Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism is a part of Dong Mo tourist area, about 40km from the city center. This introduces the daily life of 54 ethnic groups across Vietnam, built on a hill surrounded by many valleys. This is a favorite place for those who want to learn and research more about the culture of different regions in Vietnam.


1. How to get Vietnam Ethnic culture village

You can travel by private vehicle and bus to get to the cultural village very conveniently.
It is not too far from the city center. You can go by motorbike, taxi, grab or public bus.
By private transportation:
From Hanoi, go straight ahead on Thang Long Avenue for about 36 km until you see the signpost indicating the way to the Vietnamese Ethnic Culture Village. At the roundabout, take the first exit to get there.
By Bus: You can catch the bus from My Dinh bus station
Bus number 75: Yen Nghia bus station - Huong Son station, ticket price 25,000 VND/way
Bus number 71B: My Dinh - Xuan Mai bus station, the ticket price is 20,000 VND/way
Bus number 71: My Dinh - Son Tay bus station has 20,000 VND/way.

how to get vietnam ethnic culture village hanoi

How to get Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

2. Entrance ticket visit Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism

30,000 VND/ person for adults
10,000 VND/ person for students
Free for children below 6 years old

2.1 Opening time Vietnam National Villages for Ethnic Culture and Tourism is opening from

8:00 – 11:00
13:00 – 16:30
Tuesday to Sunday included holidays. (Close on Monday)

3. Things to do at Vietnam Ethnic culture village

3.1 Ethnic villages area:

This is the most interesting area you should not miss. Cover up to 198.61ha. This area is divided into 4 small village groups corresponding to each region.
Village 1: This area simulates and reproduces cultural works and typical landscapes of 28 ethnic groups in the highlands, valleys, and midlands in the Northwest, Northeast, and North Central mountainous regions with different language systems. Tay-Thai, Tibetan - Burmese, Mong - Dao, Vietnamese - Muong, Ka – Dai.


vietnam ethnic culture village 1 

Ethnic people pounding rice at the traditional house 

Village 2: This is the cultural space of 18 ethnic communities in Truong Son - Central Highlands, such as Ta Oi, Xo Dang, Co Tu, Raglai, and Ede ethnic groups.
Village 3: It is the cultural space of 04 ethnic groups Cham, Khmer, Chu Ru, and Cho Ro. Here, two unique spiritual works are recreated, the Khmer pagoda complex and the Cham tower. Currently, there are Khmer ethnic groups in Soc Trang province and Cham ethnic groups in Ninh Thuan province living and working daily here.
Village 4: This is a cultural space of 04 ethnic groups Kinh, Hoa, Ngai, San Diu.

3.2 Cultural and entertainment center

This is a center of cultural activities, sports, and entertainment but still preserving traditional culture. It is covered 125 ha.

 vietnam ethnic culture village 3

Traditional activities

3.3 World Heritage Site area

This is a complex that recreates famous architectural works such as the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall, the Pyramid, etc.

3.4 Dong Mo Park and Wharf

This is a complex area covering 342 ha with a General Service area, Dong Mo lake, Office manager, and gate B of Vietnam Ethnic culture village.

4. Some tips for visitors

You may bring some food or drinks. If not, you can buy it here, and the price is not so high.
Don't forget to bring a camera and the best place to take photos is Khmer and Cham towers (in the ethnic village area), these are close to each other.
It would be best to go early, to avoid the sun and avoid crowds, especially on weekends.
You can bring a lot of clothes to change to suit the context because there are toilets in each area, so it is very convenient for you.
Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism is a favorite place for those who want to learn and research about the culture of different regions in Vietnam and an ideal for beautiful natural landscapes very suitable for a relaxing weekend trip. Hopefully, with the experiences that we share, you will have a perfect trip here. Besides, you can also visit the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology to understand more deeply Vietnamese culture

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