Awesome Ha Giang Loop Review from A to Z for all travelers

Ha Giang Loop has been famous to many foreigners because of the majestic and curving roads in Ha Giang. If you want to enjoy the beauty of this kind of tour, please check carefully for detailed information in this article.

1. Where is the Ha Giang loop - how far is it from Hanoi?

Ha Giang Loop in fact is a circulating route in Ha Giang, on the border with neighboring China, about 300 km from Hanoi. On 1000-meter high roads, visitors can discover the beauty of open and majestic rocky mountains and the daily life of ethnic groups. 
All members will follow GL4C to get to Ha Giang and follow QL34 from Bao Lam to come back to the city center. Along the way, you can stop off at many amazing places and get unique moments that you have never had. 
Where is the Ha Giang loop - how far is it from Hanoi?

Where is the Ha Giang loop - how far is it from Hanoi?


2. How to get there?

The distance from Hanoi to Ha Giang is about 300 km and there are many kinds of vehicles for you to choose from, such as cars, taxis, buses, motorbikes, or trains. It may take from 6 to 9 hours to get to the city center. Each type of vehicle has both advantages and disadvantages, but the best way to enjoy Ha Giang Loop is to drive on two wheels. The journey would be better and you can stop off flexibly, enjoy fresh air on open roads, take pictures and so on. 
the best way to enjoy Ha Giang Loop is to drive on two wheels
The best way to enjoy Ha Giang Loop is to drive on two wheels

3. Best time to visit Ha Giang Loop

To conquer curving roads, you should choose the dry season to plan for the tour to be safe, and get the best photos of beautiful landscapes. 
  • From January to March: the dry season in Ha Giang, also the Tet festival with peach flowers.
  • From April to May: the sky is blue with little rain.
  • From June to August: hottest and rainiest days.
  • From September to December: time of golden rice fields - best months for Ha Giang itineraries.  

4. Where to stay for a Ha Giang Loop tour?

In case you enjoy a self-planned tour, you can also easily find good accommodation in Ha Giang City, Yen Minh, Quan Ba, Dong Van, and Meo Vac. 
Here are some suggestions for you:
Meo Vac homestay/hostel
Cozy hostel Little Yen’s homestay
A Kiet homestay
Amazing Meo Vac
Hagiang Holic
A Lu homestay
Canh Mai homestay
Dong Van homestays/hotels
Hoa Cuong hotel
Hoang Van hotel
Ancient Town 29 Old Quarter
Ma Le homestay
Dong Van B&B
Cao Nguyen Hotel
Yen Minh homestays/hotels
Thien An Guest House
Homestay Bongbang
H’mong Village Resort
Ly Danh homestay

Quan Ba homestay/hostels
Dien homestay
Hong Thu homestay
Pook homestay
Daoz homestay
Don Dao homestay
Ly Danh homestay
Ha Giang city homestay/hotels
Cau Me hotel
Lila Inn
Golden Jungle House
Ha Giang Hostel
Royal Hotel Ha Giang
Phoenix Hotel Ha Giang

5. What to pack for Ha Giang Loop?

To get no trouble or inconvenience, please note these things to pack:
  • Stretchy clothes such as cargo pants, T-shirts, etc.
  • A waterproof coat in case it may rain.
  • Good shoes for your long tour.
  • Flip Flops would be great for walking on the street on hot days.
  • Bring bug spray and sunscreen to protect your skin.
  • Medicine in case you get food allergy/ flu, cough, etc.
  • Cash is important because there are not many ATMs in Ha Giang Loop as in the city center.
  • A good camera and a smartphone full of charge.
  • Emergency contact number for help in case you get into trouble.
  • Chargers for phones and cameras.
  • Torche or headlamp if you plan to visit some not-tourist-oriented places.
  • Good helmet for safety.
  • A scarf to protect you from strong wind.
  • Driving license to rent a motorbike for the trip.

6. Renting a bike for the Ha Giang loop?

Many visitors enjoy renting private bikes in spite of joining a package tour. In this case, they can save money by choosing cheap accommodation, preparing food, and so on. Another advantage of a self-planned tour is that they can be free. They are free to stop off for photos, to rest, to choose the food, to visit an ethnic village, and to change their itineraries. 
Note: Remember to make sure that you check the map and the motorbike carefully. Never go alone in case you are lost or get in trouble on the roads. 
Some trusty shops for renting a motorbike in Ha Giang are:
  • Motogo: Group 1, Cau Me, Phuong Thien, Ha Giang city.
  • Giang Son shop: Km no 3, Cau Me, Ha Giang City
  • Hong Hao shop: No 10 Pham Hong Thai, Minh Khai, Ha Giang
  • Hang Thuong shop: 15b Pham Hong Thai, Minh Khai, Ha Giang

7. Which bike to choose for the Ha Giang loop?

There are three types of bikes to choose from for a wonderful Ha Giang Loop tour, including:
  • Automatic motorbikes: the easiest bikes to ride with small wheels, cheap to rent but not the best choice for bumps and potholes.
  • Semi-automatic bikes: a good option for riding up and down curving roads, easy to use, and light. The disadvantage is that this bike does not have any clutches. 
  • Manual motorbikes: not very popular because it is more expensive, but this is the best choice for Ha Giang loop tours.
There are three types of bikes to choose from for a wonderful Ha Giang Loop tour
There are three types of bikes to choose from for a wonderful Ha Giang Loop tour

8. How much does the Ha Giang loop cost?
You should make a list of things to check for detailed expenses before traveling. Here is a reference table for you to check.
Type of expenses Cost for per day (vnd) Cost for 3 days (vnd)
Renting motorbike 15.000 - 200.000  450.000 - 600.000
Insurance for a motorbike 70.000  210.000
Fuel 60.000 - 80.000 180.000 - 240.000 
Food 200.000 - 250.000 600.000 - 750.000
Accomodation 200.000 - 400.000 400.000 - 600.000 (only 2 nights)
Entrance Fees 50.000 - 90.000 150.000 - 270.000
Souvenirs 50.000 - 100.000 150.000 - 300.000
    2.140.000 - 3.170.000 
As you can see in the above table, for a 3-day Ha Giang loop tour, you need to spend from 2.140.000vnd to 3.170.000vnd ($91 - $135).
We have a lot of information about Ha Giang Loop. Let’s pack your bags and book a tour in advance, or rent a motorbike to enjoy the best trip in northern Vietnam. 

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