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Hanoi is far beyond a charming travel destination. This city shows up as both an ancient and a modern city of Vietnam as well. It is ideal for taking a walking tour exploring this city. This article will provide you with some essential tips for your best Hanoi by-foot tour - Hanoi walking free tour where and when to visit. This is useful for both self-exploring and tour-guided trips.


1. Hanoi walking tour itinerary

Most visitors will go around the old quarter and some famous places nearby such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple, Dong Xuan Market. If you want to go further, you can visit Ho Chi Minh complex, Temple of Literature, Hoa Lo prison. If you do not walk too much, you can catch a taxi one way and pay by yourself and a local guide.

hanoi walking tour itinerary 1 

Hanoi walking tour itinerary

Here is our suggestion you can go from first place in the old quarter (1) to last place is Hoa Lo prison (6), or you can go discuss with a local guide about places you want to go before departure.

2. Should I go exploring the city on my own or be accompanied by a tour guide?

That's a typical question when you decide to take a trip. In general, Hanoi is a safe city to travel, the local people here are friendly, and the price is reasonable for foreign tourists. There are also lots of travel agencies here. The only thing you should notice is its complicated traffic as Hanoi is packed with a huge amount of motorbikes. It's your own choice to travel on your own or with tour guides. Each one has its own pros and cons. Here are a few things you should consider before making a decision.

2.1. Solo travel

When taking the trip alone, the greatest thing is to be completely selfish, as the time and the plan are yours. You don't have to worry about changing plans or rest time taking too long. Also, it's a great chance to step out of your comfort zone when you look into the map to find the road and think about what to do if you get lost, or any unexpected cases will happen.

Furthermore, practice your language skills if you are studying a local language or want to communicate with locals. Lastly, the most important thing is solo walking tour is extremely cost-efficient! Who knows, after the trip, some of you will get the inspiration for your creative project because Hanoi is a beautiful, peaceful city.


hanoi old quarter self walking tour 

Visitors walking visit Hoan Kiem Lake

2.2. Having a tour guide

The first benefit of having a tour guide coming to your mind must be time-saving! When you come to a place for the first time and do not have any ideas about what to do, which road to go, what to eat...etc. A private local tour guide will help you by providing the best recommendation and tour design. The less you need to worry about what to do, the more you can enjoy your trip. And, if you want to practice local languages, nothing is better than getting a chance to communicate with locals who can speak your language and translate theirs for you. You can get to understand more about locals' insight and culture.

Last but not least, like many other destinations in Hanoi, some street hawkers/ taxi drivers are cheaters, they sell things like local food, local souvenirs or charge you much higher than the original price because you are foreign visitors. If you visit Vietnam for the first time, companying with local tour guides is the best option, not only to keep you from getting lost, but also from street-cheaters.


hanoi walking tour

Visit Hanoi train street with a local guide

3. Hanoi free walking tour tip

This is a very interesting question when booking local tour guides. It is your choice whether to give the guides some tips or not. If you are generous, give them an amount of 300.000VND - 500.000VND a day or half-day (20-25USD) as a thank-you tip.
>>> Click here to see a Free walking tour with local students and visit the most famous places in the old quarter

4. Where to find local tour guides?

It's great to have companions on your trip. It would be more wonderful to have the local tour guides to guide and explain to you anywhere you go. In Hanoi and all over Vietnam, there are lots of walking tour organizing agencies, most of which are free, as they are non-profitable. You have to only pay for visiting ticket fee when needed. The list below recommends several trustworthy agencies in Ha Noi you can contact any time you need a walking tour.

4.1. Hanoikids

Hanoikids is a non-profit, student-run organization that provides free tours for foreigners in Hanoi. It was established and managed by students of universities in Hanoi in 2006 to create a creative English-speaking environment for Hanoi's students through free travel tours for foreign visitors.

You can contact them to book your tour and see their activities at:

4.2. Hanoi Free Local Tours

Hanoi Free Local Tours was established and managed by a group of students and officers in Hanoi. They are passionate and eager to improve English and young people who aspire to preserve and introduce to international friends a Vietnam imbued with national identity. Hanoi Free Local Tours provides both paid and free tours, not only in Hanoi but also in destinations in other provinces of Vietnam.

You can book and see detailed plans here:
Or email:

4.3. Hanoi eBuddies

Hanoi eBuddies is a free volunteer tour organizer for foreign visitors established on January 19, 2014, in Hanoi, Vietnam. For over five years of establishment and development, the organization has led thousands of volunteer tours for foreign tourists. A special feature of this tour operator is the variety and flexibility of tour types: city tour, food tour, etc. This is definitely one of the great and valuable experiences of tourists when visiting Hanoi.

You can see their activities and book tours at:

Hanoi old quarter tour
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