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Thong Nhat Park is quite common and especially well-known by people who live in Hanoi. This park has a fresh and healthy atmosphere along with a green mass that you can find anywhere whether it is a tree or a bush. You will be completely persuaded after reading this article about all of the unique and special features of Thong Nhat Park nowadays.

Thong Nhat Park is located in the center of Hanoi, which is near the West Lake and in the middle of Ba Dinh district. Lively and fresh as it always is, this park attracts both tourists and local citizens to come and enjoy the restful and peaceful environment where dust and air pollution cannot reach. It is considered to be the largest park in the central area of Hanoi. Comprising many different kinds of flora, Thong Nhat Park is fun and interesting for visitors to explore and rest under the shades with a breeze going through the leaves. This park was established in 1958, during wartime, and was called “the green lung” of Hanoi itself.

The main entrance that leads into Thong Nhat Park

The main entrance that leads into Thong Nhat Park

Thong Nhat Park opens at 6:00 AM and closes at 22:00 PM on any day of the week. Additionally, the ticket fee is free of charge but years before it would take you about 4000 - 6000 VND/person in order to enter Thong Nhat Park whether daytime or nighttime. Literally and figuratively, tourists will not find any obstacles in “checking in” at Thong Nhat Park.

Thong Nhat Park can be described as an artificial botanical garden with many different kinds of flora that tourists may discover. There are also some playgrounds for children as they often come along with their parents or relatives here for relaxation. Especially, visitors will have the opportunity to explore fully all of these unique features or structures of Thong Nhat Park:

  • Uncle Ton (Ton Duc Thang) - Uncle Ho (Ho Chi Minh) monument

Located at the center of Thong Nhat Park, this place has become well-known to the local people since its establishment. This is a symbol of showing respect and gratitude for the great merits of the two great leaders of Vietnam, as well as the desire to reunite North and South as a united nation during wartime. These two statues were made completely from copper (or brass), which is suitable for the climate of Northern Vietnam so the monument can be well-preserved.

  • The House of Mirrors

This place was built a long time ago which is astonishing and favorable to both children and adults. More than 50 reflecting mirrors were created 40 years ago in the Czech Republic and then delivered to Thong Nhat Park. The House of Mirrors has a length up to 60 meters long and is divided into many parts that represent some topics such as Truong Sa, Hoang Sa, Ha Long Bay, etc.


The House of Mirrors in Thong Nhat Park has a long history of existence for around 40 years

The House of Mirrors in Thong Nhat Park has a long history of existence for around 40 years


The House of Mirrors, just like Thong Nhat Park overall, is free of charge for everyone to enjoy it.

  • Seven Acres Lake and Peace Island in the middle of it

This lake is considered to be one of the most interesting places in Thong Nhat Park. This is also an ideal place for visitors to have a picnic, jog, skateboard, skip, or even practice aerobics and yoga every morning. During weekends, Seven Acres Lake is quite dense with lots of people coming here with their friends or family. There was a time that Peace Island was called with another name - Stork Island. This is because there were so many storks that traveled here and stayed under the top of the trees in Thong Nhat Park. Gradually, Hanoi became more densely populated and noise pollution is the main reason that makes the stork disappear for years until now.

If you want to find a romantic yet peaceful and fresh atmosphere then Seven Acres Lake and Peace Island are recommended at the top of the must-do list.

These are plentiful activities that you can participate in during your visit to Thong Nhat Park. Some potential suggestions might be having a walk or a picnic on Peace Island, practicing yoga, or doing some physical activities with the locals in the park. Moreover, riding a bicycle or skateboarding is also fascinating to try if you have much free time during your stay in Hanoi.

Tourists can try some delicious and tasty food from vendors and restaurants near Thong Nhat Park with an affordable price. Some of Hanoi's best cuisine is located in the center of this city and Thong Nhat Park is standing right when you want to be.

Visitors can travel by getting on these routes of city bus such as 30, 32, 35 or 03, 09, 11. However, you can travel by Grab cars or Grab bikes to go faster and more conveniently. Taxi is recommended, too but it will cost you more money due to the default fares. Also, you can rent a motorbike with quite an affordable price to ride along the city and get to Thong Nhat Park by using Google Maps at any time you like.

Thong Nhat park is not open overnight so it is essential to learn about the closing time. Do not litter or spit when walking in the park, especially stepping on grass is unacceptable and forbidden. After all, this is a public place so keep your eyes out for pickpockets or robbers who usually wander around Thong Nhat Park day and night. You can feel free to talk to the locals here by asking them something you want to know about the nearby area. Joining groups of people exercising is fun and memorable so you should try in order to understand more about Vietnamese people and their cultural values.

Have a nice trip and we shall see you again in the distant future in Vietnam for a second visit.

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