Vincom Mega Mall Smart City – Best Mega Mall in Hanoi in 2024

Vincom Mega Mall Smart City designed according to the model of the leading "Life-Design Mall" in Vietnam, this place is considered a "revolution" to enhance to bring the customer news experience. This shopping-entertainment mall has a scale of up to 68,000m2 with many famous domestic and international brands.

1. How to get to Vincom Mega Mall Smart City

Location: Vinhomes Smart City New urban, Tu Liem, Hanoi
Opening hours: 09:30 - 22:00 every day
Phone number: 0862 238 766
Vincom Mega Mall Smart City is outside the city center so that visitors can go by grab, taxi, or bus.
The best way you can take an Electric bus - or Vin bus.
Number E09 From West Lake -
Vincom Mega Mall Smart City (you can take the bus from Ho Tay water park)
Number E07 From Long Bien bus station - Vincom Mega Mall Smart City ( you can take the bus at Ngo Quyen street, or Nguyen Huu Huan street - near the old quarter)
The price is 7000vnd/ person/ 1 way. It's often about 15 minutes for 1 bus and the bus will stop right at the shopping mall.

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Vincom Mega Mall Smart City

An overview of the shopping mall

2. Architecture

The space at VMM Smart City is invested with first-time technological imprints. The building uses Smart Lighting technology to move the light to create a modern, impressive, and outstanding exterior.
Inside, VMM Smart City offers many pioneering experiences, such as an artistic water music performance at the leading indoor technology rainbow waterfall in Vietnam with a height of up to 14m, designed in 360 degrees with dyeing technology. Modern watercolor. In addition, the effect of ceiling lights moving along the "Starlight Avenue" promises to bring a unique colorful space.
A clear natural space with an indoor river throughout the first floor is combined with modern technology. Along with 3 bridges connecting the two banks and "river view" stalls right in the shopping mall, customers will experience the lively and poetic space of the commercial port by the river.


Vincom Mega Mall Smart City in hanoi 

3. What to do at Vincom Mega Mall Smart City

3.1. Explore Wolfoo city

These creative experience subdivisions or creative playground for children Kubo Nano and amusement park Funny Games promises to be a paradise for children and young people.

3.2. Try driving F1 racing.

Vincom Mega Mall Smart City brings a new entertainment complex, VS Racing - an indoor mini F1 racetrack of more than 3,000 m2 with the only real-size F1 car model in Vietnam.

driving F1 racing vincom smart city

Visitors like to drive F1

3.3. Shopping and eating

Vincom Mega Mall Smart City has the presence of nearly 130 major domestic and international brands, promising to bring the ultimate shopping experience.
Visitors coming to Vincom Mega Mall Smart City will discover the "world food" from local brands such as Net Hue, Roll House, Beef hot pot dipped in vinegar 88, Pho roll Huong Mai ... or coffee and dessert Toco Toco, The Coffee House, Highlands Coffee, AHA coffee…to popular names such as famous Korean hot pot grill restaurants (Dookki, Daltable, Mr. Dakgalbi, Gui Gui...); international brand Mc Donald’s with River view.


Vincom Mega Mall Smart City hanoi 

There are plenty things to do here

In addition, here Vincom Mega Mall Smart City is also a shopping paradise when bringing fashion and cosmetic brands AMM, Determinant, HLA, Aristino, Fila, LYN, Converse, The Body Shop, The Faceshop, Cocolux, Sammishop, Beauty Box, OmiPharma… and become a destination for golfers.
Vincom Mega Mall Smart City is one of the biggest shopping centers in Hanoi. It is worth visiting for a day, even quite far from the city center.
Go Viet Trip hope this article is helpful for you, besides that you can find the other famous shopping mall in Hanoi.


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