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 Date 20, Tháng 11.2021

Review 3 Halong Bay airports with detailed pros and cons 2022

You have spent a lot of time searching for flights to Halong Bay and get tired. If you want to save your time, let us tell you these three Halong Bay ...
 Date 19, Tháng 11.2021

28 Things to do in Halong Bay, Halong Bay tour tips for your trip!

If you have a chance to visit Halong bay, what will you do to make your tour unforgettable? Let Go Viet Trip give you a long list of Things to do ...
 Date 13, Tháng 11.2021

9 Halong bay Caves & Grottoes Must visit during your day in 2022

Halong Bay is among one of the best places to visit in Vietnam. People come to enjoy seafood, review landscapes, and spend time relaxing in a fresh atmosphere. There is one ...
 Date 11, Tháng 11.2021

13 Best day trips from Hanoi for visitors have limited time in 2022

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, also the main stop in the North before visiting many famous places outside the city. Let find out the best day trips from Hanoi with ...
 Date 16, Tháng 10.2021

B-52 Victory museum Hanoi - An unique museum in the world

B-52 Victory museum Hanoi local people also call “B52 museum Hanoi” is a great place for you to understand more about the history of the Vietnam War with Americans.
 Date 13, Tháng 10.2021

Discovery Vietnamese Womens Museum in Hanoi 2022 | Go Viet Trip

Vietnamese Women's Museum in Hanoi is a place where visitors can learn about the role of Vietnamese women in the history and culture of Vietnam through many important documents.
 Date 29, Tháng 09.2021

Vietnamese currency all you need to know - What is Vietnamese currency?

Every day, the topic of Vietnamese currency attracted the attention of many people, researchers, and collectors many travelers. This article will help you understand more about Vietnamese currency.
 Date 22, Tháng 09.2021

Top 9 best travel agencies and tour operator in Hanoi for travelers in 2022

Finding the best travel agency in Hanoi, where you can trust the quality of service and price, is sometimes not easy, especially there are thousands of travel agencies in Hanoi. The ...
 Date 21, Tháng 09.2021

Bat Trang ceramic village - one of the oldest pottery & ceramic in Vietnam

Bat Trang ceramic village is about 10km from the center. The village is a unique place to discover for a fantastic tour especially for a day trip to Hanoi. Many people from ...
 Date 11, Tháng 09.2021

Van Phuc silk village - The origin of Vietnamese silk weaving

Among many villages in Vietnam, Van Phuc silk village is very famous. Today, we will share with you the features of this beautiful destination. Hope that you all can get enough information ...
 Date 10, Tháng 09.2021

Duong Lam ancient village - a wonderful place to visit in 2022

Foreigners like to discover Vietnam, not only in big cities but also in ancient villages. We advise a good place for them to come and visit at Son Tay. It is ...
 Date 10, Tháng 09.2021

Is Train Street in Hanoi closed? Find the right answer below

Hanoi train street goes through the old town, passing through the front porch of the Hanoi people. There, residents often call it the lovely name '' street of railway '' or ...
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