How To Eat Banh Cuon: Full Guide From Vietnamese Locals

On summer days, the most wonderful thing is enjoying a plate of hot and soft Vietnamese banh cuon. And going through each region, Banh Cuon hides a very unique and delicious taste that is hard to describe. Come to the following article to discover the difference in how to eat Banh Cuon!

1. Banh Cuon In Northern Places

Banh Cuon In Northern Places
Banh Cuon In Northern Places

The North is famous for Banh Cuon Thanh Tri. It has absolutely no filling, only fried onions sprinkled on top, and is served with grilled meat, cinnamon rolls, silk rolls, and herbs.

Banh Cuon Thanh Tri has a light taste of delicious rice, fragrant with the smell of onion and a bit of skillfully prepared fish sauce, bringing a peaceful but delicious meal to anyone.

The way to eat banh cuon in Northern places is very easy. You just need to dip banh cuon into the served dipping sauce. However, remember to be careful because the crust is usually thin, so the filling will fall off easily.
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2. Banh Cuon In Central Places

Banh Cuon In Central Places
Banh Cuon In Central Places


Another type of Banh Cuon originating from the Central is the wet banh cuon with grilled meat. The richness of Vietnamese cuisine lies in the fact that it is the same flour mixture, but if coated with grilled meat, there is a wet banh cuon to enjoy differently.

Grilled meat marinated in the right style with sesame, lemongrass, salty-sweet, and sweet chili. Moreover, the herbs here are special basil. So if anyone can't eat it, it will be difficult to taste.

When enjoying wet banh cuon in Central places, there are usually two ways: 

  • Roll the filling and eat with dipping sauce

  • Cut banh cuon into small pieces and eat with grilled meat later.

3. Banh Cuon In Southern Places

Banh Cuon In Southern Places
Banh Cuon In Southern Places


Banh Cuon in the South is remembered for the aromatic and greasy taste of eggs as well as the sweetness of rice or grilled meat. 

In fact, South Banh Cuon is considered to have originated from the North, but there are many changes to suit the taste of the Southern people. In which the biggest difference is the sweeter sauce. Additionally, the types of fillings served with this Banh Cuon are usually priceless, such as spring rolls or Vietnamese shrimp cakes.

You can eat banh cuon here in the same method as in Northern places. The dipping sauce is key to retaining its flavor. 

Hope that all the information above can help you be well-prepared before trying Vietnamese Banh Cuon. It’s easy and simple to learn how to eat Banh Cuon, right?

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