Is Train Street in Hanoi closed? Find the right answer below

Hanoi train street goes through the old town, passing through the front porch of the Hanoi people. There, residents often call it the lovely name '' street of railway '' or '' villages of railway". Let Go Viet Trip help you find out more about train street time & schedule in Hanoi.


1. Where is the "street of railway" in Hanoi?

The railway is starting from Kham Thien to Giai Phong-Dai Co Viet intersection and Le Duan through Tran Phu street. Then to Phung Hung street and Long Bien bridge are old houses, preserving memories. The beauty is ancient and idyllic, unique in Hanoi.

Perhaps because of this, this place has become the destination of many international tourists and the young capital.

They come to take photos or enjoy a cup of coffee, a beer in a new setting to experience the feeling of watching the charming, "unique and strange" space right in the heart of the capital.

where is hanoi train street 1

Most visitors choose to see near the old quarter (Near Ha Trung street) 

Video Hanoi train street 


2. Hanoi train street history

About 6 years ago, thanks to the growth of social media such as Facebook and Instagram… some tourists have been here taken photos and post social media, then many people like and BOOM... This has become a popular destination to visit in the old quarter. Here are some photos of Hanoi train street before it closed.

hanoi train street 06

Visitors walking and taking photos.

hanoi train street 09

Enjoy beers and coffee.

hanoi train street 10

The train is coming.

3. Hanoi train street closed.

After it becomes a popular place to visit, many services are open, such as coffee shops and beer corners. Then, some people think this is very dangerous for visitors and suggest to close it's accepted Hanoi Department of Tourism decided to close the train street, —Train street close on Oct 10th, 2019. However, if you come there on your own for some nice pictures, it’s NO problem at all!

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4. Train street timetable & schedule in Hanoi

The train is run daily through the busy streets of Hanoi's follow the schedule as below:

Daily at 6h a.m-6h15 a.m

Daily at 19h10 pm

Daily at 21h10 p.m


In the morning: 8h46 a.m, 9h15 a.m, 11h35 a.m

In the afternoon: 15h20 p.m, 17h40 p.m, 18h40 p.m, 19h10 p.m.

hanoi train street timetable

The timetable 

The best time to visit is in the afternoon, visitors can combine explore the old quarter and see more deeply about the culture of local people.

In the early morning, you will see the image of clothes drying outside, people will quickly bring in, and motorbikes are neatly set aside, all ready to clear the way for the train to pass.

Many locals who live here are familiar with the train's schedule. They are always happy to remind tourists when a train arrives. But trains don't always run on time, so make sure you watch the trains. 

When the train arrives, people will stick to the wall or go indoors. The train is only a few centimeters from the houses on either side of the ship. When the train had passed, people resumed their daily life. Please be careful when you visit train street.


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