Long Bien Bridge Hanoi - History - What to do and see 2024

Do you want to understand more about the history of Vietnam, visit the oldest relics of Indochina, get out busy from Hanoi old quarter, or get the best photos in sunset or sunrise?
Long Bien Bridge is a great idea for you. With over100 year's history, this is a witness to the past and a significant symbol for the people of Hanoi Capital. Not only that, but this is also an ideal place to admire the panorama of Hanoi from above and have the most comfortable and peaceful moments. Let's find out more detail to know more about this famous relic of Capital with Go Viet Trip.


1. History of Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge (also known as Paul Doumer Bridge) is the first steel bridge to cross and connect two Red River banks. It's was built by the French from 1898 to 1902.

One thing that few people know about it, with 2290 meters, is that it was the second-longest bridge in the world (just after the Brooklyn bridge across East River in the USA).

It's was bombed several times during the war, with American and local people fixing it very quickly.
In July 1945, Tran Van Lai, the mayor of Hanoi, was renamed "Long Bien Bridge."


long bien bridge history

The image of the bridge through the drawings of local people

long bien bridge hanoi

2. Related to Architect Gustave Eiffel - Father of Eiffel Tower in Paris

In some media in Vietnam introduce that architect Gustave Eiffel was the designer of the Long Bien Bridge. However, this is incorrect.
The signboard of the contractor Daydé & Pillé is mounted on Long Bien Bridge. Above is the year of commencement and inauguration.
In fact, Gustave Eiffel resigned and withdrew from his company (Compagnie des Etablissements) on February 14, 1893, before the idea of building was proposed.


long bien bridge

Signboard of the contractor Daydé & Pillé

3. What to do and see

3.1 Watch panorama view of Hanoi

This is ideal for the visitor to catch a great view of the Red River, rest, and refresh the mind or event gathers to sit and sing to leave all the pressure and worries behind.

long bien bridge panorama view

Visitors enjoy the view

3.2 Enjoy local food or drinks

After walking through the other side of Red River, visitors may see many local restaurants with any kind of food such as hot pot, BBQ, or fresh beer – enjoy draught beer right on the bank of Red River is very different with beer corner in Hanoi old quarter.
Besides, you can enjoy private time in a well-decorated cafe, sip the bold taste of a cup of hot coffee, and chat with your friends or family.


3.3 Take great photos from sunset 

Many photographs try to get sunset or sun right on Long Bien Bridge, and if you come on time, you can also take video about the train pass by instead of taking from Hanoi Train Street (already close). This is also a great experience, right?

long bien bridge

Sunset on Long Bien Bridge

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4. Meaning Hanoian people

As mentioned above, the bridge event was destroyed several times. But we still preserve it very quickly. It was of strategic importance in securing control in northern Vietnam. It was the only bridge across the Red River connecting Hanoi to the main port of Haiphong and to China.

Built 1899 – 1902 and opened in 1903, which was known as "the bridge connects two centuries."
In 1955, the last French soldiers withdrew from Hanoi to Hai Phong via this bridge. Finish more than 100 years invader Vietnam. "It's an important witness to history."

Nowadays, we have a lot of bridges crossing the Red River. However, this is still the most special bridge with its own unique historical and cultural value. Every day many poor laborers still pass through here to go to work in the city center.

local people still go every day

Local people still go every day

4.1 Local tips

This is the only bridge in Hanoi where the riders have to go on the left side.
Visitors should bring some water on the way.
Visitors should bring the marks. Because when you are crossing on the bridge and under is Long Bien market with a lot of garbage, waste and unpleasant smell.

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