Sapa Open Tour: All Guide To Activities And Schedules

Coming to Sapa - Lao Cai, you both have a chance to admire the majestic nature and learn the customs, habits, as well as traditional cuisine of the ethnic minorities here. Therefore, you can find hundreds of tour ideas, but we are sure that our Sapa open tour is the most detailed and attractive. Find out!

1. Tour Sapa 3 Days 2 Nights Schedule

1.1. Day 1: Ham Rong Mountain – Muong Hoa Train – Cat Cat Village

Only visit Sapa once, why don’t you wake up early to prepare for the first-day schedule, right? Morning is also known as the most beautiful time in Sapa.

  • The first destination is Ham Rong Mountain, located right near the town center. The distance is not too far, so you can choose to walk if you are in good health. In addition, you can park your car outside the gate of the Ham Rong Mountain Tourist Area. 

The ticket price ranges:

  • Adults: 70,000 VND/ person (around $3)

  • Children above 1.2 m: 20,000 VND/ person (nearly $1)

  • Children below 1.2 m: Free of charge

Ham Rong mountain
Ham Rong mountain


  • After leaving Ham Rong mountain, through the central courtyard, you will see Sunplaza. Here are train tickets going through the valley with a buffet lunch package from 150,000 VND to 250,000 VND/ person ($6.5 - $11). You can choose dishes and eat local specialties.

  • Finally, it's time to immerse yourself in Cat Cat Village - one of the must-go places in Sapa. You will be able to admire the scenery of rice fields, and flower gardens, and visit the families of the Hmong ethnic group weaving and embroidering flowers.

Cat Cat Village
Cat Cat Village


1.2. Day 2: Waterfall - Gate Heaven - O Quy Ho Pass

This is a very wonderful and famous route in Sapa

  • You will first stop at Silver Waterfall, about 13km from the town center. Standing beside the rushing sound of the waterfall will make you feel like you are listening to a proud epic. Additionally, on the way here, you can't help but be "ecstatic" at the beautiful scenery of the vast pine forest, covered with wild roses blooming in four seasons.

The price is only 20.000 VND/ person (around $1.5)

Love Waterfall
Love Waterfall
  • The next two destinations are Golden Stream - Love Waterfall. They are located together in a large area at Tram Ton - Nui Xe, 15 km from Sapa town. In the rainy season, waterfalls and streams are always full of water, making the scenery very beautiful and romantic.

The price is about 75.000 VND / person ($3)

love waterfall 

  • And you can visit Heaven Gate while following this route. Not only domestic tourists but also foreign ones come here to admire the beauty of the Sapa mountains from an altitude of 2000m above sea level.

  • After all, O Quy Ho Pass is considered a masterpiece of nature with a picture of a landscape that anyone needs to visit once in life. This is a long road hidden in the cliffs. And then when you pass a bend, you will catch all the images of the rustic villages in Lai Chau with the undulating mountains.

1.3. Day 3: Fansipan 


Coming to Sapa but not conquering Fansipan Peak is such a pity. With Fansipan's 3143m high position,  you will be able to see the beautiful scenery from afar. 

Moreover, at Fansipan, there is a complex of pagodas on the top of Fansipan - a very majestic and sacred spiritual area. After 600 stairs going up, you can listen to peaceful meditation music and relax your soul. 

2. Common FAQs About Sapa Grouptour

2.1. What should I prepare before traveling on a Sapa tour?

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3 days and 2 nights is not a long time, so you just need to choose the most necessary things to carry for compactness.

  • Bring 4 to 5 sets of clothes.

  • Bring 2 pairs of shoes, especially sports shoes to protect your feet from fatigue during walking.

  • Prepare personal items such as towels, shampoo, and toothbrushes.

  • Bring identification documents

And if you are a photography lover, a camera will be an essential note, otherwise you can take very sharp photos with your phone.

2.2. What should I eat in Sapa?

Sapa specialties are the things that hold tourists back the most. You can enjoy salmon hotpot, smoked meat,... for example. These unique specialties are only in Sapa so you won't regret it! 

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2.3 How much is a grouptour Sapa?

The cost to go to Sapa for 3 days depend where are you going normally is about 3,200,000 VND - 3,800,000 VND/ person ($139 - $165).

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Above is the Sapa open tour guide in 2023. We hope that it will help you enjoy the best trip!
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