10 Best Places To Do Kayaking In Halong Bay | Tips and Tricks

Kayaking is a relaxing sport that allows tourists to paddle and discover many destinations at their desired pace. It is indeed the best way to admire the grandeur of natural landscapes in Halong Bay. Discover the best places to kayak in Halong Bay with Go Viet Trip below!

1. Best Areas To Do Kayaking In Halong Bay

1.1. Luon Cave

Luon Cave is situated on Bo Hon Island, about 14 kilometers to the south of Bai Chay Wharf. It is actually a group of islands shaped like an arch with a blue lake inside, which flows into the ocean through a tunnel made by the cave itself.

The only way to visit Luon Cave is by small wooden boats or kayaking since cruise ships cannot go through the small entrance. When the tide rises, travelers even have to stoop down to avoid hitting the sparkling stalactites.
After passing through the entrance, visitors will meet the tranquil emerald lake surrounded by lush vegetation and rugged cliffs. Benjamin fig trees sway gently in the breeze while many orchids burst into bloom with sweet-scented flowers. Through the crystal-clear water, you can marvel at the diverse marine life of fish, shrimps, etc.

No wonder Luon Cave always tops the list of most appealing destinations for kayaking in Halong Bay. Many Halong Bay tours include it in the itineraries.



Video our customer do kayaking at Halong bay

luon cave on halong bay

Luon cave

1.2. Cap La Area

The Cap La area is a wonderful attraction that includes an island, a beach, a fishing village, and a cave with the same name. Many tours choose Cap La beach and Cap La fishing village as a part of kayaking routes.
Cap La Cave is also worth visiting as it is one of the most beautiful caves in Halong bay. The cave has a unique system of stalagmites with fancy colors. More excitingly, there is a small stream right inside the cave.


1.3. Dark and Light Cave

Dark and Light Cave is a frog-jaw-shaped cave located in Lan Ha Bay. It consists of two small caves: Dark Cave and Light Cave. 

As its name might suggest, Dark Cave is always pitch dark with very little natural light. Sometimes, it is completely swallowed by the tide, so tourists cannot enter. 

Meanwhile, Light Cave is large and well-lit as the sun rays beam through holes in its rocks. It is always accessible as the ceiling is much higher than the seawater level.

There is no doubt about the magnificent beauty of Dark and Light Cave. When sailing through the cave, you will be impressed with sparkling stalactites of all shapes and sizes on the ceiling. 

After that, a peaceful lake surrounded by limestone cliffs will come into sight. Luxuriant plants and animals on the islands combine with emerald water to make a picture-postcard scenery.


dark and light cave halong bay

Dark and Light Cave

1.4. Vung Vieng Floating Village

Located at the heart of Bai Tu Long bay, Vung Vieng floating village is also a must-visit spot for kayaking. It was first established in the 19th century as a so-called market for local fishermen. 

Until now, there are about 300 residents in the village. These families have lived on floating boats for many generations.

When you go kayaking to Vung Vieng village, you have a chance to see the tranquil landscapes of colorful wooden boats bobbing on the undulating waves. In addition, the open skies and beautiful seascapes will surely leave a strong impression on anyone.

vung vieng fishing village

Beautiful place for do kayaking

1.5. Cua Van Floating Village

Out of four floating villages in Halong Bay, Cua Van is the largest and also the most popular destination among tourists. It has about 300 households with a population of 733, all of which lived on small boats.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, Cua Van floating village also attracts tourists due to the exciting cultural activities here. You can have enjoyable experiences by kayaking around, doing bamboo boats, trying fresh seafood, going squid fishing, and so on.


cua van floating village

 Visitors also can go bamboo boats at Cua Van floating village.

1.6. Ba Hang Village

Ba Hang is an ancient fishing village next to Thien Cung Cave. It is tiny, with a sparse population of only 50 households. After being chosen as the filming location for ‘Kong: Skull Island’ film, the village has become more popular worldwide.

Arriving at Ba Hang village, tourists can escape the bustling atmosphere of Halong Bay and enjoy a much gentle pace of life. They have a chance to explore the local culture by kayaking, going fishing, and trying local cuisine.


ba hang floating village

Visitors enjoy kayaking in Ba Hang

1.7. Trinh Nu Cave

Trinh Nu Cave lies within Bo Hon Archipelago at the heart of Halong Bay. It resembles a chamber with levels and two cross-facing gates. The whole cave is filled with stalagmites and stalactites, which sparkle under daylight-like chandeliers.

Trinh Nu Cave is also an ideal destination for archeology enthusiasts. The cave remains an important archaeological site in Halong bay as archaeologists discovered traces and artifacts dated back to 4,000 years ago.

After kayaking around Trinh Nu Cave, travelers can relax on Trinh Nu Beach, which is close. The beach looks pristine with crystal-clear water and white sand.


1.8. Tung Sau Area

Tung Sau area is within a stone’s throw from Cua Van fishing village. It is also known as the Pearl Farm as the locals are specialized in pearl farming. Typically, tourists will choose to kayak in the Tung Sau area to chill out after visiting Cua Van.

1.9. Cong Do Island

Another ideal spot for kayaking in Halong Bay is Cong Do Island, which is located in a lagoon. It is pretty small but has diverse flora and fauna. A highlight in Cong Do is the coral reef around the island, which is 0.3 kilometers wide and 0.7 kilometers long.
You can rent a kayak to explore the island and scuba dive to watch the tropical fishes and seahorse swimming in schools.


kayaking at halong bay 1

This is also a beautiful spot for do kayaking. 

1.10. Hon Co Island

Hon Co Island is also located in the Cong Do area of Bai Tu Long Bay. It houses Thien Canh Son Cave, one of the biggest dry caves in Halong Bay. Hon Co is not widely popular among tourists, so it still retains the unspoiled natural beauty. After visiting Cong Do island, travelers can row a kayak to explore Hon Co island.

2. Best Time to do Kayaking

There are two favorable periods for kayaking, including March to June and October to December. 
During these months, the weather is mild and sunny, allowing users to enjoy the majestic views of Halong Bay fully while kayaking. In addition, the sunshine is not too blazing at that time, so that you can stay outside for a long time without issues.

Note that all the kayaking spots will be densely crowded from March to June since it is the summertime in Vietnam. There may be a lot of kayaking boats in your route when you are paddling. If you are not comfortable with this, it is not recommended to travel in the summer months.

Between October and December, it is cold yet sunny with average temperatures ranging from 10 to 15 degrees. The cold does not matter much since going kayaking will warm you up soon.

It is advised to avoid the stormy season from July to September. The sea waves are rough and dangerous for tourists to go kayaking during that time.

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Best time to do kayaking at halong bay

Best time to do kayaking at Halong bay

3. Kayaking or Bamboo Boat?

Kayaking is not the only way to discover every corner of Halong Bay. If you are not interested in going kayaking, you can always hop on a bamboo boat to explore the grandeur of this UNESCO Natural Heritage.

While going kayaking means you have to paddle to go around, going on a bamboo boat gives you free time to sightsee and take photos as the fishermen will row the boat. Also, tourists can talk with the fishermen to understand the local life better.

In addition, bamboo boats are ideal if you are traveling with the elderly or children or whoever that finds kayaking too exhausting.

Of course, that is not to say kayaking is not exciting. Kayaking allows you to go around and sightsee at your own pace, which makes you feel a sense of belonging. 

In addition, there are plenty of health benefits you can get from kayaking. Specifically, it is a great way to reduce stress and give you a good night’s sleep. If you suffer from jet lag, you can choose kayaking to relieve the symptoms.
To sum up, kayaking and going on bamboo boats have their own pros and cons. It depends on your preferences as well as the people you are traveling with.

Kayaking or bamboo boat

What would be your choice?


4. The cruises that offer free kayaking in the itinerary

Kayaking is one of the most exciting things on Halong Bay. Therefore most cruise 1 day and 2 days 1-night tours offer kayaking or bamboo boat services. When tourists book a package tour, it is usually included in the tour itinerary. Here are some popular cruises for free kayaking.
Aclass Cruises
Alisa Premier Cruise
Swan Cruise Halong bay
Paradise Luxury Cruise
Serenity Cruises
Maya Cruise
Mon Cheri Cruise
La Paci Cruise
Oasis Bay Cruise
Glory Legend Cruises
Stellar of the Seas Cruise
Paradise Peak Cruise
The Halong Catamaran
Heritage Cruise
Scarlet Pearl cruise

4. Safety Tips for Visitors

Keep in mind the following safety tips for enjoying your kayaking experience in Halong bay.

  • Warm-up first before getting down to the boat to avoid cramp while kayaking.

  • Always wear a life vest. Sunglasses are recommended.

  • Put on sunscreen to protect your skin from the powerful sun rays.

  • Never exceed the weight limit of your boat.

  • Make sure you remember the timing, route, and safety rules.

  • Stay away from rocks and cliffs as they can damage the boats and hurt you.

  • Pay attention to the weather, especially the wind and tides. You should return to cruises right away if there is anything strange.


4.1. What to bring

  • Do not forget to wear the life jacket 

  • Should bring swimsuits and sunscreen (Especially in summer, May to August)

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. It is best to have waterproof sneakers. Otherwise, you can bring sandals.

  • Please be careful with the camera or telephones, if you have a waterproof bag do not forget to bring it.

  • And now have a fun and safe kayaking trip.

Kayaking is a must-try activity in Halong Bay. Do not forget to include these picturesque spots in your kayaking route. Now, let's book a Halong bay tour and enjoy kayaking with Go Viet Trip.
If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us
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