Dong Xuan Market | All you need to know before visit 2024

Dong Xuan market is one of the biggest markets in Hanoi. It's a pity when you visit Hanoi and do not visit this place. Not only for shopping here, but you also have the chance to experience daily local people at the biggest wholesale market in Hanoi. Let's Go Viet Trip help you get some essential tips before visiting.

1. History of Dong Xuan market

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The gate of the market in the 19th century

According to the historical documents. To rebuild Thang Long citadel in the summer of 1804, Governor Nguyen Van Thanh under Nguyen Dynasty decided to open a large market at the east gate, also known as Dong Xuan market today.

In 1890, the French government started to rebuild the Dong Xuan market with five arches, each arched 19 meters high and 52 meters, covering 6500 square meters.

In 1994, this was completely destroyed by fire (until now still the largest market fire in Hanoi so far). Almost all the stalls there were burnt down. In 1995, local people were rebuilt with a total area of three floors of nearly 14,000 square meters with about 2000 stores.

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1.1. Dong Xuan market opening hours

Time open from 8:00am – 18:00pm
Address: Located on Dong Xuan street, right in the heart of the old quarter.

Dong Xuan market opening hours

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2. Dong Xuan market what to buy

As mentioned above, this is the biggest wholesale market in Hanoi. This also knows the most crowded market in Hanoi with many kinds of good foods (include fresh & dry), clothes, souvenirs, etc.


shopping in hanoi old quater. 

There are many kinds of souvenirs.

Nowadays, this area included three floors, covering 9600 square meters. Let's find out what do they sell on each floor.

  • 1. 1st floor

Entering the first floor, you can immediately see a fountain in the central position of the 1st floor. This is the place where you can sit down and take a rest after going shopping. On the ground floor, like other trading places, there are plentiful kinds of foodstuffs such as meat, seafood, vegetables, and processed foods, etc.

  • 2. 2nd floor

Continue to go up to the second floor. You will get to the area where fashion products are selling like clothes such as (T-shirts, hats, dresses, skirts, fabrics, etc. Besides that, you can also buy accessories like handbags, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc., or you may find some souvenirs like ceramic teapots and conical hats, etc.

  • 3. 3rd floor

The third floor is exactly the place for parents and kids. There are various clothes with various types and models for newborn babies for children which are very good looking.
Most products come from China, and the prices are pretty low. This is also an idea for you to buy some souvenirs for your children.

2.1. Dong Xuan market foods – What to eat

Besides, go shopping here, visitors also have a chance to try a lot of Hanoi street food in Dong Xuan alley (Ngo Dong Xuan)
Indeed will find a lot of delicious, nutritious, cheap dishes such as Porridge, Bun Cha, Shrimp cakes, Eel vermicelli.

dong xuan market food 

Dong Xuan markets foods

2.2. Dong Xuan market guide – Some local tips for visitors

dong xuan market what to buy

Many products come from China (like silks, clothes, bags, etc.). The price is very low, and the quality is also not good, should pay attention before buying.
The market is bustling and security quite complicated, please attend with all belongings, should not bring too much money or important things to avoid pickpockets.
Some shop owners inside may be pretty aggressive and tend to be quite annoyed when tourists look at the goods or ask for price and bargain but end up not buying, especially in the morning. It's advisable to visit with a group of friends or a local tour guide to avoid awkward moments.
If you have planning to shop in Dong Xuan market, you should do a little bit of research and ask for information from the locals if possible to ensure there will be no unfairness of prices.

3. Some places to visit near Dong Xuan market.

Thanks to the great location, from the market, visitors can easily visit the Night market, Hoan Kiem lake, Ngoc Son Temple, St Joseph Cathedrals,

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