Perfume pagoda or Ninh Binh? Where should I go visit in Vietnam?

Perfume pagoda or Ninh Binh? Where should I visit in Vietnam? That is a very common question I get from foreign visitors when they want to compare where is better to visit due to having limited time. Let find out more information in this article with Go Viet Trip.


1. Location

1.1 Perfume pagoda: It is right in Hanoi capital, about 60km far from the city center, and it takes 1,5 hours to arrive there. It is located in Huong Son Commune - My Duc District – Hanoi
1.2 Ninh Binh: It is located in the south of Hanoi, about 100km, and it is taking about 2 hours to get there. Visit Ninh Binh we have the chance to visit many famous places in North Vietnam such as Hoa Lu ancient capitalTam Coc boat tour - Bai Dinh pagoda - Trang An eco-tourism, etc.

2. What will you see in Perfume pagoda or Ninh Binh? Best time to visit each place

2.1. Perfume Pagoda

Converge all the beauty of nature with long rivers, high mountains, and interesting caves. Visit here; everyone must be captivated by the majestic beauty of a sacred place. Therefore, it is only mentioned that Perfume Pagoda is a journey to find back to Buddha-land and an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the rich nature.
Visitors can take the boat on the poetic Yen stream. This is considered to be the place to bring the best experience during the trip. In particular, Yen stream is still fascinated with the tender pink-purple color of thousands of water lily flowers in November and December.
Besides that, visitors can stop at Trinh temple, Thien Tru Pagoda, Huong Tich cave. These are considered to be the three most sacred and beautiful destinations in Perfume Pagoda. In addition, there are many attractive attractions such as Giai Oan Pagoda, Tien Son Cave, Long Van Cave.
The best time to visit Perfume pagoda is spring (festival time) or winter (water lily flowers time).
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perfume pagoda or ninh binh 

Yen stream - Perfume pagoda - photo

2.2. Ninh Binh

Visitors will be surprised by the beautiful natural landscape such as Tam Coc (which consider Halong Bay on land) (Trang An - UNESCO world heritage site), Bai Dinh pagoda, Mua cave, Van Long nature reserve... Besides, cultural heritage such as Hoa Lu ancient capital or the majesty of Phat Diem stone Cathedral.
That is not to mention Cuc Phuong national park with unique, interesting, diverse flora and fauna or take a bath in Kenh Ga hot mineral water.
With typical weather in Ninh Binh, visitors can go any time during the years. Each place has its own beauty, such as Hoa Lu in spring right after Luna New Year, Tam Coc in May and June when the harvest season takes place, and all the scenery seems to be filled with golden yellow color. It is the incredible scenery.
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trang an boat tour  

Trang An boat tour - Ninh Binh


3. What are the different things between Perfume Pagoda and Ninh Binh?

Besides some similarities between Perfume pagoda and Ninh Binh, such as focusing on mountainous areas, you have to take a rowing boat on the river with scenic beauty lime- Stone Mountain both of side and the rice paddy field. There are some different things as below.
Of course, Perfume pagoda is not famous as Ninh Binh. It is quieter and less foreign tourists and the price for boat trips or a tour is also lower a bit comparing with Ninh Binh.
If you don't want to see crowed, learn more about Vietnamese religion, feeling friendly of local people (if you go on the boat, local people often say Hi or Hello to you if you are a foreign tourist - this is seldom happening in Ninh Binh)
You also can see local people sing karaoke on the boat at Perfume pagoda :)
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The price for a boat trip or tour is higher a bit, but it is worth it. You can go boat trip in Tam Coc for 1,5 hours or Trang An for 2,5 hours instead of 45 minutes in Perfume pagoda.
We hope you can spend more than one day in Ninh Binh to explore the beauty of this land and stay in a homestay to experience the daily life of local people.
Besides that, you can join more activities such as cycling or trekking in Cuc Phuong national park, etc.
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4. Conclusion

Each place has its own beauty. Go Viet Trip hope that you have more time to visit both places. If you have any questions or any help, please feel free to contact us. We are very happy to assist you. Email: or hotline +84968667589. We are guarantee quality and prices. Get a full refund if you do not feel satisfied with our services.

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