Top 8 Best Restaurants In Sapa Vietnam You Gotta Try

Sapa local dishes - with their distinct processing and flavor - have long been a top tourist attraction of the mountain town. If you still don't know what to eat in Sapa, let’s discover the best restaurants in Sapa Vietnam on our list now!

1. Top Delicious Restaurants In Sapa Vietnam That Will Satisfy Your Cravings

Enjoying delicious food is an integral part of every trip. The harmonious combination of local delicacies and East-West style prepared by talented chefs will fulfill your vacation.

The dishes in Sapa are prepared simply, with rustic ingredients but imbued with many attractive essences. Feeling hungry now? Follow us to experience!

1.1. A Phu Sapa Restaurant

A Phu restaurant
A Phu restaurant

You may have heard about A Phu restaurant since it is located in the center of Sapa town. As soon as you step in, you will smell the aroma of the dishes along with the faint smoke surrounding the space of the restaurant.

A Phu Sapa Restaurant is inspired by design from the H'Mong ethnic culture with extremely unique details, giving you a very enjoyable feeling. You may realize that you are being integrated into the life of the people here. Each dish of the restaurant is well-prepared to bring you a standard meal of the Northwest flavor, from decoration to ingredients.

Address: No.15, Fansipan, Sapa

1.2. Red Dao Sapa Restaurant

Red Dao Restaurant
Red Dao Restaurant

With a space that is both ancient and luxurious, you can enjoy delicious food and drop your soul into the familiar tunes of Dao boys and girls performing on stage. Also, in this Sapa Vietnam restaurant, do not forget to enjoy the incredible panoramic view of Sapa town in the cold mist.

Red Dao Restaurant is proud to receive the second prize of the Golden Spoon in 2014. Therefore, you will have an opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes, imbued with Northwest identity. The feeling of enjoying a piece of meat from the crispy skin, to the sweet and rich lean meat will be memorable forever.

Address: No 04, Thac Bac, Sapa

1.3. A Quynh Restaurant

A Quynh Restaurant
A Quynh Restaurant

Located in the center of Sapa town, it is easy for diners to find the restaurant. The highlight of A Quynh restaurant is that it is built in an architectural style bearing the typical cultural identity of the Northwest mountains. Travelers from far away will have more rewarding experiences in this place.

You should taste "Thang co" at A Quynh Restaurant, one of the eateries in most restaurants in Sapa Vietnam. This is a unique dish of the H'mong ethnic group in the North, a soup made from the internal organs of a horse. In particular, the locals also suggest to diners when eating Thang co that they have to drink with corn wine to feel "right".

Address: No. 15, Thach Son, Sapa
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1.4. Do Quyen Restaurant

Do Quyen restaurant

With a spacious space and a variety of food, Do Quyen restaurant becomes a stopover for many tourists. All the fronts of the floors are made of glass doors, so you can take in the maximum light and enjoy the street view. The interior of Do Quyen restaurant uses only one color of dark brown wood, so it is a bit classic but luxurious.

The food at Do Quyen restaurant is also a specialty of the Northwest mountains like any other delicious restaurants in Sapa Vietnam, but what impresses diners is the beautiful arrangement of the dishes. The price is also quite affordable, really worth a try!

Address: No. 214, Thach Son, Sapa

1.5. Sapa Sky View

Sapa Sky View Restaurant
Sapa Sky View Restaurant

Located on the 7th floor of Chau Long Hotel in the center of Sapa town, Sapa Sky View Restaurant is designed with a sophisticated style, which is a harmonious combination of natural colors and unique architecture.

When going there, travelers will always be overwhelmed by the rich and diverse menu with local specialties. In addition, the restaurant also has many attractive options such as roast pork, thang co, sapa spring rolls, and stewed chicken with mushrooms. These are the restaurant's unique dishes prepared by the skillful and talented hands of the chef.

Address: No. 25, Dong Loi, Sapa

1.6. Le Gecko

Le Gecko
Le Gecko

Le Gecko is a restaurant extremely loved by domestic and foreign customers because of its cozy French atmosphere. In addition, it convinces customers with delicious and unique dishes from Europe - Asia prepared by Sapa's top chefs.

The space here is quiet, and full of romance, bringing a little more simplicity from each old object such as a mini kettle and typewriter. The menu of Le Gecko Café also looks very "old", presented with a unique handwriting. This is an interesting corner if you are a vintage enthusiast.

Address: No. 02, Ngu Chi Son, Sapa

1.7. Chapa Restaurant

Chapa restaurant
Chapa restaurant

Chapa restaurant owns an extremely rich menu system with specialties of the Northwest. Some typical dishes of Chapa restaurant are grilled wild boar with galangal, fried chicken with onions, fried bamboo shoots with garlic, and black chicken braised with mushrooms,...

Besides delicious dishes, Chapa Sapa Restaurant is also impressive thanks to its architectural design imbued with the identity of the highland ethnic people. The space inside the restaurant is quite cozy, with warm yellow tones, bringing a feeling of both closeness and stimulating taste.

Address: No. 40, Cau May, Sapa

1.8. Indigo Restaurant

Indigo Restaurant
Indigo Restaurant
Indigo Restaurant is the last space that we don’t want you to miss on your next Sapa trip! The restaurant's interior is decorated with striking Northwest mountain characteristics, including seat cushions with painstakingly hand-embroidered brocade wind chimes, a cool green tree system, and wood accents.

Coming here, all visitors will experience a broad range of meals with tastes from Europe to Asia, in the way of retaining the mark of Sapa. Indigo has some unique dishes. such as salad, grilled beef with a bamboo tube, Sapa black chicken, salmon, and a sturgeon hot pot. Moreover, it can cover up to 150 guests at the same time.

Address: No. 23, Dong Loi, Sapa

2. Conclusion

Above are the top 8 best restaurants in Sapa Vietnam that tourists can visit when traveling on vacation. Hopefully, you will have amazing experiences with Sapa’s local dishes. 

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