Hanoi is one of the largest tourist cities in Vietnam. Traveling to Hanoi is always a great experience for visitors because it has attractive tourist attractions, delicious street food and very good service. Let's explore this beautiful city with Go Viet Trip.

1. The best time to visit Hanoi

Hanoi weather has 4 separate seasons
Spring (February to April)
Summer (April to July)
Autumn (August to October)
Winter (November to February)
Each season Hanoi will have its own beauty, spring weather is cold, and tourists can participate in the festivals at the beginning of the year.
During this time, you can feel the weather is a bit cold. All people are in warm and thick clothes, and the humidity is high. It is not the time for swimming in the sea but great for trekking the high mountains. Although the climate is not good all the time, it is not rainy much. When January passes by, February and March come with warmer weather. Trees rise, and flowers blossom, bring a new color to the city. It is also the time for many festivals in the early years. Tourists can join and visit great places, enjoy Tet Holiday with local people and visit destinations without a noisy atmosphere.
Summer will be hot but will be suitable for visiting the sea and beach in Halong Bay.
Autumn and winter are cool and cold weather is also the time for holidays in Western countries. 
Most visitors will come to visit at the end of the year, which is also the peak season in Hanoi. 

 >>>Read more: https://goviettrip.com/hanoi-stay-and-tips/when-is-the-best-time-to-visit-hanoi-vietnam-local-advises.html

2. How to travel in Hanoi? 

Travel in Hanoi is very easy, there are many attractions, restaurants, and shopping areas, and hotels are located close to each other. Mostly local people will go by motorbikes, while public transportations, taxis, buses, and private cars are available when you travel to other places.

Hanoi is a pretty small city, and most travelers choose to stay at Hoan Kiem district (which included the old quarter and French quarter) while other visitors will stay in Ba Dinh, Tay Ho (West Lake), and Hai Ba Trung district. Here are our suggestions for your trip to visit the city.
Motorbike: As mentioned above, there is the most popular in Hanoi, and finding a place to renting a motorbike is very simple. You can contact with hotel or contact with rental service directly. The price about 100,000 – 150,000 VND/day (4$ USD – 8$ USD. Normally they will require a deposit of some money or your passport.
Taxi: This is very convenient for travel. Popular taxi companies in Hanoi are Mai Linh (Tel:, Taxi Group (Tel:, V20 (Tel:
Cyclo: Or rickshaw - a typical image of the old town is the cyclo that is still kept for tourism. You can easily catch one in the old quarter, walk around the small streets while listening to exciting stories from the driver. The price is about 100.000vnd/ 1 hour.
Electric car: This is also a very interesting way to visit the old town. Tickets are selling at the Hoan Kiem lakeside area (near Thang Long water puppet show). The prices are 200.000vnd/ 35 minute (1 car maximum 7 people) or 300.000vnd/ 60 minute.
Hop-on, hop-off bus
This will take you through 15 stops with 20 famous spots in the capital such as Hoan Kiem Lake, Cathedral, Hanoi Flag Tower, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Tran Quoc Pagoda, Temple of Literature, Thang Long Imperial Citadel, Hoa Lo Prison, Vietnam Women's Museum, etc.

  • Depart from Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square (Opposite 7 Dinh Tien Hoang) (From Monday to Friday - 09h00p - 10h45p - 14h30p - 16h15p)

  • Departure from Hanoi Opera House. From 09:00 am to 17:00 (Saturday and Sunday), one bus departs every 45 minutes.

There are 3 types of tickets are 300,000 VND / 4 hours; 450,000 VND/ 24 hours and 650,000 VND/ 48 hours. (Time for use from 9:00 am – 17:00 pm)
On the bus, free Wi-Fi and audio guide including Vietnamese, English, Chinese, French, Korean, Japanese, Russian, German, Spanish, and many other languages will help tourists easily experience.
Besides that, you can book grab bike or car via the app: Grab, Be, Go Viet, etc. very convenient and reasonable price.


3. Tips for travel in Hanoi

  • If you choose to stay in the old quarter, you should book the room in advance, especially in high sessions (from October to February) and holidays.

  • Hanoi's roads are quite complicated, with many alleys and a bit crazy traffic. Don't forget to bring a hotel card or map to avoid getting lost.

  • Hanoi is very safe, but thefts still happen. Please be careful with valuable things, especially when you visit a crowded area or go out late in the evening.

  • If you visit sacred areas such as Temple, pagodas, or Ho Chi Minh mausoleum should pay attention and wear long clothes.



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