Best area to stay in Hanoi capital -Best hotels Hanoi Old Quarter

Where is the best area to stay in Hanoi capital? Or which hotel is suitable for a stay in Hanoi? Especially this your first-time visit to Vietnam. This is a common question for tourists. Let's find out more in this article.

Welcome to Hanoi city, one of the noisiest and crowded destinations in Vietnam. Hanoi has many amazing stories to share with you, from the food to the streets around Hoan Kiem Lake. If you want to have a holiday in this Asian country, let Go Viet Trip show you where to stay to get the best trip!

1. Where to stay in Hanoi Old Quarter - Best hotels Hanoi Old Quarter

Around Hoan Kiem Lake, you can find a long list of hotels and accommodations. It is the place of best destinations in Hanoi, with Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi Opera House, and the National Museum of Vietnamese History. You can easily find art galleries, boutique shops, markets, Buddhist temples, as well as luxury hotels, government offices, embassies, and shopping malls. This area is suitable for both rich people, who find a 5-star hotel to rest, and the middle class, who need a cheap hotel. Tourists enjoy a busy nightlife scene and want to be at the center. The great things to find in Hanoi City center are a good menu of authentic Vietnamese food, local handicrafts, and a list of restaurants to book for lunch. If you do not know where to stay in Hanoi for nightlife, check out our list below to get the answer.

1.1. Crystal Hotel

Crystal Hotel Hanoi is also a mid-range hotel with 29 rooms at as low as $21. Each room at the hotel has a balcony and is equipped with a minibar and sofa. Located at 9 Hang Thung, in the old quarter, this is suitable for backpackers. At the average price, the hotel is recommended by TripAdvisor. Crystal Hotel Hanoi has a good mark and many positive comments from members. Here, visitors can rest, relax, walk at night, stroll in the morning or hang out at the bars in the city center.

1.2. Rising Dragon Legend Hotel

This is a 3-star hotel, 30 rooms with wooden floors and full furniture. The hotel is at 55 Hang Be, so it is convenient for you to wander the Old Quarter. At prices of 20 dollars or more, tourists can have an ideal place to sleep. If you are not familiar with the road in Hanoi for the first time, you can stay here to easily explore interesting places. Convenient accommodation, close to the tourist area, you can go to the night market to shop, which is so great! Some outstanding tourist attractions around here are Ngoc Son Temple, Thang Long Water Puppet Theater, etc.

rising dragon hotel 

Twin room in hotel (photo tripadvisor)


1.3. The Light

The Light Hotel is at 130 Hang Bong. The hotel currently has 89 rooms with modern design and is fully furnished.
The swimming pool is located on the top floor, and the garden cafe offers an extremely classy experience. In addition, this hotel has a large conference room, gym, sports room. Customers can choose to rest here and have breakfast from European to Asian dishes. Besides, this location is convenient for all visitors to visit the Hoa Lo Prison, the national library, etc.
the light hotel hanoi 

Overview of The Light hotel

2. Where to stay near West Lake

Most visitors to Vietnam will choose Hoan Kiem or West Lake for accommodation because these two areas are close to many tourist attractions. If Hoan Kiem Lake is noisy, West Lake seems to be quiet. There are many mid-ranges to luxury hotels with very luxurious lakeside restaurants around West Lake. Therefore, if you have a good and abundant budget or love the quietness and want to visit delicious restaurants, go to the temple, then choose this place is suitable. Although there are not many night activities, this area is attractive to visitors because of its inherent characteristics.

2.1. InterContinental Hotel Hanoi

InterContinental Hanoi Westlake is a unique architectural built entirely on the water surface of West Lake and is located no 5 Tu Hoa street. Each room has a private balcony with a beautiful view of West Lake, an outdoor swimming pool, or a neighboring residential area.
The 293 rooms and suites are built with luxurious wooden interiors. Inspired by the long-standing architecture of Vietnam will bring you an unforgettable experience.


intercontinental hanoi hotel 1 

Intercontinental hanoi hotel

2.2. Hanoi Club Hotel & Residences

The Hanoi Club & Residences is at 76 Yen Phu, West Lake. This is a 4-star hotel which is just 400 meters from Tran Quoc Pagoda. The hotel has 140 luxury rooms with brown and white tones and large windows. In addition, the hotel serves a bar and a restaurant with delicious food. Right in the hotel, visitors can also use facilities such as a spa, gym, outdoor swimming pool, etc.

2.3. Sunset Westlake Hotel

It is located at 491- 493 Lac Long Quan street. This is a 3-star hotel at a good price and service. Right next to the West Lake, Sunset Hotel has an impressive view. With its name, visitors can come here to enjoy the view at sunset. It is so romantic and peaceful. The hotel has 50 rooms with an area from 28m2 to 35m2. There are many types of rooms such as suites, single rooms, double rooms, lake view rooms, etc.

2.4. Diamond Westlake Suites

Diamond Westlake Suites is at 96 To Ngoc Van streets. This 5-star hotel charges from $60 to $120. In particular, this has an exclusive location in the Quang An area, where it has a beautiful lake view with many attractive amenities. Visitors here can choose from 1 or 2 bedroom apartments with large balconies to enjoy the night view. This place is suitable for families on vacation with space for both husband and wife and accompanying children. The hotel also has a gym room and a 5-star restaurant.
With the above suggestions, do you already know the best place to stay in Hanoi? Please share if you have been to these addresses. Leave a comment when you have more requests.


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