Travel by bus from Hanoi to Sapa review: All information in detail!

It is a long distance to get to Sapa in Lao Cai from the capital of Vietnam. In this case, traveling by bus from Hanoi to Sapa is a smart idea for many visitors. They can spend hours on the bus in comfort and recharge their energy. If you wonder how to choose and book the ticket, please check for the following information. 

1. How far is it from Hanoi to Sapa?

From Hoan Kiem Lake (Hanoi center) to Sapa is 315 km if you travel by motorbike. In case you travel by bus and pass through a highway, the distance is around 325 kilometers. 
How far is it from Hanoi to Sapa?

How far is it from Hanoi to Sapa?


2. Should I go by bus or by train?

People often say that going by train from Hanoi to Sapa would be better for a long distance. But now, traveling by bus has many advantages, and you can easily book a ticket. Let's check the table below to decide if you should go by train or by bus. 
Criteria Train from Hanoi to Sapa Bus from Hanoi to Sapa
Duration 6 - 8 hours 5.5 - 6.5 hours
Price $20 - $45, 
$70 - $75 for special VIP beds
$9.5 - $29
Get the right place Only stop at Lao Cai Station
You have to take a bus to Sapa
Drive you to the Sapa town
Stop along the way A few Several
Type of train/bus 4-berth cabin, 2-berth cabin, 
soft seat
Minivan, private car, sleeping bus, private cabin bus, seat bus

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3. Best bus from Hanoi to Sapa

best bus from hanoi to sapa

Best bus from hanoi to sapa

Every day, many different bus brands can give you good services and seats for daily and overnight trips. Here is some advice for visitors to take one.
Bus brands Duration Type of bus Ticket price
Ha Son - Hai Van 6:30am - 11pm Day and night bus $11 - $14
Dragon Express 7am - 10pm Day and night bus $11 - $15
King Express Bus 7am - 10pm Day and night bus $15 - $17
Sapa Group Bus 6:45am - 10 pm Day and night bus $17
Kadham Bus 7am - 10pm Day and night bus $19


3.1. Limousine bus from Hanoi to Sapa

Besides, if you want to go with a better and more comfortable you can book a Limosine bus
limosine bus hanoi to sapa

Limosine bus from Hanoi to Sapa

Detail  Limousine bus Normal bus
Time 5.5 hours 6 hours
Number of people Max 9 people Max 40 people
Price 20 USD - to 30 USD (depending on the seat) From 12 USD
Pick up & drop off At the hotel in Hanoi old quarter and Sapa town  Some bus does not pick up at the hotel – only at the bus office 


4. How to book the bus from Hanoi to Sapa?

You should find the official websites, contact them directly, send your request and get the best advice from the local experts or contact us to get best deal 


5. How much for a bus ticket?

As we have shared above, the price for traveling by bus from Hanoi to Sapa is around $10 to $30.

6. Some tips for traveling

Here are some tips we think you should note carefully to prepare for the trip:

  • Prepare clothes in case Sapa is cold.

  • Try to sleep when you are on the bus to recharge your energy.

  • Shoes are better than high heels.

  • Overnight buses are better if you do not have much time.

  • Book the ticket in advance to save money, especially for peak season. 

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Every day, there are many buses from Hanoi to Sapa. If you want to get to this town to relax and discover, take your package and go!

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