Bai Dinh Ancient pagoda | Things event local people do not know

Bai Dinh ancient pagoda has been a history of 1,000 years. It's also one of the most importance pagodas in the history of Vietnamese Buddhism. It was recognized as a National Historical and Cultural Monument in 1997.


1. Location 

Bai Dinh ancient pagoda located on the mountain in Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province. About 800 meters from the new one. Visitors need the climbing over 300 stone steps, past the main gate and other slopes.


2. History 

Following the legend, in the Ly dynasty, Nguyen Minh Khong comeback to Bai Dinh mountain to searching medicine for the king. He realized this is excellent land for developing Buddha with immense mountains and many precious medicinal plants. So he should decide to stop here and build Bai Dinh ancient pagoda in 1136.

3. Architecture

Nearly 1000 years have passed the pagoda still retains many architectural features of the Ly Dynasty, such as Mother Goddess and Fairy, Cao Son temple.
Unlike the new pagoda's architecture, the ancient one area does not have curved roofs, large pillars, or splendid magnificence. This was built according to the famous architecture in Ninh Binh is (Chua Dong) pagoda inside the mountain.

On halfway ups the mountain, we can see a junction. On the right side is Hang Sáng (Bright cave) to worship Buddha and God. On the left side is Động Tối (Dark cave) to worship Mother Goddess and Fairy.
The Dark Cave consists of 7 rooms, with a cave on high and another in the deep. The cave is connected through many cliffs.

bai dinh ancient pagoda dark cave 

Worship Mother Goddess and Fairy 

Inside have many stalactites with magic shapes. In the middle of the cave, a Well of God is formed by cold water falling from the ceiling.

bai dinh ancient pagoda well of god

 Well of God 

Besides that, Bai Dinh ancient pagoda also had a Bright cave, where worship Buddha with 25 meters of length and 2 meters of high.

bai dinh ancient pagoda inside bright cave

Inside Bright cave 

Go out of Bright cave visitor can see a valley of lush green trees and see Cao Son temple. The protector Vu Lam mountain in the south of the Hoa Lu ancient capital.

bai dinh ancient pagoda cao son temple

Cao Son temple 

During the war with the French, this mountainous area belonged to Quynh Luu war zone, an important revolutionary base in the North.
In 1997, Bai Dinh ancient pagoda was recognized as a national historical-cultural - revolutionary monument
If you want to find out a sacred place, not too many tourists or just pilgrimage, this is a great place for you.

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