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With an approximate area of 35.000 ha, Tam Dao National Park is one of the largest ecosystem and preserving centers for thousands of species, including flora and fauna. This park has become a great place to nurture and take care of animals that are listed in the Red List of Threatened Species of the Vietnamese government. Let’s find out more unique and fascinating features of this wonderful place.

Tam Dao was once a sanctuary of many species due to the definition of the Vietnamese government during the 1970s - 1980s era. Before it was officially given the name Tam Dao National Park in May 1996, this wilderness and spiteful place was not so popular at all and there were not so many constructions to provide tourists the excitement they wanted.

The main entrance that leads to Tam Dao National Park (marked with a big stone)

The main entrance that leads to Tam Dao National Park (marked with a big stone)


Tam Dao National Park is located in the area of 3 different provinces, which include Tuyen Quang, Thai Nguyen and Vinh Phuc. Its location is only 75 kilometers from Hanoi's central area so visitors can travel there by many means of transportation.
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2. Weather in Tam Dao

Tam Dao's average annual temperature ranges from 18 - 25 Celsius degree. This can be considered the ideal temperature, neither too hot nor too cold. Tam Dao's weather is quite similar to Hanoi, with a tropical humid monsoon and humid climate. The wind regime changes according to the season of the year, the dominant summer is the Southeast wind, the winter is the Northeast monsoon. Its weather is an ideal one for tourists to enjoy along their hiking trips or just simply riding on their motorbikes to discover the outstanding beauty of Tam Dao itself. The morning is chilly with mist all around. By noon, the sun has risen, visitors will clearly feel the warmth of summer. In the afternoon, the clouds drift away and autumn knocks on the door. In the evening, there will be cold and damp mist of winter.

This park is located inside of the entire Tam Dao Sierra, which has more than 20 peaks that reach a height of 1000 meters from the sea level. Tam Dao Nord is the highest peak with 1597 meters of height. Thus, tourists can feel excited when visiting those spectacles, especially trekking - a form of go hiking to high places in this park. Deep into the forestal area, you will see and discover thousands of flora and fauna species, some of which are listed as endangered species in the Red List by the Vietnamese government during the '90s. Be careful not to touch anything strange in case you might be infected with some serious diseases of the tropical climate in the forest.

Tam Dao Nation Park from the above is so breathtaking and gorgeous

Tam Dao Nation Park from the above is so breathtaking and gorgeous


Moreover, there is a television tower in Tam Dao National Park. This is also a recommended place to visit while visiting here. From this spectacular mountain, that tower has been broadcasting many famous television shows for VTV or VTC channels in Hanoi and nearby provinces for decades. The unbelievable fresh air and the humid atmosphere will surely make you feel better than any other places that endure air pollution like Hanoi’s downtown for example. Also, some interesting destinations located in Tam Dao National Park are Dai Tuyet Bridge, Silver Waterfall and many many more are waiting to be discovered.

Additionally, tourists can try to camp in the forest and have a barbecue party here. It is essential that you know how to make fire from stones and sticks but if you bring along a lighter, it shall make more sense. During the night, there will be many different sounds created by animals and insects that live nearby. A tremendous and fascinating experience that you will never regret after staying here overnight.

There are many motels and hotels nearby that you can choose to stay overnight after a whole day long visiting and enjoying the atmosphere in one of the biggest national parks in Vietnam. However, camping is considered to be a very dynamic and cool experience if you are an adventurous soul that is stuck in a strange, magical forest. An anti - mosquito cream and a packable tent should be enough for a happy night under the branches of Tam Dao National Park. You can ask the tour guide or some locals about the most recommended hotels to stay or you can just look it up on the Internet. Some brochures will give you the information that you need to know so try to gather as many as you can cause it might help a lot in finding the right place with an ideal price.

A hotel in Tam Dao
A hotel in Tam Dao

Homestays are available around this park in case tourists want to live with the locals.

There are many options for visitors from homestay such as 90s Homestay, Cuden, Levent, Kumo Chan... Choose a more high-end resort or hotel, you can think of Tam Dao Belvedere, Venus, Bach Xanh, May Villa...

Tourists can reach Tam Dao National Park in many possible ways. Most applicable and convenient are by motorbike, by bus or private car. It will take you around an hour to get there. Before arriving, prepare something to eat and drink because there are not so many food vendors or convenience stores along the road that leads deep into Tam Dao National Park. Travel by plane is not recommended due to its short distance which costs you more than other means of transportation.

Bus routes are also good but slow transportation to reach Tam Dao. If you are not good with tracking routes, then buses are not for you, unfortunately.


Tam Dao National Park is a great place to be during any season of the year. Respectively, this place gathers every type of excitement and temperament that you cannot find in anywhere else. Rather than just go hiking or trekking, mountainous terrain is something much more adventurous and yet dangerous for any tourist dares to try on their trip here.

A variety of other services is also a great advantage of Tam Dao National Park than other destinations near Hanoi. This shall be a perfect place for you to explore before going to Sapa or Fansipan - the rooftop of Southeast Asia.

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