Kim Ngan communal house - A famous historic relic in Hanoi old quarter

Kim Ngan communal house or someone calls Kim Ngan Temple located on Hang Bac street is considered one of the oldest and largest house worship person – who created or helped local people develop traditional craft villages. It was built in the 15th century under the Hau Le dynasty. Under Gia Long King, resident's from Chau Khe village – Hai Duong came here, bought land, and expands the communal house.


1. History of Kim Ngan communal house

Hanoi old quarter is an urban area located outside of the Imperial Thang Long citadel. It gathers many craft – wards and trade activities, formally many typical jobs of the capital's residents. It's famous for trade and many historical sites worth visiting located in the heart of the old quarter. Typical is Kim Ngan communal house located at 44 Hang Bac street. It's also well–known for traditional goldsmiths careers.

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The main gate of the communal house

Kim Ngan Vietnamese, meaning "Silver and Gold" was built by silversmiths from Chau Khe village (Hai Duong) who went to Thang Long citadel to do business. Mr. Luu Xuan Tin – mandarin in the reign of King Le Thanh Tong, was assigned to mint silver and brought the whole village here to do silver casting for the court.

In the beginning, this place was considered a place to exchange and trade in compressed silver, then becoming a meeting place for vocational training of workers in the town. Until today it's still considered evidence about the formation and development of the craft street in the ancient Thang Long citadel.


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The main worship area

It was originally built to worship Mr. Hien Vien - (the ancestor who gave birth to all traditional craft). Later, the temple added Mr. Luu Xuan Tin to show his gratitude to the person who helped Chau Khe people establish a business in the old citadel. Therefore, local people also call Kim Ngan is "Hai Ong" meaning worshiping two men.

2. Architecture of Kim Ngan communal house

Kim Ngan communal house was built in the Late Le Dynasty, around the middle of the 15th century. The communal house is typical of the traditional village communal house with a ritual gate, courtyard, great collaborative home, and harem. The communal house still preserves many intricate carvings created by the skillful hands of carpenters, bricklayers, and goldsmiths.

Nowadays, it covers 575 sq.m; the central altar area worship Hien Vien - the ancestor who gave birth to all traditional craft. But due to its location in the old town, the area is narrow in width and developed in-depth.
This is a spiritual place, a historical site, and a place with many cultural activities such as an exhibition or Ca Tru (traditional folk singing) on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday night.

Kim Ngan was acknowledged as the architectural monument of National in 2012. If you visit Hanoi old quarter, don't forget to visit this area.


kim ngan communal house

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3. Kim Ngan communal house address and opening hour

Address: 44 Hang Bac street – Hanoi
Opening hours: Morning 08:00 am – 12:00 pm. Afternoon 13:00 pm- 17:00 pm everyday
Entrance fee: Free


kim ngan communal house opening hour 


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