Lock Bridge

Da Nang Love Lock Bridge
Da Nang Love Lock Bridge


The Love Bridge, nestled alongside the Han River, stands as one of the most enchanting nighttime destinations in Da Nang. It allures countless couples who come here to hang love locks inscribed with their names on the bridge, symbolizing unwavering devotion and eternal love. The Love Bridge not only boasts a beautiful setting between two prominent bridges, the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge, but it also offers a breathtaking view from the bridge itself.

During the evening, as you stand upon the bridge, the city on the opposite bank reflects its illuminated lights upon the river's surface, creating a scene of utmost romance, tranquility, and enchanting serenity.

Address: Tran Hung Dao Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang, Vietnam

1.4. My Khe Beach at Night

My Khe Beach at Night
My Khe Beach at Night


My Khe Beach is situated approximately 3km southeast of Da Nang's city center, making it one of the six most beautiful beaches on the planet, as recognized by Forbes magazine. Renowned for its pristine white sand, crystal-clear waters year-round, and an abundance of diverse coral reefs, this beach offers a slice of paradise. However, the true magnificence lies not in daytime beach activities but in an evening stroll along the shoreline.

As you set foot on the damp sand, with gentle waves caressing the shore, and listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean, a sense of peace and romance envelops you. It's as if you have detached yourself from the bustling world, finding solace amidst the heart of Da Nang.

Address: Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Phuoc My, Son Tra, Da Nang, Vietnam.

1.5. Da Nang Night Market

Da Nang Night Market
Da Nang Night Market


Night markets are the epitome of the bustling nighttime scene in Da Nang. Here, visitors have the opportunity to find a wide array of fascinating souvenirs. Most night markets in Da Nang open from 6 PM to 11 PM. Below are some of the famous night markets in the city.

  • Helio Night Market

Address: 2/9 Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang, Vietnam.

When it comes to Da Nang's night markets, the Helio Night Market stands out as one of the largest and most renowned. Here, you can indulge in various forms of entertainment and recreation. From affordable dining options to photo-worthy check-in spots, shopping, and live music, the Helio Night Market has it all. Moreover, it is hailed as a culinary paradise at night, featuring a wide array of delicious dishes. 

  • Thanh Khe Tay Night Market

Address: Yen Khe 1 Street, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang, Vietnam.

The Thanh Khe Tay Night Market boasts over 220 stalls, offering a diverse range of products. From fashion items, bags, and footwear to souvenirs, gifts, local delicacies, food stalls, and beverages.

  • Son Tra Night Market

Address: Intersection of Ly Nam De & Mai Hac De Street, Da Nang, Vietnam.

Situated near My Khe Beach, the Son Tra Night Market offers convenience for beachgoers. Moreover, it is located close to iconic landmarks such as the Dragon Bridge and the Love Bridge, making it a convenient spot for tourists to explore and shop while visiting Da Nang. Most importantly, at this night market, you can enjoy a comfortable shopping experience. The Son Tra Night Market features a wide range of cuisines, including northern and southern Vietnamese dishes, and even street food from Thailand and South Korea.

  • Le Duan Night Market

Address: Kiosk 144 Le Duan Street, Thach Thang Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang, Vietnam.

The Le Duan Night Market is a familiar marketplace for locals and is located in the heart of Da Nang's city center. Here, you can find various affordable clothing items, shoes, accessories, and inexpensive souvenirs. Additionally, there are a few beverage stands and small eateries catering to tourists.

  • Hoa Khanh Night Market

Address: Nguyen Canh Chan Street, Da Nang, Vietnam.

The Hoa Khanh Night Market is near the university area, making it popular among students. Similar to the Le Duan Night Market, you'll find a wide variety of goods in terms of shapes, colors, and types.

1.6. Art of Tuong Opera in Da Nang

Art of Tuong Opera in Da Nang
Art of Tuong Opera in Da Nang


Da Nang at night is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the rich cultural arts of Vietnam. Among them, Tuong Opera shines as a vibrant combination of dance, music, literature, and painting. Each performance is a lesson in moral values, showcasing the traditional spiritual culture of Vietnam.

The Nguyen Hien Dinh Tuong Theater is where you can witness the captivating art of Tuong Opera in Da Nang. The theater provides a stage for talented artists to showcase their skills and transport audiences to a world of ancient legends, heroic tales, and moral teachings. The performances are a harmonious blend of graceful movements, melodious music, and eloquent dialogue, all meticulously crafted to create a truly captivating experience. 

The show occurs every Wednesday and Saturday at 7:30PM, and the ticket price is only 50,000 VND for a one-hour performance. If you want to further comprehend the different type of art in Vietnam, don’t miss this chance! 

Address: 155 Phan Chau Trinh Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang, Vietnam.

2. Extra tips when enjoy the nightlife in Da Nang 

2.1. What transportation should you use for nighttime in Da Nang?

To fully experience the pleasant and cool evening climate and admire the cityscape of Da Nang at night, it is recommended to use a motorbike for convenient mobility within the city.

Additionally, if you prefer a faster and more convenient means of transportation, you can consider booking a guided tour of Da Nang. There are numerous tour operators that offer comprehensive packages, allowing you to explore the city's attractions and experience its vibrant nightlife under the guidance of knowledgeable local guides.

2.2. The ideal time for leisurely activities in Da Nang at night

Most entertainment venues and late-night eateries in Da Nang stay open until around 1 or 2 in the morning.

However, if you want to indulge in a wide variety of delicious dishes and experience exciting activities, it's best to head out a little earlier, around 7 PM to 8 PM. This timeframe allows you to explore the culinary delights and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the city's night scene.

If you're interested in visiting bars, it's recommended to start your evening adventure from 9 PM onwards. This way, you can fully immerse yourself in the lively ambiance and enjoy the nightlife that Da Nang has to offer.

3. Conclusion

In summary, Da Nang's nightlife scene offers a diverse and lively atmosphere for visitors to enjoy. So, venture out and embrace the vibrant nightlife in Da Nang, where you can create unforgettable memories and discover the city's unique charm after the sun sets.

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