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If you ask Hanoian when the best time to visit Hanoi should be from September to early February (Especially in the autumn, September, and October). During these months, the weather is good, not too cold, not too hot. All days seem to be so convenient for you all to come and travel. That is the best time of year to visit Hanoi when the sky is blue and the weather is cool and fresh. You do not need an umbrella every day or cold water whenever walking outside. The gentle temperature is so kind that many foreigners come to enjoy their tours in Hanoi these days.

Welcome to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. This noisy and green city has many things to tell you, from the beautiful views to historic places and the best culinary. Let's check and take note of these tips below.

1. January to February - The best time to visit Hanoi

During this time, you can feel the weather is a bit cold. All people are in warm and thick clothes, and the humidity is high. It is not the time for swimming in the sea but great for trekking the high mountains. Although the climate is not good all the time, it is not rainy much. When January passes by, February and March come with warmer weather. Trees rise, and flowers blossom bring a new color to the city. It is also the time for many festivals in the early years. Tourists can join and visit great places, enjoy Tet Holiday with local people and visit destinations without a noisy atmosphere. If you want to come to Sapa, it is better to go at the end of March. The weather is better, and it is not so cold in Sapa Town at that time.

when is the best time to visit hanoi 

Flower prepare for Tet holidays

2. April to June: From warmer to hot

April is the right time to visit Hanoi. It is so hot that most people will wear long clothes with face masks, hats, and sunglasses. This is the culture of not only Hanoians but all Vietnamese people. During these hot days, you can discover some famous places such as Halong bay, Da Nang, Phu Quoc. Swimming in the sea under clean and blue water is so great! Although it is at a high temperature, travelers can enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking, swimming, and climbing. You can even try amazing street food such as beer, ice tea, sugarcane juice, Fruit Smoothie, and Che. At night, people will go out jogging and chatting. They sit along the pavement late at midnight. You can join and enjoy the local lifestyle when you are in Hanoi. But please note that, at the end of June, rain appears more often. You should bring an umbrella in case bad weather comes.

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Hanoi raining day 

3. July to September: Hot and rainy days

This is the summer season. The temperature average at night is 28 degrees Celsius, and 75% humidity is hot even at night. While the daytime is 35 degrees Celsius, the peak of hot days also rises to 38 degrees Celsius and sometimes has heavy rain, it can rain cats and dogs, and you do not want to go out.

4. October to December: Best time for Sapa trekking and Halong bay

These months are the last days of the year. The weather seems to be better, not too hot but changes to be better. It is also not too cold to go out. During October, tourists can visit big cities as well as high landscapes such as Sapa Town. The weather in Sapa and Hanoi is more convenient for the tours, and all can safely travel when there are no more slippery roads. During these days, visitors can come to Sapa, trekking high mountains, conquering Fansipan peak, joining an ethnic market, and calling for a bowl of Thang Co and try it! You can go with friends to Hanoi and chat in a restaurant while having dinner with a hotpot. This is also a good time to visit Halong bay because the sea is very quiet and the wave is not so high.

when is the best time to visit hanoi 2 

Best time for Sapa and Halong Bay

Hanoi is always the top destination in Vietnam. This is also a stop before visiting other famous places in Vietnam.
But for Sapa, it is different. The weather in Sapa is lower than in Hanoi. It means when it is hot in Hanoi, it would be cool in Sapa and vice versa. If you want to visit this high area, people say that the best time is between March to May or September to November. From March to May, it is a bit warm in Sapa Town. From September to November, it is a bit cold. But it is time for tourists can enjoy traditional desserts such as grilled eggs, steamed sugarcane, Thang Co, Au Tau soup, and so on.

If you want to visit Hanoi someday, set a plan, and choose a good time to make it come true. Hanoi is willing to share with you great moments. And Sapa is, too.

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