Top 7 best shopping streets in Hanoi old quarter – What to buy

Hanoi is a city more than a thousand years old, also the capital of Vietnam. In the past, Hanoi had 36 old streets, all streets starting with the word "Hang" and then the item is named of products for sale.
For example, Hang Bac - mean silver street (sell only silver), Hang Gai - mean silk street (sell only silk), Hang Tre - mean bamboo street (sell the only bamboo)... After thousands of years of history, Hanoi people still preserve and protect traditional values as well as craft villages such as silk weaving, handicrafts, jewelry, embroidery... Let find out the best shopping street in Hanoi old quarter.


1. Hang Gai Street - The best place to buy quality textiles, clothes, and handicrafts

It is also known as the Silk Road, is the best place in Hanoi to shop for high-quality, fashionable silk materials and traditional Vietnamese costumes. With nearly 300 meters long, there are many fashion boutiques and local tailor shops that have been operating for decades. You can easily find all products such as clothes, fabric, bags, scarves, ties... or the most famous traditional dress in Vietnam is Ao Dai. If visitors have time can visit Van Phuc silk village – one of the most famous silk villages in Vietnam, about 10km from the old quarter.

shopping street in hanoi old quarter 1 

Souvenir shop at Hang Gai street - photo internet

2. Hang Trong street – To Tich – Handicrafts and Lacquer wares

Walking around the old quarter, you can see many handicrafts stores where many Lacquer wares are being presented to sell, such as Vase, plates and dishes, teapot….Besides that, you can find many handicrafts such as oil paintings, prints, and assorted antiques (real and imitation) ceramic products. Mostly shop for Lacquer wares in Hanoi along Hang Trong, To Tich and Van Mieu streets or you can find at Hanoia store (with many locations in Hanoi) or Thu Huong Lacquer Art at 118 Nguyen Khanh Toan street – Cau Giay – Hanoi (near Vietnamese museum of ethnology) the price in here may be more expensive, but the quality is much higher with the skills and exquisiteness of each product all it made by artisans with many years’ experience.
It is gorgeous, quite lightweight, and easy to carry. This would become a great gift for your friends or family or as a decorative piece for a modern home.


hang trong street hanoi 

Hang Trong street Hanoi

3. Ly Quoc Su Street - Shopping in Hanoi factory outlets – Coffee and tea

After visit, Joseph cathedral visitors keep walking visit Ly Quoc Su street. There are many stores that sell sports clothes and jackets, such as North face, most products are copied with quite high quality, and the price is very reasonable. Many stores sell coffee (powder, bean, instant coffee) and tea at a very good price. Besides that, if you like tailor suits, you can visit Van Hung tailor nearby at 3B Tho Xuong street. He has over 40 years of experience making tailor in Hanoi. Every day attracts many local and expat people living in Hanoi.

shopping street in hanoi old quarter 

Ly Quoc Su street

4. Dong Xuan market – Biggest wholesale market in Hanoi

It is a pity when you visit Hanoi and do not visit this place. Dong Xuan market is the biggest wholesale market in Hanoi. There are many things to buy here: first floor fruits (fresh and dried fruit), bags, accessories. Second floor T-shirts, hats, dresses, skirts, fabrics, etc.), or you may find some souvenirs like ceramic teapots, conical hats—third floor with a variety of clothes, toys, for children.

shopping in hanoi old quater

Shopping at Dong Xuan market 

5. Hanoi weekend night market

Hanoi night market is located at Hang Ngang to Hang Duong street (near Dong Xuan market) every night on the weekend from Friday to Sunday from 7 pm to midnight.
This special "market" gathers nearly 4,000 stalls with various items from clothes, toys, souvenirs to handicrafts, fine arts, food and drink ... and very affordable prices. That is why attract a lot of local and foreign tourists every weekend.


hanoi night market 

Hanoi night market - photo internet


6. M2 – Made in Vietnam clothes

If you want to find clothes made in Vietnam for your family with good quality and price, don't forget to visit the M2 store at 21B Phan Dinh Phung. This is part of a chain of shops that stock a wide range of Made in Vietnam clothing suitable for all family members. If you are lucky and go shopping at the sales, you can save quite a lot of money.

m2 made in vietnam clothes

In front of M2 store

7. Hang Dau – Shoe street

Next to Hoan Kiem Lake is shoe street. There are many shoe stores on two sides of the street. With a variety of designs, sizes for visitors can choose from sports shoes, sandals. Here are full of models from major brands in the world. However, all are copies, and the price is very low, from 10USD to 50USD depend on the quality and designs.

Besides that, there are many things to shopping in Hanoi, such as Silver jewelry at Hang Bac street, bamboo products, lanterns at Hang Trong street.

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