Sung Sot (Surprise) cave | Biggest cave in Halong bay - All you need to know

Mentioning the experience of the Haloong tour, visitors cannot ignore visiting the system of extremely unique and beautiful caves, including Sung Sot Cave. It is  ranked at the top of the most beautiful ones, so let’s discover its mysterious charming secrets!

1. Where Is Sung Sot Cave?

Where is Sung Sot Cave?
Where is Sung Sot Cave?

Sung Sot Cave is located on Bo Hon Island, along with Luon Cave, Trong Cave, and Trinh Nu Cave in the center of Ha Long Bay. It was found a long time ago, in 1901, when a French scientist came here and named the Ha Long cave"Grotte de la surprise" (An amazing cave) because of the natural beauty that nature has bestowed on this place.

In 1993, the cave welcomed the first tourists to visit and explore. 

2. How To Get To Sung Sot Cave?

How To Get To Sung Sot Cave
How To Get To Sung Sot Cave?

To visit there, you need to take a cruise tour. There are many cruises on the bay with different prices, scheduled for 1 day or 2 days. Therefore, you can optionally choose to suit your time and budget. All programs will include a visit to Sung Sot cave.

On the other hand, if you prefer to travel alone, you need to follow this path. From Bai Chay pier, you need to travel by boat to the south about 14 km to reach Sung Sot Cave. After setting foot on Bo Hon island, climb 50 high stone steps through the dense forest foliage. 

Along the 800m long stone path, you will be able to see an extremely different world inside the 12,200 square meter cave. The scene is both fanciful and enchanting with countless interesting stalactites. It definitely won't let you down when you have come a long way to arrive.

3. When To Visit The Cave In Ha Long?

Weather greatly affects your sightseeing journey, especially when visiting the Ha Long cave. To make your trip to Sung Sot cave more perfect, choose the most appropriate time of the year to depart:

  • From May to July: This is the peak time for domestic tourists. During this period, Ha Long weather is, sunny, and light wind, extremely suitable to visit and explore its beauty.

  • From December to February: The weather is coming to the winter season, therefore, it’s quite cold and perhaps led to the delay of cruise tours.

Coming to Sung Sot cave is to return to nature, where visitors find relaxation in their souls and leave behind all the chaos of daily life.

4. What Are The Experiences When Visiting Sung Sot Cave?

What Are The Experiences When Visiting Sung Sot Cave?
What Are The Experiences When Visiting Sung Sot Cave?


Ha Long has many places to go, but just set foot in Sung Sot cave once and forever you will never forget. 

Inside the cave, there is an 800m long paved walkway with street lamp posts on both sides illuminating the path which is elegant, contributing to the beauty of the interior.

The cave is divided into two main compartments. The first compartment is likened to a large theater with a ceiling covered with smooth velvet carpet. When entering, visitors will feel overwhelmed by the bright light from the lights at the cave. In this compartment, there are many stone statues with different shapes such as elephants and seals, which are quite lively.

You need to cross a small path to reach the second compartment. If the first compartment is majestic with electric light, this compartment gives you a new and ancient feeling. The system of stone artifacts combined to help the cave become special with shapes that can be related to the legend of Saint Giong such as horses and swords. It has a vast cave that can accommodate up to thousands of people at the same time.

Moving on, you will reach the royal garden at the highest peak of the cave. This place opens up a charming landscape with a small lake, where many types of trees, flowers, and birds live.

5. How Much To Visit Sung Sot Cave?

First, when arriving at the pier, you will have to buy an entrance ticket at the price of 40,000 VND/ pax (around $2).

Then, the ticket price to visit the cave ranges:

  • For adults: 250,000 VND/ pax ($11)

  • For children from 1 m - 1.4 m tall: 195,000 VND/ pax ($8.5)

  • For children under 1 m tall: Free of charge.

Note: The above ticket price does not include the boat rental fee.

6. Conclusion

Sung Sot Cave is an ideal destination that you should visit once when traveling to this beautiful coastal city - Ha Long. Let's admire the magnificent architecture and take memorable photos here!

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