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Trang An is a famous scenic area of Ninh Binh, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2014. Visitors will see a stunning landscape, various caves, incredible limestone formations, and stop by several Buddhist temples.
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1. Trang An history

Trang An is an eco-tourism listed as an important national monument by the Vietnamese government and recognized by the UNESCO as World Heritage site since 2014. Trang An with the ecosystem of limestone mountains with a geological age of about 250 million, Through a long time of weathering by the change of the Earth, the climate, the sea advance, the sea recedes has brought in hundreds of valleys, caves, lakes, and lagoons. This scenic spot is a place to preserve and contain many wetlands ecosystems, forests on Limestone Mountains, archaeological sites, and historical and cultural relics.

2. Best time to visit Trang An Boat Tour

With typical weather in Ning Binh, you can go Boat trip any time of the year.
Local people often go Trang An is in January to March of the lunar calendar. Because this is springtime, the weather is not too cold or hot, the sky is clear and less rain, so it is very convenient to sit on the boat and enjoy the landscape. This season is also the season with many festivals happening here, which can be combined with visiting the festivals or going to the temple.

If you come on July to September is the ripe rice season in Trang An, and watching the golden rice fields, you cannot miss this time. June is a bit hot, but the sky is clear, and less rain moreover, this is the time when the lotus season is in full bloom.


trang an boat tour ninh binh 1

Trang An boat tour Ninh Binh

3. How can you go to Trang An Boat Tour

  • From Ninh Binh city:

It's 15km from Ninh Binh city to Trang An. The best way to get Trang An is to rent by motorbike (about 200.000vnd/day) or go by Grab or reliable Taxi: Mai Linh, Hoa Luu… it's about 15000vnd/km

  • From Hanoi city:

There is no public bus from Hanoi to Trang An directly. You may go on tour.
Many tour companies or travel agents offer a one-day or two-day tour to Ninh Binh from Hanoi city. If you book Ninh Binh One Day Tours with Trang An, it will include transportation in two ways in the service.

3.1. Video Trang An boat tour one day



3.2. Trang An boat tour price

From January 19th, 2020
The entrance fee is 250.000vnd /person
Free for children who are below 0.8m in height. – Children's height is from 0.8m to 1.3m: 120.000 VND/person. – Children's height is above 1.3m: The same price as adults.
Minimum 3 people /boat – If you are solo or couple, you may share with other tourists
Opening hour: 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours.

trang an boat tour price 

Trang An boat tour price - Total 250.000vnd/person


4. Trang An boat tour best route

4.1. Route 1: Nine caves, three temples

You will pass nine caves, temples, and pagodas.

Habour – Trinh Temple – Dark Cave– Bright Cave – Nau Ruou Cave – Tran Temple – Ba Giot Cave – Seo Cave– Son Duong Cave – Khong Palace – Bao Hieu Temple– Khong Cave – Tran Cave – Quy Hau Cave – Habour.

4.2. Route 2: Four caves, three temples

This is a new route, and many visitors choose the perfect combination when visiting caves and other outstanding attractions. You will see three caves, two temples, and a King Kong village.
Habour – Lam Cave – Thanh Cao Son Temple – Vang Cave – Thanh Truot Cave – Suoi Tien Temple – Dai Cave – Hanh Cung Vu Lam Temple.

4.3. Route 3: Three caves, three temples

On route 3, you also visit three caves, including a 1 km long cave, two temples, and the place where the movie takes place is King Kong village.
Habour – Trinh Temple – Dot Cave – May Cave – Suoi Tien Temple – Dia Linh Mountain – Dai Cave – Hanh Cung Vu Lam Temple – Kong: Skull Island Film Set.

4.4. Which route is the best?

All routes are fantastic, you can see the beautiful scenery, virtual living between natures, but there are a few small differences:
Route 1 is the most peaceful, but there are many caves. Route 2 is the perfect combination of attractions, so it is also the most crowded route.
According to the boatman who told with Goviettrip, routes 2 and 3 are the most beautiful.
>>> Read more detail: The most beautiful route in Trang An


trang an boat tour route

Trang An boat tour route

5. Tips from local experts

Don't forget to bring umbrellas, sunscreen, and hats to protect you from the sun or rain.
Don't forget to wear your life jacket
Don't forget to give the boatman small tips
Don't forget your boat's number during the trip
Try rolling a boat
Bring water/ beer and snacks as the boat ride takes about 3 hours.
To avoid the busy, you may go in the morning.


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