Top 6 Amazing Floating and Fishing Villages in Halong Bay

Halong Bay is not only home to marvelous limestone karts and caves. It also houses beautiful floating and fishing villages that impress both domestic and international tourists. In addition to the picturesque beauty, these villages are the place to preserve the deep-rooted fishing traditions of people in Halong Bay.
If you are curious about Halong Bay floating villages, scroll down now! Go Viet Trip recommends the top 6 beautiful Floating Villages in Halong Bay.

1. Cua Van Floating Village

Cua Van is one of the largest floating villages in Halong Bay. It consists of 300 households, all of which have lived on boats for generations. 
The whole village is surrounded by clusters of islands on all sides, so strong winds do not disturb the peaceful lives here. That is also why the village remains tranquil all year round. It is the perfect getaway for anyone who wants to escape the busy cities and touristy areas.
The tranquil and picture-postcard sceneries are the first reason why tourists frequent this place. It is relaxing seeing colorful boats and rafts on the undulating emerald seawaters, which blend harmoniously with the magnificent mountains behind.
In addition, there are many wonderful activities for tourists to try at this tiny village. 
For example, do not forget to drop by Cua Van floating culture center to witness archeological artifacts and join cultural exchange activities. Kayaking is also a not-to-miss activity to discover in this area.


halong bay floating village

One of the largest floating villages in Halong Bay

2. Vung Vieng Floating Village

Within the heart of Bai Tu Long Bay lies a small fishing village called Vung Vieng. It has a population of about 300 inhabitants who earn a living from the sea. As Vung Vieng becomes a tourist destination, many locals can enjoy higher living standards than before.
Arriving at Vung Vieng village, you will be struck by the peaceful atmosphere here. As the village lies far from the mainland, it is absolutely quiet and idyllic, especially if you come here in the early morning.
Tourists can try working as a fisherman to have the most authentic experience at Vung Vieng. When the night falls, you can go catching cuttlefish and grill right on the boat to enjoy your achievement.
It is highly recommended to rent a kayak to discover the village at your desired pace and visit other beautiful destinations nearby, for example, Mat Quy island, Bay Gieng Cave, Tra Ban island, and so on.
On the way to Vung Vieng village, tourists can take the time to drop by Hang Cao and Hang Luon - two majestic caves in Bai Tu Long bay.


vung vieng fishing village

Vung Vieng village

3. Ba Hang Floating Village

Ba Hang is an ancient fishing village that consists of 50 households only. It lies in a serene strip of water between two limestone karst formations. As it is close to many tourist spots, many Halong bay caves such as Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, many Halong Bay tours include it in their itineraries.
Ba Hang attracts tourists mainly with its majestic natural landscapes, contrasting the rustic lives of the locals here. The towering mountains surround the tiny village as guardians protecting the tranquility of the locals, which will surely make you in awe.
Like other floating villages, tourists visiting Ba Hang can go fishing with the locals to have the best experience. Going fishing at night is an enjoyable activity that every tourist should try at least once. Or y
ou can choose to discover the area by kayaking or simply having a local rowing you around.
Some people may not know an interesting fact: Ba Hang was chosen as a filming location for the blockbuster ‘Kong: Skull Island’. It has become more famous since then.

ba hang floating village

One of the best places to doing kayaking in Halong bay


4. Cong Dam Floating Village

The Cong Dam area is considered as an ‘outdoor geological museum’ as it has grandiose mountains dating back to almost 340 million years. 
The small village is surrounded by limestone karts, beaches, islets, as well as a dense system of coral reefs and underwater lakes.
Coming to Cong Dam, you will be overwhelmed with the unspoiled natural beauty here. The rocky mountains with horizontal structures blend well with the crystal-clear emerald water, forming a picturesque scenery that you cannot take your eyes off.
Cong Dam village only consists of 120 residents who still retain the traditional fishing culture. When the night falls, you can go fishing and have small talks with the fishermen to know more about the local life here.


cong dam floating village

Cong Dam village

5. Hoa Cuong Floating Village

Hoa Cuong floating village is about 4 kilometers from Bai Chay Dock. There are about 750 villagers living on 200 floating boats here. The village is located in a corner surrounded by limestone islands and islets, which acts like a huge wall protecting the area from strong winds.
Like other villages, Hoa Cuong has a cultural center where visitors can see documents and images of the fishing communities in Halong Bay. You can go kayaking and fishing to enjoy the time at this tranquil place.


hoa cuong floating village

Our visitors take photos at Hoa Cuong

6. Viet Hai Floating Village

Last but not least, do not miss out on Viet Hai floating village. It is a small fishing village located in Cat Hai District, Hai Phong City. You can reach here through jungle trekking or by taking a 45-minute boat ride.
Viet Hai village consists of about 80 wooden houses, each with very basic furniture. The locals here earn a living mainly from the sea. They are friendly and hospitable to tourists coming to the village.
It is best to visit Viet Hai village during the April - September period due to the sunny weather. It will make the Viet Hai look more scenic with limestone karsts and glittering seawater around.
Coming to Viet Hai village, you can have a chance to discover Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba National Park, which is in close proximity and tourists have a chance to try out fish massage.


fish massage in viet hai village

Visitors enjoy a fish massage at Viet Hai village

Parting Thoughts
Floating villages are a unique feature that tourists should not miss when going on a Halong Bay tour. Visiting here allows travelers to marvel at the magnificent landscapes, escape the busy touristy areas, and discover the local culture.
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