Top 7 Famous Bridges In Hanoi - Which On Is Best For Visiting?

Hanoi is famous for its antiques and richness of cultural values due to a thousand years of existence throughout history. Many historical events have occurred, which mainly affect both political views and other perspectives until now. Nevertheless, some bridges in Hanoi are famous for being the witnesses of these unforgettable glimpses of time and are still well-preserved ever since. Thus, we will find out more interesting facts about them in order to have a better understanding of the “unofficial remnants of Hanoi”.

Visitors and tourists from all over the world can come and look at these places without any fees or restrictions. Below here will be the complete and most detailed information you need to know before stepping on this journey once arrive in Hanoi.

1.1. Long Bien bridge

Long Bien has become one of the most iconic and historical features of Hanoi for such a long time. It witnessed many disastrous and terrible battles between the US Army Air Forces (USAF) and the Vietnamese People's Army during the Vietnam War (1955 - 1975). This bridge was first constructed and approved by the colonial French government, which was represented by Governor Paul Doumé in 1897. Today, Long Bien Bridge has become no more than a remnant and a monument for anyone to visit and learn about the past that it has strived through in wartime. Despite being built in the 20th century, this bridge can still maintain its structure very well, perhaps the best in comparison to other old bridges in Vietnam figuratively. 


Long Bien Bridge was not just once, but twice the most important target for the USAF to raid and destroy during the Linebacker II Operation in Northern Vietnam half a century ago. Fortunately, the bridge was still there and only lost some of its spans but was fixed and rebuilt completely by Hanoi workers.

Nowadays, Long Bien Bridge only allows pedestrians, bicycles, and trains to go through its lanes in order to preserve the intact beauty of this magnificent and heroic remnant of a memorial time.
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1.2. The Huc Bridge

The Huc bridge was a creation of Nguyen Van Sieu, a mandarin during the Nguyen dynasty in 1865 which was lined with Ngoc Son Temple near Hoan Kiem lake. This temple was well-known for its worship of the Sun God in Vietnamese traditional religion. Before reconstruction, The Huc Bridge was not so attractive at all and had once collapsed. Since then, the mayor of Hanoi ordered to rebuilding and reinforcing of The Huc bridge by using cement instead of wood like before. Since then, this bridge has gained its colorful and majestic style that tourists can see nowadays.


You can travel to Ngoc Son Temple through this bridge and experience the primitive breath of The Huc bridge along with its historical stories. Thus, this is a wonderful destination to get by. 

1.3. Chuong Duong bridge

This bridge connects Long Bien district with the center of Hoan Kiem district in Hanoi. Originally, the Chuong Duong bridge was designed and built completely by Vietnamese engineers and workers in two years without any support from the outside. During the embargo era by the US after the Vietnam War, this was considered to be a miracle or simply a magnificent construction of talent and zealot. Chuong Duong Bridge has improved the connection between other routes that lead to Hanoi and reduced the time needed to travel through the Red River.

This bridge is quite astounding and colorful at night. Thus, tourists can choose to come here for a walk or use motorcycles or bicycles to get here. Providing that Chuong Duong Bridge is quite long and narrow so you should prepare yourself when riding along the lanes of this bridge.



1.4. Nhat Tan Bridge

Nhat Tan Bridge was constructed on March 7th, 2009, and has been in use since the first quarter of 2015. Since then, it has been delivering millions of vehicles for almost ten years in a row. At the time it was built, Nhat Tan Bridge was nominated as one of the most modern, sophisticated, and biggest cable-stayed bridges in Vietnam (surpassing My Thuan Bridge which was constructed in cooperation between the Australian government and the Vietnamese government). Nhat Tan Bridge was built with the purpose of reducing both the time and distance needed to reach Noi Bai International Airport from downtown Hanoi. This was an economical solution granted by the engineers back then to assist the transportation system of Hanoi during that time and so on. This bridge was a result of cooperation between the Japanese government and the Vietnamese government during the construction process.


A beautiful and magnificent sightseeing of Hanoi during days and nights, Nhat Tan Bridge is famous for its photography and its enormous size when compared to other bridges in Hanoi. You will not be so surprised to see lots of people standing, sitting, talking, and laughing along the length of this bridge during the night. Nhat Tan Bridge has 8 different lanes for cars, motorcycles, and other types of vehicles to ride along the bridge. 

1.5. Thanh Tri bridge

This is a symbolic prestressed reinforced concrete bridge that represents the cooperation between Sumimoto Inc. and Vietnamese engineers and workers from the ODA loan. Quite similar to Nhat Tan Bridge in length, after having been completed, Thanh Tri Bridge has reduced the time needed to travel to many other districts in Hanoi, including Gia Lam, Long Bien, Tu Liem, and so on. Together with Phap Van - Cau Gie highways, Thanh Tri Bridge is now one of the most important routes for transportation and delivery for nearby provinces such as Quang Ninh, Hai Duong, etc.


Especially, Thanh Tri Bridge will surely amaze tourists with its cost of up to 410 million USD. Besides, this bridge took about five years to complete all of its components and be ready to use.


1.6. Vinh Tuy Bridge

This bridge is located mostly in the Hai Ba Trung district and acts as a connecting route between this district and Long Bien district. Vinh Tuy Bridge has been through two different phases of construction and completion, which is estimated to take around 2024 to fully finish. Vinh Tuy Bridge has one of the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery of the Red River during sunset. You can travel here by car or motorcycle, even bicycle if you are a protestant against carbon dioxide footprint.

Vinh Tuy Bridge was once granted the title “The widest bridge in Vietnam” before the Dong Tru Bridge took its place in 2014. It will cost around 230 million USD from the loan to complete this bridge ultimately.


1.7. Thang Long Bridge

Thang Long Bridge has a quite complicated and staggering history of construction and completion. It was first constructed by Chinese experts and engineers during the middle of the 20th century. When the relationship between Vietnam and China got worse, the Soviet Union joined and helped Vietnam to complete this bridge instantly. Although it took quite a long time to finish, the cost is non-return due to the contract signed between the Soviet Union and the Vietnamese government, which was estimated at around 270 million USD in 1985.


Summary - Which one is best for visiting?

In conclusion, the Long Bien Bridge and The Huc Bridge are quite desirable place to visit. First of all, it is located in the center of Hanoi, near Hoan Kiem Lake, and has an area for visitors can walk. Secondly, the bridge is more antique and has a long history which contains a lot of interesting historical facts for tourists to explore and learn. 

At Long Bien Bridge visitors can explore the daily life of local people and enjoy the tranquility of the Red River 

The Huc bridge is not too long so it is comfortable to go along and take pictures under the shades of bamboo trees. 

We hope this article will help you can find the best bridge for visiting Hanoi!!!

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