2024 | Vietnam Museum of Ethnology from A to Z, entrance fee, opening hours

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is among the top attractive destinations to visit in Hanoi. The museum is the place tourists can find out more about Vietnamese culture. If you want to discover more about this place, let's take a look at our tips for the tour.


1. Vietnam Museum of Ethnology in General

Any traveler who comes to Hanoi will want to visit the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology. It is the place people come to find out about the culture of Vietnam with 54 ethnic groups. The construction first started in 1987 and finished after 10 years. The museum area is 9.500meter square. The mission of this museum is to display all the historical patrimony and preserve the culture of ethnic people. In the future, the Vietnam Ethnology Museum intends to share more about other cultures and civilizations in Asia.

1.1. Vietnam Museum of Ethnology opening hours

Located on Nguyen Van Huyen street - Cau Giay - Hanoi
Opening time: 08:30 am – 05:30 pm (except Monday)

1.2. Vietnam Museum of Ethnology entrance fee

  • The price is 40.000vnd/ adult

  • Students: 15.000vnd

vietnam museum of ethnology entrance fee 

Vietnam museum of ethnology entrance fee

You can visit it during the daytime and take a rest at the hotel when you come back. The specialty of this museum is that there are many exhibition areas outside. It is great to come on sunny days when the rains go away, and the road is not slippery to move around. Every day, from 10 am to 11 am. There is a water puppet show that is the reason why people like to come in the morning to visit.

1.3. How to get Vietnam Museum of Ethnology ?

If you are in the city center, it is easy to get to the museum. The location is about 8km from the center, so you can book a car, use Grab services or go by bus. For tourists who want to move by bus, remember to get on the number 07, 12, 13 or 38. These 4 buses will take you to the museum safely. You can also ask for the driver to get off at the right stop. To people who want to use Grab, taxis, you can call for Mai Linh, Hanoi, Viet Thanh, Thang Long, etc. You can hire a motorbike to go around Hanoi in one day, price of around $10 USD.
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2. What to See in the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology?

The museum has collected more 15,000 artifacts, 2,190 slides, 237 audiotapes, 25 CD-ROMs, 42,000 photographs, and 373 videotapes. There are many things to see and discover at the place. You all will feel it is very exciting and worth your time. Here are some Vietnam Museum of Ethnology photos

2.1. Virtual Indoor Tour

Inside the museum, there are permanent indoor collections. It is divided into 9 main areas. Including those themes: Introduction, Viet Group, Muong - Tho - Chu ethnic groups, Tay - Thai - Ka Dai, Hmong - Dao - Tang - San Diu - Ngai group, Mon - Khmer theme, Cham - Hoa - Khmer, and the exchange of different ethnic groups in Vietnam. At each part, tourists can see many objects displayed in glass cases with notes. You will know many different cultures, not only Kinh (Vietnamese) people.

vietnam museum of ethnology hanoi

 vietnam museum of ethnology in door

Our client takes a photo with fish traps

2.2. Outdoor Exhibition

The open-air exhibition includes many ethnic houses. It is designed the same as the featured houses of different ethnic people. You can visit the Ede longhouse, the Yao house with stilts, the Hmong house with Pomu wood, the Viet house with tile roof, and the Tay house.

The outside exhibition even has many unique trees, which are the symbol for each ethnic group. You can walk along the zigzagging paths, through the stream and small bridges to visit each part of the outside. It reflects not only the culture of ethnic people but the pace of life in the highland.

museum of ethnology vietnam.

vietnam museum of ethnology in hanoi

vietnam museum of ethnology  

Traditional house and tomb of ethnic people.

2.3. Museum about Southeast Asia 

Last but not least is the Canh Dieu (Kite) exhibition area with an area of about 500 hectares. This is an area for you to learn about the customs and daily activities of people in Southeast Asia.
The construction of the Kite building - a museum about Southeast Asia at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology aims to help the public learn about the diverse and unified culture of Southeast Asia, and discover similarities. and differences between peoples and countries.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology 2


3. Things to experience in the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

The museum is famous for great exhibitions, both inside and outside. It even has unique attractions for tourists to experience. If you have a chance to visit the museum, let's enjoy the fantastic things below.

3.1. Water Puppet show

The water puppetry show is a unique art of Vietnam. It reflects the life of people, both material and spiritual factors. At the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, there are water puppet shows in the morning. It is free for all tourists. Artists will tell the stories about normal life by a puppet show. They can also share folk tales in an attractive method. It is great to enjoy!

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology 1 

Water puppetry show

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3.2. Quan Ho Bac Ninh Folk Songs

Quan Ho Bac Ninh is an art in the north of Vietnam. With folk songs, the singers will share deep and sophisticated feelings through the lyrics. The most special thing in this form is the reciprocal singing between men and women. Two provinces famous for this art are Bac Giang and Bac Ninh. In 2009, this art was even recognized as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.
Besides that, this is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists to visit, experience the cultural, ethnic groups in Vietnam, an interesting outdoor picnic spot for families with young children on weekends. But also study and learn about ethnic groups, the cultural identity of each ethnic group, and the common traditional values of the nations.

vietnam museum of ethnology 1 

Our clients are enjoying the traditional game.


4. Notes when visiting the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

  • If you have a plan to visit the address, please take notes of some tips below:

  • Remember entrance tickets, including parking tickets, too. It means you have to pay only 40.000vnd.

  • Visitors need to take care of their belongings because the museum does not offer this service.

  • Do not touch the exhibits on display, as well as the artifacts.

  • It is recommended to follow a group with a guide to get a detailed explanation.

We hope you all can enjoy your time in one of the best museums in Vietnam. Remember to bring a fully-charged camera to take the photos.

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