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Best banh mi in Hanoi that all travelers should try!
BBC and many other TV programs have considered Banh mi of Vietnam one of the most delicious dishes in the world. That is the reason why you try it at least once in your life. Let find out the Best Banh mi in Hanoi with Go Viet Trip.


1. Why is Banh mi so good?

Banh mi has a long history in Vietnam and nowadays become popular food of everyone, from all regions because of its variety, convenience and most importantly, its reasonable price.

You can easily find bread anywhere in Vietnam, from Hanoi, Hai Phong, Hoi An to Saigon.

The most exciting thing each place had modified and combined with typical flavors. That's why each place has its flavors. This is not only a dish but also contains the culinary quintessence of each region in Vietnam.
Nowadays it has become more and more famous all around the world. If you have a chance to go to Hanoi, remember to visit these best places for this delicious street food.
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2. Banh Mi Pho

Delicious and Healthy is the standard that this branch has established and built to serve millions of gourmet customers over the years.
Based on that standard, ingredients for our sandwiches are strictly selected from the most reputable suppliers, fresh vegetables are always processed and used within the day.
That is the basis for Banh mi Pho to create a full, nutritionally balanced, and convenient meal.
This brand is very popular in the old quarter

banh mi pho 

Banh Mi Pho - Easy can find in the old quarter

  • 57 C Dinh Tien Hoang Street (In front of the Hoan Kiem Lake)

  • 61 E Hang Ma street

  • 64 Hang Bong Street

3. Banh Mi 25 - Best banh mi in Hanoi Old Quarter

Being loved by many local people, Banh mi 25 is a must-visit place for anyone who wants to experience the famous food in Hanoi. Located at number 25, Hang Ca Street, this address is open all day to serve hundreds of people. Being open for many years to Hanoians, it is considered the best Banh Mi Hanoi Old quarter.

If you want to try it, you need to pay only 1 to 2 dollars. The specialty of the store is that it contains oyster mushrooms with fried garlic. The meat is so big that you can eat it with great pieces to enjoy all the taste. This is a big shop, and you can easily find a seat yourself. While enjoying the bami, customers can also call for a drink such as a cup of ice tea or coffee. This famous place is also suitable for vegetarians. It is because the menu has a long list of food for them.


banh mi 25

Banh Mi 25

4. Bami Bread – or local call "Banh Mi Hoi An"

Bami Bread. This is a chain of banh mi with many stores located along the main streets of Hanoi. Bami Bread first appeared in Hanoi in November 2014 in the Old Quarter area. Immediately, this bread brand attracts many people with delicious, hot, crispy Hoi An bread, full of nutrients. This Hoi An bread brand over the years has become an extremely familiar name. Especially for those who love street food.

  • 38 Láng Hạ - 0975 436 393

  • 128 Giảng Võ - 0981 043 133

  • 28 Duy Tân - 0911 113 323

  • 189 Tây Sơn - 0981 115 499

  • 7 Tố Hữu - 0869 383 566

  • 88B Trần Hưng Đạo - 0979 578 546

5. Banh Mi Tram

Banh Mi Tram is one of the famous banh mi shops in Hoan Kiem district today, it is served with beef. The beef tendon is crispy, but not chewy because it is cooked very carefully, making up for the sauce with five flavors, cardamom is very fragrant,
Dipping a piece of bread directly into the sauce and then swiping a thick enough sugar, so many flavors
With a long time open and suitable price it is very crowded.
Address:  30 Dinh Ngang street - Hoan Kiem - Hanoi


banh mi tram

Banh Mi Tram

6. Banh Mi Nhat Minh

This bread was founded by Nhat Minh the winner of the game show Master Chef
With a small desire to turn street food into a beautiful image and become one of the features of Vietnamese cuisine in the eyes of international friends, the young girl born in 1991 launched a brand of bread. The famous Minh Nhat in Hanoi.
Address: 29 Nguyen Du street - Hanoi

banh mi nhat minh

Banh Mi Nhat Minh

7. Bread More - Eat and need more!

Bread More is the place many Hanoian visit for lunch. The shop is modern with many dishes. You can call the Special Bami to fill your stomach. It includes grilled pork, omelet, carrots, cucumber, papaya, and pate, too.

The shopper will add more mayonnaise as well as chili sauce to make it spicy and delicious. The bread will be made crispy, and you can bite and feel it when trying. It is not too fat or spicy, but all ingredients make the bread become fantastic street food for comers. The price for a lunch like this is just 25000vnd (around 1USD). It is a reasonable number for everybody to enjoy.

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8. Pate Banh Mi at 11 Hang Ga Street

We highly recommend the store at 11 Hang Gai Street. It serves great food with fresh vegetables such as cucumber, papaya, carrot and cilantro, pate, and chili sauce. Don't forget the chili because it can make the bread even greater than you can imagine! When you first bite it, it is yummy, spicy, and crispy, and you cannot stop biting it with one bigger piece! The shop has not only great food but also a fantastic view. You can have a cup of beer, bite your bread and slowly feel life like a Hanoian. The wonderful thing is that the price is only 1 dollar. One dollar for the best food in the world!

9. Banh Mi Lan Ong close to Hoan Kiem Lake

If you want to find a place that Tripadvisor highly recommends, do not forget Banh Mi Lan Ong. It is close to Hoan Kiem Lake and convenient for every tourist to come. The address is an old shop with three generations selling Bami for earning a living. You can imagine how famous it is as well. Banh mi of this family is special with pate, ham, pork, veggies with different recipes from many other shops.

You can sit down at a chair, bite the food, and refresh yourself with a cup of ice tea. It seems like you are living like a local. You can also have time to relax with free wifi for the internet. All you need is just 25.000vnd for a short tour discovering the best street food of Vietnam.


banh mi lan ong 

Banh mi Lan Ong 

10. Bao Quyen Shop - Delicious with yummy pate

Another way to enjoy this kind of food is to use much more pork pate than people do. There is one place for you to ask for this food. It is at number 8 on Cha Ca street. Bao Quyen shop has a good menu with reasonable prices. The shop owner is a young girl who is very good at cooking.
She has made a new recipe to make her pate soft, and delicious with many ingredients. Banh mi in this shop includes a little pate with cilantro, a slice of cucumber, pork, and some more. You can fill your stomach with the yummy food to know it better.

11. Banh Mi Ba Dan - more than 22 years

Last but not least, Banh Mi Ba Dan is also on the list of best shops for Bami in Hanoi. The shop has been open for such a long time that almost everyone knows this name. It is located at 34 Lo Su, Hoan Kiem District. That is why not only locals but also foreigners can come and enjoy themselves.
The food in this place has a traditional taste to Hanoian. It is so famous for its fresh and crispy taste. The fact is that all banh mi will be changed after every 3 hours. The new one is crispier and can give the best experience. The ingredients include ham, pate, and sauce, not as many as other shops, but it has had a good taste for more than 20 years.
So fantastic if we can enjoy all the bread above. But at least you should come and enjoy the best bami in Hanoi at one of these six great shops. Come and visit, enjoy it, and you can have your best experience.

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