Lotte Observation Deck in Hanoi - What to do and see?

Lotte Center Buiding in Hanoi is among the most complex, modern, and fascinating places to come and visit during your trip to Hanoi. Its unique and special feature - the observation deck - is not only charismatic but also challenging for anyone afraid of heights. Let’s dig in and find out more useful information about this wonderful place below.

Lotte Observation Deck is an essential part of Lotte Center Skyscrapper in Hanoi. This magnificent building is located at 54 Lieu Giai Street, Ba Dinh district, in the central area of Hanoi. This building is sometimes called Lotte Lieu Giai due to the name of the street. Ba Dinh district is in the center of Hanoi, along with Hoan Kiem and Cau Giay district as well. Thus, this is convenient for tourists to reach here by using any kind of transportation.

A glimpse of Lotte Observation Deck during daytime

A glimpse of Lotte Observation Deck during daytime

To get there, tourists can get on some of the bus routes that lead to Lieu Giai Street. Taxi is also a good choice which is more convenient and faster but it shall cost more than a bus ticket. Nevertheless, renting a motorbike is recommended if you are fond of riding around the street to explore every corner before entering the Lotte Observation Deck in Hanoi. Grab cars or Grab bikes are good options for anyone who does not know how to bargain with the driver.

To reach the Observation Deck of the tower, you can go to the basement floor and then use the elevator to go to the 65th floor, where you will immediately find this place in no time. But before that, you will have to buy a ticket and then a person in charge will guide you to the place you want to go.

As a foreigner, this will cost you about 230.000 VND per person but it will cost less if you are a local. Children and students have to pay only 180.000 VND for each ticket as a promotion policy.

Tourists can take nice and outstanding pictures with many traditional lanterns as well as a “Love quiz simulator” that might amaze you enough. Also, from the 65th floor, the Lotte Observation Deck provides you with the best angle and place to spectate and explore the whole city with a fantastic experience towards the height of the observation deck.

With special binoculars spreading along the deck, visitors can see the bright sky and objects more clearly. It also has an electronic map of Hanoi so that you can track the exact position of almost everything. During the night, this place is much more delightful and wonderful with the hazy and gorgeous lights of the streets below you.

Lotte Observation Deck during nighttime is fantastic and also breath-taking

Lotte Observation Deck during nighttime is fantastic and also breath-taking

There are two unique positions that are completely protruding from the outside by tempered glass. This is considered the hottest position to help you get the feeling of floating in the air. Under your feet will be glass, so when you look down, you will see very high with a miniature Hanoi scene in sight. If you are afraid of heights, go to the observation binoculars to see everywhere you want.

Visiting the Lotte Observation Deck during nighttime is considerable and recommended because there are more blurry and hazy lights that you can observe which is the soul of Hanoi. Also, there are many interesting activities that you can enjoy here like eating at a restaurant or going shopping instead. Dullness will not be presented in your dictionary once you have visited this amazing and tremendous place.

Remember to keep your voice down and read the instructions carefully while wandering along the deck.

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