Hanoi night market old quarter - Best shopping street in Hanoi

Hanoi night market or Hanoi weekend night market Old Quarter - a unique "fair" in the heart of the old town has been a familiar destination of Hanoi people every weekend. So, where is a night market in Hanoi's old quarter? What time opening? What will you do there? What is the famous food you can enjoy and try, etc.? Let's find out more information with Go Viet Trip.


1. Hanoi night market location

It is located on the 3km long street from Hang Dao Street to the gate of Dong Xuan alley.
This is not only a place for normal trading activities but also a place for cultural exchange, preserving many unique features of 36 streets in Hanoi, attracting domestic and foreign tourists every weekend.

hanoi night market 

Overview of the night market 

1.1. Hanoi night market opening hours - time

From 6 pm to 11 pm every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, the streets of Hang Ngang, Hang Dao, and Hang Duong are bustling than ever.

1.2. Hanoi night market map

hanoi night market map 

Hanoi night market map


2. What to do at Hanoi night market and nearby

2.1. Hanoi night market food – street food

The market runs 3km from Hang Ngang street to Dong Xuan market and has nearly 4,000 stalls with many different types and items from clothes, toys, and souvenirs to handicrafts, food, and drink. The price is very reasonable, attracting a lot of visitors every weekend. Walking along the streets, you can choose many dishes from pure Vietnamese, Korean food, or European dishes. The dishes that are like by the young people at the old quarter include Banh mi, grilled pork, mixed fruit juice, etc. The price is very reasonable, so it attracts many young people and tourists visit on weekends.

hanoi night market food

Hanoi night market street food 

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2.2. Best shopping street in Hanoi

Besides, enjoy street food, visitors can buy a lot of souvenirs at a reasonable price. Event with few dollars

shopping in hanoi old quater

Shopping in the old quarter

2.3. Enjoy performances by street artists

This is not only a market, but it is also a cultural exchange spot. The visitor would have a high chance to join some unique artistic performances, ranging from modern to traditional.

2.4. Explore beer street Hanoi old quarter - Ta Hien beers street

Located on Ta Hien street, Beer street has become a unique culture of Hanoi, attracting many local and international tourists (especially on weekends). The price for beer and snacks is reasonable (USD 1, you can get 4 cups of draught beer). This is also a great place to meet new friends.

beer street hanoi old quarter 

Tourists enjoying beers

2.5. Join traditional folk games of Vietnam

Besides, visitors walking around Hoan Kiem lake can join many traditional folk games such as Kéo Co (tug of war contest) Ô oan Quan (Mandarin Square Capturing), etc. This is a great chance to interact with local people and understand more about traditional Vietnamese culture.

walking street hanoi 

Kéo Co (tug of war contest)


3. Local advisers when visiting the Hanoi night market

Wear comfortable sandals or shoes because tourists will definitely have to walk a lot
Park outside the market if you have a motorbike, as no vehicle is allowed to enter the market after 7 p.m.
As the market is crowded, make sure to carefully watch out for pick-pockets.
Hanoi night market bargaining
This is a common question that tourists often ask when shopping, of course, when you go to the market you can make bargaining about the price. Visitors can offer lower 20 – 30 percent. But some produce is very cheap, and they have a fair price you cannot bargain.

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