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Although a certified tour guide is an optional service to visit, it is well worth the time and effort invested in one. Finding a Vietnamese tour guide will enhance your experience of this country and save you time, money, and hassle. Especially find a tour guide in big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

1. Why do you need Vietnam tour guides?

1.1. Go with local experts – save time & money. Easy to customize a tour

vietnam tour guides

Enjoy the tea with local people

A Vietnam tourist guide can create your itinerary, arrange your accommodation and transportation, and even save you money. They can give advice on where and what to eat, what to enjoy, and what to avoid. They can also provide a family-friendly tour for a family with kids, especially when you have little time in one place.

1.2. Visit places you would never have known.

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I am sure you may spend hours searching the Internet or reading guidebooks, something you still will never really know the lesser-known attractions. A good guide can tell you all the best places to visit that only local people visit - as you know, local people are always smart - they know where the best place is to visit.


1.3. Give you some tips, tricks and share many unique stories

tour guide in vietnam

Beside give you some tips tricks,  A tour guide will always know the best times to visit the attractions, when the best prices are, and which places you should visit first to avoid being busy or share with you many stories about history, culture, religion... you may never find in anywhere.


1.4. Find a new friend

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After the tour, you may find new local friends. You can always contact them after the trip to ask for more information about future trips or recommend them to your friends.


1.5. Help immediately

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One of the most important reasons you should have a local guide is they can help you immediately- they can be your translator when you want something but cannot pronunciation correctly. They also warn you of scams or bargains when you buy something.


1.6. Get better prices and support directly for local people.

vietnamese tour guide

Besides that, if you contact with tour guide directly, you may get a better price, because you can pay directly for a local guide and you can support directly for local people.


2. Where do you find Vietnam tour guides? 

There are many ways to find a local guide. Here are a few ways

If you know someone in Vietnam or you can ask your friends who have traveled to Vietnam, I'm sure they will have useful advice for you and can give you the contact of that local guide.

If not, you can go to the internet to find many organizations that offer local guides – even for free. However, most of those guides are students, they are very friendly and enthusiastic, but they do not have an international guide card. They do not have much experience and knowledge about the destinations.

We would recommend that you go with a tour guide who has a tour guide license. Because they are very professional, they work under the supervision of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. Moreover, they have knowledgeable, friendly, and has many years of experience.

As you know, “you pay what you get it”

Suppose you want to find out some local guide you can contact with us. In that case, we have a group of tour guide with nearly 1000 members from the North (Hanoi, Halong bay, Ninh Binh, Sapa to the Central ( Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An) to Ho Chi Minh city, all our members have tour guide license.

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2.1. How much is tour guide cost

The price for a tour guide 1 day cost range from 30 USD – 80 USD – for experience and having an international tour guide license.

2.2. How much is tips for tour guide.

How much do you tip in Vietnam

As the tour guide has to serve you all day long or more, they are take care, help you to solve any problem during your trip, and this job also needs a lot of experience, knowledge, and health, the tip for them usually the highest among other service staff in the tourism industry. 

If you go with private tour tips from 10 – 15 USD per day is good. Group tour of 5 – 8 people or more, tipping about 3-5 USD/person/day is reasonable.


3. How to choose the best travel agency to book tours in Vietnam.

Besides finding a local guide, if you want to find the best travel agency in Vietnam for your upcoming trip. Where you can trust and offer the best service, experience, and worth for your money. Please email us and let us know where you want to go and which hotel you are staying. Our team will come to pick you up on time.

We hope this article helpful for you, if you need any more help. Please feel free to contact us: Email: or hotline +84968667589. We are guarantee about quality and prices. Get a full refund if you do not feel happy with our services.

Author Hoan Nguyen

He has over 10 years of experience working in the tourism sector and operator. He has traveled to many places in Vietnam and around the world.


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author hoan
My name is Hoan and I come from Hanoi, with more than 10 years working in the tourism industry (both as a tour guide then tour operator). I am very proud to say that I can give you the best advice for your trip to beautiful Vietnam.

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