Where To Go Shopping In Phu Quoc? The Top 5+ Shopping Paradise

Besides discovering new lands, shopping for local specialties and souvenirs are always attractive features for tourists. Now, we will help you to explore and answer all the questions: “Where to go shopping in Phu Quoc?” and “What to buy?”.

1. Phu Quoc Grand World

Phu Quoc Grand World
Phu Quoc Grand World


Grand World is a heaven for unique and sophisticated Vietnamese handicraft products. Different things imbued with traditional culture will also be found at a variety of Grand World areas such as Vietnamese Craft Village, A Dong Fine Art, …

Moreover, domestic and international shopping brands are also easily captured like Daiso, Minigood, Ao Dai Si Hoang, Pierre Cardin… All of them help elevate the travel experience beyond expectations.

Opening time: All day

2. Duong Dong Market

Duong Dong Market
Duong Dong Market


Duong Dong Market is considered the largest market of Phu Quoc Island. It has a beautiful location in the center of Duong Dong town, so it is easy for tourists to find. In addition to selling household appliances, souvenirs engraved with Phu Quoc's name, ... Duong Dong market is famous as a seafood market that fully serves the needs of shoppers.

You should experience a special thing when coming to Duong Dong market at 4 am. The place is crowded and you, with other visitors, will be immersed in the busy space preparing for the whole day.

If you are a person with endless culinary passion, you can enjoy very special traditional dishes here such as banh chung, bun rieu,... processed by the people with the unique features of Phu Quoc.

Opening time: 05:00 - 19:00

3. Phu Quoc Night Market

Phu Quoc Night Market
Phu Quoc Night Market


Phu Quoc night market is a favorite destination of both domestic and foreign tourists. The fashion items sold at the market are affordable and suitable for all types of buyers. 

Perhaps you might see thousands of news articles related to the issue of fake prices with tourists, especially foreign ones, but not in this market.... Western guests happily strolled around the night market, carrying large and small things. 

Phu Quoc night market is not too large so you can walk and enjoy it in just 1 hour.

Opening time: 17:00 - 00:00

4. An Thoi Market

An Thoi Market
An Thoi Market


An Thoi market is located in Hon Thom commune. The market is famous for a variety of specialties of the beach such as squid, shrimp, dried fish, sea fish...

The food sold at An Thoi Market is always guaranteed to be fresh, provided by the fishermen living here. 

Besides, coming to An Thoi market, you can also buy souvenirs for your loved ones such as pearl jewelry and visit pearl farming areas nearby. Surely, it will create unforgettable emotions and memories!

Opening time: 07:00 - 17:30

5. Ham Ninh Market

Ham Ninh Market
Ham Ninh Market


Being less bustling with a wild look, Ham Ninh market is located in Ham Ninh ancient fishing village.

This market has a small scale but gives visitors a unique experience of an old village. You will be able to see the live crabs and shrimps. If you have time to sit back and enjoy Ham Ninh dishes, you will really feel the difference because Ham Ninh food is delicious. 

And, don’t be shocked!! The price here is really affordable, with only $5 for 1 kg crab. I bet this is one of the places shopping in Phu Quoc you should not miss!

Opening time: All day

6. Dinh Cau Market

Dinh Cau Market
Dinh Cau Market


Although the market is only five years long stretching on a 500m road, it still has a capacity of about 50 stalls with clear division, making it easy for buyers to find items according to their preferences. 

Found at the beginning of the market are fresh seafood dishes that have been caught by the fishing village people. The outstanding thing here is that not only can you shop, you can also enjoy delicious and attractive grilled seafood dishes. Why don’t we give it a try, right?

Opening time: All day

Then, that's the end of Phu Quoc shopping list. Hope you will have great experiences in this beautiful Pearl Island and explore everything about shopping in Phu Quoc!
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My name is Hoan and I come from Hanoi, with more than 10 years working in the tourism industry (both as a tour guide then tour operator). I am very proud to say that I can give you the best advice for your trip to beautiful Vietnam.

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