What are different things between Perfume Pagoda and Ninh Binh?

What are the different things between Perfume Pagoda and Ninh Binh? That is a very popular question from visitors when they want to know more about both places before deciding where to go first. Let Go Viet Trip give you more information about both places.


1. What are the different things between Perfume Pagoda and Ninh Binh?

The most similar between Perfume pagoda and Ninh Binh is focused on the mountainous area, you have to take rowing boat on the long river with scenic beauty limestone mountain both of side and the rice paddy field.
Perfume Pagoda and Ninh Binh visitors can go every day of the year.
If you want to explore the festival in Perfume pagoda, you can visit from January to March of the lunar calendar. Other time is still a good time as well.
Ninh Binh - Tam Coc: from May to August is the best time to see scenic paddy fields on both sides of the long river. It is gorgeous.

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Landscape quite similar (include river, limestone mountain, etc.)

Besides that, there are lots of differences between them as below:
Perfume pagoda: You have to climb step by step, go to the top with a long way, and see caves there. Or other ways, you can take a cable car instead of climbing step by step.
At Perfume pagoda, the price of a rowing boat is lower than Tam Coc and Trang An because the time rowing on the river is shorter also the boat will take more people.
Ninh Binh: To visit Tam Coc and Trang An, you have to take a rowing boat. When you take a rowing boat in Tam Coc, will be 2 people for 1 boat. In case you have 1 person you have to pay a full-price ticket for the boat. For Trang An will be 4 people on 1 boat is maximum. If you are traveling alone, you want to save money and sharing a boat with other people, and you have to wait.
Besides that, you may visit the Mua cave, have to climb by step, no cable car. But, this is a very fantastic adventure to see all of panorama beauty mountain. The price is 100.000 VND/ticket.
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2. How long you will take a rowing boat to each place

Tam Coc will take around 1,5 hours in total and through all of the caves in there. For Trang An, you have to spend more than 2,5 hours event 3 hours, cause of have 3 different routes, and it depends on you when some stop places like some temples and pagoda you will visit there. And more long caves you will through and visiting.
Perfume pagoda: You spend only around 45 minutes.
It is a shorter time. You will arrive pier and climb by step to reach the pagoda on the top mountain.

3. Local tips

Perfume Pagoda is one of the most attractive spiritual attractions for Buddha fans, who are visiting scenery, finding peace of mind, and recreating the most positive energy. You can relax to worship Buddha and enjoy the beautiful scenery.
Besides, if you want to transfer shorter and more relaxing, you have been able to go to Perfume Pagoda to find peace and peace of mind. This will be a great place for your weekend trip to Hanoi.
Coming to Ninh Binh, tourists come back to the nation's roots to learn more about tradition, history, culture, and about the land and Ninh Binh people.
With pristine nature, charming landscapes, Ninh Binh is currently one of the famous destinations of the North with many of nature and world cultural heritage.
You can spend 1 day visiting there, but it is not enough. We have suggestions around 2 days or 3 days for explore and have an adventure with full information and knowledge. It takes a longer time.

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