Bat Trang ceramic village - one of the oldest pottery & ceramic in Vietnam

Bat Trang ceramic village is about 10km from the center. The village is a unique place to discover for a fantastic tour especially for a day trip to Hanoi. Many people from all over the world come to Vietnam every year, both in the North and the South. For customers traveling to Hanoi, we advise you to visit this place.


First of all, we need to know the address of Bat Trang village. It is a part of Gia Lam district, and it is 10km to the South of the Hanoi capital. The name “Bat Trang” means “ a big yard”. It is the oldest ceramic in Vietnam. That is why people come here, both locals and foreigners, to discover and achieve new experiences in their life. If you want to visit the place, you can get on a bus, or book a Grab service to get to Bat Trang and spend time adventuring it within the day. 
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Bat Trang ceramic village tour | Departure Daily Morning or Afternoon

1. History of Bat Trang pottery village

Among the best things to do in Hanoi is visiting Bat Trang village. None knows exactly about the history of the village. But it is said to be founded in the 14th - 15th century. It means the village is about 600 years old. The genealogy in Bat Trang records that the ancient ancestors of the village migrated from Bo Bat (Bo Xuyen and Bach Bat) to this area. In the Late Le Dynasty, Bo Bat belonged to Yen Mo, Thanh Hoa. But today, it is a part of Ninh Binh province. People say that at this place, they found white clay that was very suitable for pottery making. This is confirmed by traces of terracotta layers.

history of bat trang pottery village

Bat Trang in 19th century 

Many others also share another story about the history of the village. It is said that during the Ly Dynasty, there were Hua Vinh Kieu, Dao Tri Tien, and Luu Phuong Tu. They all were sent to China for business at that time. On their way home, there was a storm, and they had to rest at a ceramic kiln. With their wisdom, all three guys learned the ceramic skill and propagated it to local people. Hua Vinh Kieu transmitted white reef enamel water for Bat Trang people. Dao Tri Tien taught Tho Ha (Bac Giang province) how to make red-yellow enamel water. Luu Phuong Tu passed on to Phu Lang (Que Vo, Bac Ninh) dark yellow-red enamel water. Following this, Bat Trang village was almost 900 years old. 

2. Pottery products in Bat Trang

Bat Trang is very famous for its pottery skills. There are many well-known kinds of ceramics in this area, such as celadon pottery (Ly, Tran dynasties), blue-green ceramics (late Le - Nguyen dynasties), etc.  The skillful potters have created products such as vases, worshiping objects, dishes, and teapots. These products are different from each other. Decorative figures include animals, embossed patterns. They can be engraved with patterns in different colors. The enamel used in the crafting includes white enamel, cream enamel, emerald green enamel, and reef enamel. Bat Trang pottery is famous around the world. Therefore, many products are exported to different countries such as Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Portugal, and France. It helps people have a better life.

pottery products in bat trang

Ms. Mai, a craftsman who has been making pottery for more than 10 years 

The process of making a pottery product: 

  • Step 1: Making product shape and decorate

Selecting clay=> processing => shaping the products => drying ing and repairing.

  • Step 2: Covering enamel for the product

Using Ly enamel, celadon, or reef enamel to cover the product to make it polish and bright.

3. What to do in Bat Trang?

There are many things to do in Bat Trang. Please take care of this list below to know more about this. 

3.1. Trying to make a pottery product

It is fun to join this during your trip! How wonderful to drink with the cup you make on a tour! Just 10.000vnd, you can have a place to start the process. It is fun, meaningful, and be a special experience for your trip. After fishing, you can ask for a drying service for only 2 to 3 dollars. 

what to do in bat trang ceramic village

Our client tries to make a souvenir

3.2. Visiting Bat Trang market

The market is the place where people sell a long list of ceramic products. You can buy a bowl, worship objects, and take photos of them. This heaven of ceramic will never let you down. There are many good places for you to check for and have many beautiful pictures to post on Facebook. Every weekend, many students also come to this village to spend time relaxing, discovering, and trying to learn to make a pottery cup. 

visiting bat trang market

Many kinds of products are selling

3.3. Discovering the village on the buffalo cart

It is similar to adults in Vietnamese villages. But to young people and foreign customers, buffalo cart is something strange. Using the service, you can slowly discover Bat Trang and enjoy life like a local. It is fantastic and you will have unique pictures for the tour.

buffalo cart at bat trang village

Visitors enjoy the tour

3.4. Walking around the village

Walking around the village can help you know more corners to visit and discover new things. Bat Trang brings a peaceful environment and can make you forget all the bad things. You can walk around the streets, taking photos and seeing people making pottery. It is such a new experience for many travelers. 

3.5. Visiting Van Van House

Van Van House has more than 400 pottery products. The unique thing is that all products are from the 15th to 19th century. The owner of this house is Mr. Tran Ngoc Lam. He is a member of the UNESCO Center for Research and Preservation of Vietnamese Antiquities. Being built in 2002, the house is quite ancient. You can come to discover things, take photos and have small talk with Mr. Lam to know more about this area. 

4. How to recognize Bat Trang ceramic products

  • Bat Trang ceramics often have elegant and simple patterns and colors, the details on the surface are hand-painted to be unique.

  • The ceramics are handcrafted to be thick and heavy in hand and difficult to break.

  • The products use unique glazes to make them shiny and solid, protecting the inner color layer from fading and not being worn away over time.

  • All the products have to write Bat Trang - Vietnam under and easy to recognize.

how to recognize bat-trang ceramic products

Very easy to recognize it

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We hope that you now understand more about Bat Trang ceramic village. Let’s come to see and discover during your tour. Never miss this village if you want an authentic trip to Vietnam! Please feel free to contact Go Viet Trip: Email: or hotline +84968667589. We are guarantee about quality and pricesGet a full refund if you do not feel happy with our services.

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