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Halong bay is a famous destination in the North of Vietnam, attracting many domestic and international visits every day. When is the best time to go to Halong bay? Or best time of year to visit Halong bay? For international visitors from October to April and Vietnamese visitors, summer from June to September is the peak season. Let find out more detail with Go Viet Trip.

1. Halong bay in general

It belongs to Quang Ninh province, North East of Vietnam. Far from Hanoi capital, about 170km. It takes around 2 hours on the highway or 3,5 hours on the road 5—Halong Vietnamese meaning "Descending Dragon" following many legendary.

Traveling here, visitors can experience countless exciting activities such as admiring thousands of large and small limestone islands, islets on the bay and participating in many water sports games: Kayaking, swimming, rock climbing, scuba diving… Especially when you spend time overnight on the bay, you will join more activities such as visiting caves, exploring floating villages, enjoying the sunset, sunrise on the bay, joining cooking class, and squid fishing… We believe that you never get bored while in Halong bay.


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Overview of Halong bay

2. Best time to travel to Halong bay

​2.1. Halong bay weather

Halong bay is beautiful every season, and each season has its own beauty. If visitors come in the summer, they will be comfortable bathing on the bay, watching the blue sky. If traveling in the winter, visitors will see the bay's hazy space.

The weather characterized is typical with four distinct seasons of the North with hot, humid in the summer and cool, cold in the winter.


halong bay weather

Each season has its own beauty

Spring (February to April)
The temperature in spring ranges from 19 - 29 degrees Celsius sometimes, there is fog with drizzle, but this is also an opportunity for tourists to see a mysterious Halong Bay.

Summer (May to August)
From mid-May, the sky turns clear blue, and the average temperature rises during the day about 34 - 35 degrees Celsius, very suitable for outdoor activities: swimming, resting on the beach, kayaking. This is also the time when many Vietnamese guests enjoy their summer vacation.
Summer is also the season with heavy rains or storms that can affect the trip.
Autumn (September to November)
This is the best time to visit Halong Bay. The average temperature in this season is about 27 degrees Celsius. The air is cool, pleasant, and especially have sunny, very suitable for tourists to enjoy the trip to Halong bay and take beautiful photos. This time also attracts a lot of international guests.
Winter (December to February)
The temperature of the season is quite cold and cool, the temperature from 8 to 20 degrees celsius. This is also a time when many tourists attract many international tourists for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Here is a summary of the weather in Halong Bay in 2021


  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Maximum temp (ºC) 22 24 28 29 37 36 32 31 30 29 27 24
Minimum temp (ºC) 10 12 15 18 24 23 23 23 22 21 20 17
Average Temperature 14 -20 15-21 18-23 19-26 25-34 25-33 24-30 25-32 24-29 22-28 21-26 19-23

2.2. The best time to visit Halong Bay Vietnam

Although summer and winter attract many domestic and foreign tourists. However, the best times to visit Halong Bay would be spring and autumn (from March to April and September to October).

Because the weather is very pleasant dry, and less typhoons, so you will minimize the risk on your trip.

Moreover, if you book early, you can get a promotion or a free
 upgrade to get a better room if you are lucky.


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Visitors enjoy bamboo boats on the bay

3. The peak seasons in Halong Bay

3.1.The peak season in Halong Bay for domestic tourists

The summer (June – September) is the peak season for Vietnamese people traveling here. This is also the summer break for many students, and the weather in Hanoi is sweltering, so many families try to travel to the beaches in general and Halong bay in particular.

In the summer, visitors can easily join many sports games on the bay, such as swimming and kayaking…
This is also the rainy season, and tropical depressions can affect visitors' trips.

3.2.The peak season in Halong Bay for foreign tourists

From October to April (especially from November to January), international tourists visit and relax because many people are on winter holidays. During this time, the weather is quite pleasant with cloudy and mist will bring visitors a new scenery and mystery on the bay.

4. How to travel to Halong Bay?

From Hanoi, you can go by bus, private car or limousine. Price from US$ 15 to $US 150, depending on which service you want to use or take Seaplane with a higher price.

However, in our opinion, the best option to visit Halong bay is to take a Halong bay cruise trip from Hanoi with all includes such as transportations (2 ways), all entrance fees, meals, and accommodations…  so all you need to do is to pack your suitcase and have fun. Because when you book only transportation, you still have to book an extra cruise to visit Halong bay at the harbor. 


5. Tips for visiting Halong bay 

  • Luggage: If possible should not bring too much luggage. You can store at the hotel or travel agent booked tour. On the boat, they have most of the equipment like a hotel: Towels, soap, shampoo...
  • Food: If you are allergic to any food or are vegetarian, don't forget to inform the travel agent you booked the tour.
  • On the bus: The guide will borrow your passport to check in on the boat, then they will return it to you. Therefore, should leave your passport in a safe and easy to get it.  Don't forget to remind your guide if you have special requirements (like foods) as they will be by your side throughout the tour.
  • Cabin on the boat: There is have one or two machines on the boat, during the day you may not hear their sound, but at night I am sure it will affect your sleep. Therefore, you should take note with the travel agent. If possible, book the service early to get a nice room far from the machine and don't forget to keep in touch with the travel agent, maybe if you're lucky, you'll get a free upgrade to get a better room.
  • Water: since 2018 the management board of Ha Long Bay has not accepted to use of plastic bottles in the bay to protect the environment and ecosystem of the bay, so you do not bring plastic bottles during the trip.

Tips for visting halong bay

Here are local advice


6. Where and how to Book Halong Bay Cruise?

Have you decided to plan a Halong Bay cruise?
There are many ways to book a Halong Bay tour. You can book a tour online or book on arrival. Each way has its own pros and cons.
But ordering online will save you time and the price will be better,
You can contact reputable local travel agents like Go Viet Trip. One of the best travel agencies in Hanoi, providing multi Halong bay tours with the best price and guarantee service in Hanoi old quarter.
Get a full refund if you do not feel happy with their services.






6.1. What do we do if the Halong bay tour is canceled

Here is our advice:

what do we do if the halong bay tour is canceled

Go Viet Trip has shared with you the best time to visit Halong bay. If you need any more help please contact us through email: or hotline +84968667589. We are guarantee about quality and prices. Get a full refund if you do not feel happy with our services.


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