Best homestays and best area to stay in Sapa Vietnam

There are many options for lodging in Spa, including homestays, hostels, hotels, resorts, etc. But among them, staying in a homestay in Sapa seems to be a favorite choice for many visitors. It is not only a room to sleep in, but many more than that.

1. Why you should stay in a homestay in Sapa

Why you should stay in a homestay in Sapa
Why you should stay in a homestay in Sapa
Many may think that hotels are better than a homestay. Of course, for some criteria, a hotel can offer good service. But Sapa is the place people come to discover, to adventure, and almost want to know more about the locals as well as their life. In this case, staying in homestays is more suitable for tourists.
Here are some reasons why staying in a homestay in Sapa is a favorite for travelers:
  • You feel more flexible in a homestay.
  • A homestay is not an accommodation, it is like your home with a large space.
  • Homestays offer kitchen devices for you to prepare food if you want.
  • You can enjoy a day like a local.
  • You have more chances to understand the culture of ethnic people.
  • A homestay is more suitable for a family/group than a hotel.
  • A homestay is often cheaper than a hotel/ a resort.
  • You get more chances to discover the village if you stay in a homestay in Sapa.
  • You may have good advice from friendly locals for the tour.
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2. How to book the homestay 

There are many ways for a visitor to book accommodation in a homestay: through online websites, travel agencies, and booking a room directly.

2.1. Online

Many websites sell booking room services and they even give discounts for special days of the year. A visitor can access,, or to have a check. You can also visit the Facebook of a homestay and ask to book a place in advance.

2.2. Travel agencies

If you buy tours from travel agencies, you do not need to worry about the accommodation. Tour agencies/ companies have their itineraries in detail for you to check; and of course, you know where to sleep at night. 

2.3. Directly 

Arrive at a destination, you can ák for some addresses to check and come to book a room directly. But during peak season, this is not a smart option in case of not having any room left. 

3. How much for homestay at Sapa?

how much for homestay at sapa
How much for homestay at sapa?
It is difficult to say how much it cost for a homestay. The expense depends on many factors and you can check the criteria to decide. If you choose to stay in a dorm room, it is very cheap, around $5 to $7; but a private room must be more expensive, up to $50. A room with a balcony, a good view, and a large space will cost more than a smaller one and can cost $85 per night. 

4. Different types of homestays in Sapa

There are many types of homestays in Sapa, ranging in different prices per night. You can check for references to enjoy the best tour ever on the next coming trip!
  • Homestay with dormitory
  • Homestay with mountain view, mega view
  • Jungle homestay
  • Homestay in ethnic culture.

5. What to expect from local homestays in Sapa?

A good homestay must give you space to relax and feel at home to rest after a long day. It should offer yummy meals with specialties and even give you chances to cook (for those who like cooking). Visitors like to adventure more about locals so a homestay showing the culture with furniture, and decoration would be great. 
More than that, all staff need to be friendly, enthusiastic, and polite to customers. If a homestay owns an amazing view with a balcony will have more visitors to come. Last but not less, a reasonable price is what most tourists care about when picking up a place to sleep overnight. 

6. Best villages around Sapa for a homestay experience

We have shared a lot about homestays in Sapa. In this part of the article, let’s check for some villages to come, visit and sleep.
  • Ta Van: 10km from Sapa town, being one of the most famous villages that visitors often come to. It is surrounded by Hoang Lien Son Mountain and Muong Hoa Stream. 
  • Lao Chai: 7 km from the town center, being the biggest village in Sapa, sharing half of Share Muong Hoa Valley with Ta Van Village.
  • Ban Ho: home to Tay people with many stilt houses and homestays with yummy food.
  • Ta Phin: 17 km from the town center, is home to the Red Dao people, where you can buy skillfully embroidered gifts. 
  • Y Linh Ho: a nice village for trekking tours in Sapa, is home to H’mong people, and only 7km from the town center. 
  • Sin Chai: H’mong people’s home, 2km from Cat Cat village.
  • Y Ty: home of Ha Nhi ethnic group, the best place to conquer “a sea of clouds”

7. Best homestays in Sapa

Best homestays in Sapa

Best homestays in Sapa

Here are the five best homestays for visitors to check and experience:
  • Rock Garden Sapa: located in Hau Chu Ngai, Hau Thao, Sapa. The homestay has many rocky and wooden rooms with large glass windows. It offers dorm rooms, standard rooms, family rooms, and super-view bungalows. 
  • Eco Hills Homestay: located on a hill in Muong Hoa Valley, Seo My Ty, Ta Van. This homestay has houses made of straw, with different types of rooms including Mountain View Rooms and Family Bungalows.
  • Tavan Ecologic Homestay: located in Ta Van village, has five types of rooms: Standard Double or Twin Rooms, Standard Quadruple Rooms, Family Bungalow, Bed Mixed Dormitory Rooms, and Bungalow Garden View.
  • Mountain River Homestay Sapa: located in Ta Van village, offers Deluxe Double or Twin Rooms, Bed Mixed Dormitory Rooms, Double Rooms with Mountain views, Double Rooms with Garden views, and apartments with Mountain views.
  • Sapa Heavenly Homestay: located at No.7 Ta Phin Sapa town. This is a wooden homestay with an impressive gate and a unique view for you to relax. Sapa Heavenly Homestay also offers cooking classes and different types of rooms such as Dormitory Rooms, Double Rooms, Family suites, etc. 
Wish you have an amazing tour in Sapa to unwind and recharge your energy! Pack your package! Friendly locals, yummy food, and beautiful places are waiting for you here!

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