Thien Cung Cave - A Step To Paradise in Halong Bay

Halong Bay, adorned with its breathtaking landscapes, has earned its UNESCO recognition as a world natural heritage site. Among the myriad wonders that captivate visitors, the natural caves stand out as perennial favorites, drawing in countless tourists each year. Today, let’s explore Thien Cung Cave with us!

1. Where is Thien Cung Cave

The cave is located on Dau Go (southwest of Ha Long Bay) at an altitude of about 25m above sea level, about 4km from the cruise ship port. It is nearly 10,000 square meters wide with a complex structure. The surrounding four sides are covered by very high walls and stalactites and stalagmites with many strange shapes.
How to get Thien cung cave 
Proceeding from the central area of Ha Long City, travel southwest along National Road 18 until you reach Tuan Chau Port. Once at the port, opt for either a boat or follow sightseeing route number 1 to access Thien Cung Cave.
After getting the boat to Thien Cung, you need to access the cave on your own. Navigate through a narrow opening, and the door will open into a space above a 130m-long quadrilateral.
There is a path along a steep cliff adorned with lush. As you delve deeper, the beauty becomes more evident, showcasing a magnificent scene adorned with myriad stalactites of diverse shapes.
thien cung cave 1


2. Legendary of Thien Cung Cave 

This location has been a subject of scientific exploration, with a notable legend recounting the formation of the cave.
According to this, after aiding the king in defeating an enemy, the Dragon King chose not to return to the heavens but instead settled in this cave. Unfortunately, a drought ensued, leading the people to seek the Dragon King's assistance in bringing rain. Despite earnest efforts to locate the Dragon King, their searches proved futile.
One day, a girl named May in this village captured the heart of the Dragon Prince, leading to a lavish wedding in a heavenly setting with magical creatures. The union transformed the landscape into vivid cliffs and stone columns, giving rise to the name Thien Cung Cave.
thien cung cave halong bay


3. What to see at Thien Cung 

The structure of the cave was created by nature with outstanding features such as many levels, many compartments.
At the heart of the cave, you can encounter four natural pillars adorned with intricate carvings depicting images of birds, flowers, leaves, and scenes from children's daily lives. This distinctive feature transforms the cave into a captivating fairyland.
Moreover, in the last area, you will be engulfed in breathtaking images of impressive landscapes, where dim lights and a harmonious blend of colors create a scenery akin to paradise.
What to see at Thien Cung

4. What to do near Thien Cung 

There are several nearby attractions on sightseeing awaiting you:
Dau Go Cave: The cave stands out for its lush flora, featuring moss, ferns, and woody plants, setting it apart from other caves in Halong Bay.
Cho Da Islet: This islet bears stone dog statues, reflecting a Vietnamese tradition of warding off evil spirits.
Ba Hang Cave: Located next to Thien Cung Cave, Ba Hang is a cluster of interconnected underground caves and fishing villages. During low tide, the caves emerge, allowing boat navigation and kayaking in the area.
How to get Thien cung cave

5. Extra tip

  • There are some extra tips that you should remember before going to Thien Cung:

  • Explore Thien Cung Cave, part of the Ha Long Bay scenic complex, by renting a boat or opting for tour number 1 to experience its full beauty.

  • Along the road to the cave, enjoy the coolness and greenery, but bring a thin jacket to ward off insects.

  • Don't miss the small sky gate at the cave's end, where sunlight can create impressive frames.

After journeying through Thien Cung Cave, the enduring memory for all is the majestic yet slightly mysterious and poetic beauty. Now, are you ready to experience the allure of the most beautiful cave in Vietnam?


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