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Vietnamese Women's Museum in Hanoi is a place where visitors can learn about the role of Vietnamese women in the history and culture of Vietnam through many important documents.

1. History of Vietnamese Women's Museum

Vietnamese Women's Museum was established in 1987 and managed by the Vietnam Women's Union. After more than thirty years of construction and development, this place has become one of the centers for research exhibitions, preserves many cultural values ​​of Vietnamese women, and is also a center of world women's cultural exchange.

The Vietnamese Women's Museum has a mission to improve public knowledge and understanding about the history and cultural heritage of Vietnamese women in life from the past to the present; develop the museum into a center for conservation and cultural exchange, contributing to the achievement of gender equality goals, for the advancement of women.

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Vietnamese Womens Museum entrace fee

2. What to see in Vietnamese woman museum

It is located at 36 Ly Thuong Kiet street, the center of Hanoi city and near Hanoi old quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake. That is why attraction a lot of visitors every day.
The total displayed an area of nearly 2000m2, with four floors and a system of archives storing more than 25,000 documents, photos, artifacts reflecting the contributions of Vietnamese women in history and contemporary life.
To get this massive amount of data, it took about ten years to travel across the country to collect and search for photos and artifacts.
First impression visitors can admire the statue named "Vietnamese mother" by artist Nguyen Phu Cuong placed on a dignified marble background. The statue is the image of a mother lifting her son, so her shoulders and right hand are extended to show overcoming all difficulties and challenges. This image of a strong, gentle, and energetic mother is also a symbol of Vietnamese women.


Vietnamese woman museum

Statue "Vietnamese mother" on the first floor

On the second floor of the museum is a place to display artifacts once associated with Vietnamese women's lives, such as working tools, jewelry, etc. Some artifacts date back from Dong Son bronze drum period – 4000 years ago.

Vietnamese womens museum 1

The third floor is loved by many foreign tourists when displaying many artifacts that are gifts from women worldwide to support the association's activities over 80 years.
The fourth floor is also one of the most popular places. This is the place to display and introduce the costumes of Vietnamese women throughout the long history, besides information about 54 ethnic groups across the country.


Vietnamese Womens Museum 2

Vietnamese woman museum 4

3. Vietnamese women's museum entrance fee & Opening hours

  • Address: 36 Ly Thuong Kiet street, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: Monday – Sunday, 08:00 am – 17:00 pm
  • Phone number: 024 3825 9936
  • Entrance fee ticket: 40.000vnd/ adult, 10.000 for children

4. How to get Vietnamese women's museum

From Hanoi old quarter, visitors can walk about 10 minutes or catch a taxi, motorbike, or bus number 08, 31, 36, 49.
The museum has been voted on TripAdvisor as the most attractive destination in Hanoi for many consecutive years and TOP 25 most attractive museums in Asia. The museum is also honored to receive the award "Vietnamese Women in 2015" and "Vietnam's Leading Tourist Attraction" two years, 2015-2016.
If you have the opportunity to come to Hanoi, this is definitely a place that you should explore.

We hope that you will have one more place to visit in the capital. 
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