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When it comes to Halong Bay, besides the majestic beauty of the emerald green mountains and blue water that stirs people's hearts, Quang Ninh Museum is also a beloved tourist destination. It is considered a cultural center, containing numerous spiritual values of the mining region. Therefore, Quang Ninh Museum is a source of pride for the locals. The heroic history and the beauty of Quang Ninh's traditional culture are all preserved in this place.

1. Where is Quang Ninh Museum?

Quang Ninh Museum is located at Tran Quoc Nghien Street, Hong Gai Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh province. This location is only 7.1km away from Ha Long City, making it easily accessible by private transportation. Based on travel experiences in Quang Ninh, the quickest route to the museum is to take Tran Quoc Street, then turn onto Tran Hung Dao Street and follow QL18 until you reach the museum. The roads leading to the museum are large and spacious, so it will only take about 10 minutes to travel.

Where is Quang Ninh Museum?
Where is Quang Ninh Museum?


Opening hours: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM, from Tuesday to Sunday.

Ticket prices: Adults: 35,000 VND/ticket; Students: 15,000 VND/ticket; Children: 10,000 VND/ticket.

2. Why is Quang Ninh Museum worth a visit?

Museums are often perceived as dry and boring by many people. However, you will completely change that mindset when you visit Quang Ninh Museum - an interesting and highly worthwhile destination.

2.1. Contemporary architecture

Quang Ninh Museum is a unique architectural masterpiece that leaves many tourists in awe and admiration. Its striking appearance, with a black glass covering on all sides, resembles a gigantic mirror reflecting the magnificent seascape of Ha Long.

The museum is often compared to a mysterious gem due to its incredibly distinctive color. The black "coat" enveloping the square structure evokes thoughts of black pearls, which are highly valued in Ha Long. Truly, the architecture of Quang Ninh Museum harmoniously combines simplicity and modernity, tradition and novelty.

Moreover, the font displayed on the front facade, along with the visually captivating zigzag staircase system, has transformed this Quang Ninh tourist spot into the most popular check-in location in the mining region.

2.2. There are many impressive exhibits

Venturing deeper into the interior space, Halong Bay tourists will be even more amazed by what this modern museum has to offer. Quang Ninh Museum is designed with three floors, each showcasing a different theme. It embodies the essence of Quang Ninh, highlighting its development along the timeline of history and space. The contrasting juxtaposition of the mysterious black exterior with the sleek white interior fascinates many visitors.

Floor 1: The Combination of Nature and the Sea

The Combination of Nature and the Sea
The Combination of Nature and the Sea

The first floor of Quang Ninh Museum is a display space with the theme of the sea and nature. Here, visitors can admire the skeletons of whales and giant sharks. The most prominent feature on this floor is the four pillars designed in the shape of mountain peaks, with their outer shells mimicking the image and colors of the limestone mountains of Halong Bay. When illuminated, the entire floor transforms into a vivid depiction of the bay, creating a fascinating experience.

Quang Ninh Museum is also equipped with LED screens projecting films about the secrets of the ocean and natural creations, complemented by a 3D projection system that provides visitors with valuable knowledge. For nature lovers, Floor 1 of Quang Ninh Museum is truly an unmissable area.

Floor 2: Display area of historical artifacts

Display area of historical artifacts
Display area of historical artifacts


On the second floor, visitors will step into the world of history with various models and artifacts from different periods. Here, the changes in the lives of Quang Ninh's residents throughout each era are vividly and uniquely recreated. In addition, the second floor is also where you can find information about famous historical sites in Quang Ninh such as Dong Yen Tu Pagoda, Halong Bay, and more.

Quang Ninh is proud to be a land that President Ho Chi Minh visited 7 times, so Quang Ninh Museum also provides visitors on the Halong Bay tour with authentic images of President Ho Chi Minh in this space on the second floor.


Floor 3: Recreating the history of the coal mining industry

Coal mining is one of the symbols of Quang Ninh's people. Therefore, the museum has dedicated the entire area of the third floor to vividly recreate the activities of this industry. The models of coal mines, with their accurate proportions and sizes, down to every detail, will provide visitors with the clearest view of the arduous yet glorious work involved in this industry.

Recreating the history of the coal mining industry
Recreating the history of the coal mining industry


3. How to get there?

The museum is located on Tran Quoc Nghien Street, 7.1 km from the center of Halong City, making it convenient for visitors to travel. From the center of Halong City, it takes about 10 minutes to travel along QL18 Road - Tran Hung Dao Street - Tran Quoc Nghien Street to reach the Quang Ninh Museum. Due to its proximity and central location, almost any mode of transportation is suitable.

  • Taxi: The taxi fare to the museum is only around 100,000 - 130,000 VND (4.2 USD - 6.3 USD) one way. Some taxi companies to consider are Mai Linh, Halong, Hong Gai, Sao Mai, Thinh Hung, etc.

  • Motorbike: For young travelers, it is highly recommended to rent a motorbike for more freedom and cost-saving. The rental price starts from as low as 100,000 VND (4.2 USD) per bike per day, which is very affordable.

4. Extra tips

Keep these tips in mind for a complete exploration of the Quang Ninh Museum: 

  • Avoid visiting the museum on Sundays and holidays as it tends to be crowded on those days. 

  • Bring a camera, phone, and a power bank to capture memorable photos at the museum. 

  • Choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in for taking check-in photos. 

  • Do not touch or move the exhibits, and dispose of trash in designated areas to maintain cleanliness in the shared space. 

  • You can purchase souvenir gifts such as beautiful handicrafts to bring back for family and friends.

In conclusion, Quang Ninh Museum is a destination for history and cultural enthusiasts, geography enthusiasts, and anyone seeking unique experiences in a new land. Amidst the lively and bustling city of Halong, you can find a tranquil and gentle space here.

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