Ta Hien Beer Street - Hanoi Old Quarter: A - Z Guide

If you have been living in Hanoi, you will be no stranger to the most famous nightlife paradise - Ta Hien Street. And if you are a first-time traveler to the capital, let’s discover with us the hidden charm of Ta Hien beer street - Hanoi Old Quarter now!


1. Where Is Ta Hien Beer Street?

Ta Hien, Beer Street, or Old Quarter Beer Street ... are the names people attach to the street with a length of about 266m, connecting from Luong Ngoc Quyen to Hang Bac. Thanks to such a geographical location, Ta Hien Street is like a charming "black pearl" in the heart of the capital as well as an "international crossroads" that has both historical and modern values.

2. How To Get To Ta Hien Beer Street?

There are many ways for you to move to Ta Hien Beer Street. However, the most interesting option is the double-decker bus, which is being favored by many tourists. You can also learn more deeply through the multilingual audio guide software designed right on the bus.

Or travelers can choose to rent a taxi to have private space as well as be transported by experienced "drivers" to anywhere in the inner city of Hanoi and the surrounding area. And if you are afraid of motion sickness, or want a smaller vehicle that is convenient for moving, a bicycle is definitely a good choice.

3. Ta Hien street maps

Ta Hien street maps
Ta Hien (Vietnamese call Phố Tây ) for Foreign People Street. This is the most vibrant nightlife area in Hanoi, with a 266m route stretching from Ta Hien street - Luong Ngoc Quyen Street and Hang Bac street connecting to the night market. In the past, it was called Quang Lac street - because in the middle of the street there was Quang Lac Theatre - the most famous theater in Hanoi at that time.

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4.When Is Beer Street Hanoi Timing?

Never mention the time at Ta Hien Street since it opens all day. Moreover, if you come here on the weekends, you will have a chance to witness a crowd of people. notably young ones. This is an excellent chance for tourists from other countries to interact and learn about the youth's lifestyles. Or you can try to visit Ta Hien beer street on a different day to immerse yourself in a more peaceful and vintage place.

5. What Is The Hanoi Beer Street Price?

The price of beer in Ta Hien Street is quite affordable for both local and foreign visitors, ranging from 5.000 - 10.000 VNĐ (less than 50 cents) for a glass of beer. Therefore, you can enjoy the drink while watching different lines of people on the street. 

6. What Experiences Can You Try In The Old Quarter Beer Street?

6.1. Unique Architecture

Ta Hien Street
Ta Hien Street

Ta Hien Street is divided into 2 blocks, numbered with odd and even numbers. If you are a careful observer, you will immediately recognize the opposing architecture. 

The row of even-numbered houses has bold Vietnamese architecture with two floors while the other one has a French architectural style with the same sloped roof. There are dozens of adjacent houses built from the beginning of the 20th century. 

6.2. Lively Pubs And Bars

Ta Hien Street at night
Ta Hien Street at night

Ta Hien Street at night will make visitors overwhelmed by the bustling atmosphere of bars and pubs. This is the "gathering place" of Hanoi's youth, young tourists, and Western ones. Vivid sound, amazing lighting, and extremely hot performances are the ideal rendezvous for all.

6.3. Vietnamese Cuisine

Vietnamese Cuisine
Vietnamese Cuisine


Moreover, don’t forget to try the beer in Ta Hien. The most popular drink here is beer, from original to beer brands. That's why Ta Hien is also known as the "Beer street".

In addition, it is also known as a culinary paradise. If you have come here, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy different Vietnamese dishes such as spring rolls, cheese sticks, street potatoes, or grilled quail,..

6.4. Street Art

street art
Street art

Each weekend, there is a sort of street art performed by the Vietnamese locals, from traditional folk music to modern one. All are extremely unique and promise to bring visitors a memorable evening.

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7. Extra tips when traveling to Hanoi Beer Street

  • Hanoi is a safe city for locals and foreigners, however visitors should also pay attention to luggage, or valuables due the street being very busy.

  • Should go with a group to have more fun

  • If you have trouble finding your way or have other problems, don’t worry because the police are everywhere on the street and ready to help when you need it.

In case you are still wondering about choosing a tourist destination, come to Ta Hien Beer Street - Hanoi Old Quarter to feel yourself in this bustling and vibrant space. We are sure that it will become your most memorable souvenir!

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