28 Things to do in Halong Bay, Halong Bay tour tips for your trip!

If you have a chance to visit Halong bay, what will you do to make your tour unforgettable? Let Go Viet Trip give you a long list of Things to do in Halong Bay so that you can spend your days more meaningfully. We make sure you all will be happy during your tour to enjoy all of these great activities.

1. Experience Halong Bay overnight cruise

It is said that this is one of the best experiences to enjoy in Halong. You can watch the starry sky in an airy space and feel a sense of peace. Besides, you can also have the opportunity to catch the sunrise on Halong Bay in the early morning. In addition, when you spend the night on the cruise, you will be served night food, enjoy tea and music.

The peak season for Halong cruises is from October to March of the following year. Therefore, the expense for the service is often much higher than in the summer.

If you want to save money, you can visit Halong from April to September to get a better price. However, you should note that June and July often have storms, so it may be challenging to experience Halong Bay overnight cruise.
Here are some suggestions for yachts that you should choose:

  •  5-star cruise: Paradise Luxury, Star Light, Victoria Star, etc.

  • 4-star cruise: Syrena, Emeraude, Paloma, Bhaya, Dragon Pearl, Calypso,...

  • 3-star cruise: V'spirit, Oriental Sails, Phoenix, Golden Lotus Garden, Aclass, etc.

halong bay overnight cruises

An overnight cruise is one of the best experiences on the bay

2. Enjoy Halong Bay kayaking

This is among the top things to do in Halong Bay, especially when you are traveling with friends or family. This experience helps you get close to nature, increase the union and help you get wonderful experiences. Both domestic and foreign tourists love the service. When kayaking, you can participate in competitions to increase the excitement. At the same time, you can take a boat to review landscapes, stop at a fishing village or any caves you want.

To be safe when experiencing kayaking, you need to bring a life jacket, a bottle of water, a hat, wear comfortable clothes, listen to the guide, absolutely do not paddle too far or on a stormy day. If you want to experience this service, you can choose Ba Hang, Luon Cave, Trinh Nu Cave, .. . as the places to enjoy. The price is about 40,000 - 120,000vnd, depending on the area and type of boat you rent.


halong bay kayaking

Our visitors love to go kayaking

3. Try Halong Bay scuba diving

Diving is an activity for tourists who love to explore and want to experience new things. The seawater in Halong is clear and very cool, so many tourists often go scuba diving to discover the natural beauty. Especially in the summer, this activity is even more attractive.

When scuba diving, you can not only cool off and relax your body but also see beautiful marine creatures and discover corals. There are many types of coral, such as hard coral, soft coral, black coral, blue coral, etc. There are some places you can visit to dive to discover corals, such as Cong Do and Cat Ba islands. But remember never go alone but find someone to guide you, so that you can find the best place for watching coral under the sea.


halong bay scuba diving 1

Beautiful corals in the bay 

4. Discover many Halong Bay caves

In Halong, there are many beautiful caves associated with many legends. No one can ignore the amazing caves such as Sung Sot cave, Sang Toi cave, Trinh Nu cave, Me Cung cave, Thien Cung cave, Tien Ong cave, etc. These caves have their own beauty to attract people.

You can freely explore the dreamy, peaceful space or the beautiful shimmering scene like being lost in heaven. The stalactites with strange shapes, sparkling light help Halong become more and more infatuated with people. There are many tours to explore the caves in Ha Long. You should think carefully about choosing the most suitable one. Remember to charge the camera battery to capture unforgettable moments fully.

Here are some things you should know about caves in Ha Long:
- Sung Sot Cave: ranked in the top 10 most beautiful caves in the world
- Thien Cung Cave: known as an underground paradise
- Dau Go Cave: nearly 2 million years old
- Tien Ong Cave: full of relics of prehistoric people
- Kim Quy Cave: Attached to the legend of the golden turtle
- Luon Cave: 4 seasons with clear water
- Thien Canh Son Cave: the wildest cave in Ha Long.


sung sot cave

Visitors visit Sung Sot cave

5. Visit a Halong Bay floating village.

When traveling here, do not forget to visit floating villages in Halong bay. Thanks to that, you can discover the culture of the people. Moreover, you will have many exciting experiences in life. There are some floating villages you can visit, such as Cua Van floating villageVung Vieng, Ba Hang, Cong Dam, etc.

Cua Van floating village has more than 300 households living by fishing. There is a small center displaying artifacts such as floating culture, pearl culture infrastructure. Children are taught by their parents how to row a boat and swim from an early age. This is also the most ancient floating village in Halong.

Vung Vieng floating village is located in Bai Tu Long Bay, with only a few dozen households living. People's lives are associated with boats and seafood. Cong Dam floating village has more than one hundred households and still keeps the traditional fishing culture. Ba Hang floating village is located near Thien Cung cave. It is a small area with a living space of only ten square meters per household. Life in this fishing village is simple, idyllic rustic.

halong bay fishing village

Vung Vieng fishing village

6. Conquer Ti Top island

Ti Top Island is 8km from Bai Chay as know one of the most beautiful islands on the bay. It has a steep slope and an inclined shore with white sand and blue water all year around. The island looks like a crescent moon, beautiful to tourists. You can enjoy many services such as swimming, kayaking, or climbing 400 steps to the top of the mountain for a panoramic view of the beauty of Halong Bay or parachutes on this island.

ti top island

Ti Top island

7. Check Out Hon Ga Choi – Fighting cock

Fighting cock Vietnamese call Hòn Gà Trọi, it is far from Bai Chay Wharf, about 5km to the southwest. After passing through Stone Dog Islet, Lu Huong Peak, you will have the opportunity to see the image of Ga Choi Islet with the shape of two giant chickens are fighting with a height of about 10m are spreading their wings over the immense sea.

This is also the symbol of Halong bay, the best moment to see Hon Ga Choi are sunset and sunrise. Visitors can get the best photos.


fighting cock halong bay

Fighting cock - the symbol of Halong bay

8. Adventuring some Halong Bay islands

To make your Halong tour wonderful, you can rest on a beautiful island in this area to swim, sunbathe, enjoy seafood and enjoy peace in life. Let Go Viet Trip share with you some fantastic islands to discover during your tour.
Co To can be loved even by the most demanding people. It is located to the east of Van Don. Co To has a long white coast, beautiful weather with the clear blue sea all year. It consists of 50 different islands such as Con Ba Dinh Con, Con Chan Kieng, Big Co To, etc.

Traveling to Bo Hon Island is on the list of the top things to do at Halong Bay. This place has beautiful scenery and vibrant creatures such as acacia, orchids, monkeys, deer, and chamois. Therefore, many researchers also come here, both traveling and working.

Soi Sim Island is to the southwest of Halong  Bay. It was created hundreds of millions of years ago. People fall in love with the wildness, quietness and blue beach of Soi Sim. It also impresses with a very typical flora ecosystem, especially myrtle. Therefore, people call the island “Soi Sim”, which means an island of myrtle.

Ngoc Vung Island is small, quiet, far away from the mainland. It is also known as Pearl Island because there are many rare pearl species in this area. Ngoc Vung Island even has lakes, rivers, plains, and harbors. The local people here are friendly and hospitable.

soi sim island

Soi Sim island

9. Get “bird’s-eye view” by Seaplane or Helicopter

Halong Seaplane service, visitors can depart from Gia Lam airport in Hanoi by Seaplane. It only takes 45 minutes, and visitors will arrive at Halong Bay. During the flight, we can enjoy the beautiful view of the Red River Delta and experience the breathtaking take-off and landing on water.

If you are already in Halong city, you can use Halong Heli Tours service departure from Tuan Chau.
Bell 505 helicopter, provided by Bell Helicopters (USA) is a specialized aircraft for sightseeing tourism with a cabin mostly made of glass to ensure a comprehensive view for visitors, installing air conditioning, seats. Comfortable seating with a different high-class view. Visitors can choose from 8 minutes, 12 minutes, 25 minutes, or 40 minutes to visit the entire Halong Bay with ticket prices from 95 USD to 395 USD/ person/time.

This way is likened to "bird's-eye view" - watching the scenery with the eyes of birds flying in the sky. Visitors can experience flying on a helicopter at a low altitude, moving flexibly, so that they can admire the tourist attractions clearly while still being able to cover the whole scene.


halong bay helicopter tour

Bird's-eye view on the bay

10. Join Tai Chi class in the morning at Halong bay

Waking up early to enjoy the fresh air in the morning, visitors can participate in a Tai chi class with the dedicated guidance of an expert, who teaches how to do Tai Chi and inspires visitors about a unique culture of the east. This is also an exciting activity that many tourists look forward to in every trip to the sea with Halong cruise.

11. Attend a cooking class on the boat

Most of Halong 2 days 1-night cruise offers a cooking class during the trip to teach you how to make some simple Vietnamese food such as fresh spring roll or deep spring roll, which is very famous and delicious. This is one of the best things to do in Halong bay. Visitors should not miss during visiting here.

cooking demonstration halong bay

Cooking class on the boat

12. Join the sunset party on the sundeck

Halong bay is not only an attractive place for beautiful scenery but also an ideal for visitors to see spectacular in the sunset and sunrise. There are two moments you should have never missed in here.

Especially when you can join the sunset on the sundeck, have drinks with new friends. It is an unforgettable experience. Besides that, most luxury cruises in Halong bay offer “Happy hours”, allowing you to enjoy “buy-1-get-1 free” for drinks during the sunset party.

halong bay sunset party

Visitors enjoy sunset party time


13. Dinning in the cave

This is also among the best things to discover here. Enjoying a cozy dinner in the mysterious cave is an activity that many tourists consider as a rewarding experience—Unique in Halong bay.

This is a special place for families and couples. Especially couples on honeymoon holiday or couples celebrating their wedding anniversary. Guests who want to enjoy a high-class and luxurious dinner.

Visit Halong bay. Visitors should not miss this exciting activity while here, it is a high-class service. Just a few cruises offer this service on their trips. Some cruise adds this activity as one of their included activities in the program, while others make it optional.

dining in the cave

Dining at a beautiful cave


14. Join fishing experience on the bay

This is one of the daily activities that local people do every day for a living. For tourists, this is an exciting activity for visitors to feel like a true fisherman. During the trip, visitors can learn how to catch fish and listen to stories about the daily life of local people.

In 2015 the world-famous travel website Lonely Planet also listed Halong bay as 1 of the 10 most exciting fishing places in the world. Besides, that visitors can join the squid fishing on the boat in the evening. This is also an exciting thing to do for the Halong bay overnight tour.

squid fishing in halong bay

Our clients join squid fishing. 

15. Join rock climbing

Halong is attractive not only by the charming beauty of the water, romantic sea, and sky, with diverse and rugged terrain is also a challenge for tourists who love climbing. Many athletes have affirmed that Halong Bay is a paradise for exciting sea climbing because here owns thousands of large and small islands and hundreds of climbing points from easy to difficult.

If you are a follower of this adventure sport, surely the thorny cliffs, the magnificent corners of the mountains, the cliffs, the caves in here will give you a feeling of longing to be conquered.
All you have to prepare is a healthy body, an adventurous mind, and much endurance.


rock climbing at halong bay

Rock climbing in Halong - one of the best adventure things to do here 


16. Discovery Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba island is one of the biggest islands near Halong bay, with nearly 400 big and small islands covering 33.670 ha.
This is also recognized as a Biosphere Reserve of the World by UNESCO. This is the home of many species of flora and fauna, which are listed in the red book. Besides that, there are a lot of caves, rocky islands, sand beaches, historical and archaeological sites on the island... Which is attracts a lot of domestic and international tourists every year.


discovery cat ba island

Overview of Cat Ba Island


17. Admire less touristy area Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is located in the south of Halong Bay and east of Cat Ba Island. The total area of the bay is more than 7,000 hectares, featuring the magnificent beauty of about 400 big and small islands with many unique shapes.

The attractive point of Lan Ha Bay is a wild beauty, emerald waters, pristine beaches, lush vegetation. This is very suitable as a destination for those who want to find a new experience to relax. Besides that, visitors also have the opportunity to visit Cua Van fishing village, Cai Beo fishing village, to explore the daily life of the fishermen here.


lan ha bay day tour from hanoi 

Lan Ha Bay

18. Visit Bai Tu Long Bay

Another similar landscape with Halong bay is Bai Tu Long Bay. This was voted as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Southeast Asia in 2006.

The bay has more than 600 big and small islands belonging to 3 main islands are: Ba Mun, Tra Ngo, and Sau. Visitors also can visit Thien Canh Son Cave Quan Lan Island, Ngoc Vung Island, Ang Du Area. Besides that, visitors can explore the daily life of local people in Vung Vieng floating village, Ngoc Vung. The people here are living by fishing and aquaculture.


bai tu long bay

Bai Tu Long

19. Visit Quang Ninh museum – a mysterious Black Pearl

Quang Ninh Museum is a famous destination and is loved by many tourists. This place is considered a cultural center, containing many spiritual values ​​of local people. The with a unique design like the mysterious Black Pearl

The museum displayed with 3-story unique design impressive exhibition space -with 3 different topics
1st floor - Sea and nature
2nd floor – A place to keep historical values
3rd floor – Recreation area of the history of coal mines
This is a place you must visit if you want to understand more about the culture of Quang Ninh province.

quang ninh museum 1

Quang Ninh museum

20. Explore Halong bay nightlife

Halong offers various things to do both on the cruise and on the mainland. Visitors can easily find fun things to do on the boat, such as Games, Squid fishing, singing karaoke, massage…or exploring the night market, bar, pub, casino, and more on the mainland. We believe that you will never get boring while in Halong.

halong bay nightlife 

Nightlife on Halong bay


21. Taking a list of Halong Bay photos

There is one more thing to do at Halong Bay. It is to take as many pictures as you can. Halong is so beautiful that you should never miss your chance to take photos of landscapes. Whenever visiting any caves, islands, villages, or just walking along the beach, you can bring your camera to take some pictures of nature in Halong.

You can save moments when seeing corals, going kayaking, watching stalagmites in caves, sunbathing, swimming, etc. Especially when you go out with your friends and family, you should take many photos to keep these wonderful memories. Being one of the most famous Wonders of the world, Halong Bay has many things for you to discover and take pictures of.

halong bay photo

It is very easy to catch a beautiful photo here


22. Visiting Halong Markets

There are many impressive markets in Ha Long, such as Ha Long market, Thien Long Kim night market, Cai Dam market, Cao Xanh fish market, etc. Each market has its characteristics, helping visitors to experience the culture of this area. If you have time, you should visit some of them to enjoy local life, try food and buy good souvenirs.

- Ha Long wholesale market 1: the largest market in the city with 4 floors, selling seafood, electronics, crafts, clothes,...
- Ha Long Market 2: 2-storey market specializing in selling dry specialties.
- Cao Xanh fish market: the largest wholesale floating market; selling fish, crabs, surface... The market only operates in the early morning.
- Cai Dam Market: a 6-storey building that sells all goods from fresh seafood, dry goods, clothes, electronics, jewelry,...


halong markets

Halong market

23. Enjoy food in Halong

Ha Long is not only famous for its natural beauty but also attractive with specialties of the sea. There are many delicious dishes that visitors cannot ignore when visiting this destination. Those are all seafood dishes that Ha Long is bestowed by nature.

Here are the top dishes that you should try during your trip.
Xoi Trang Cha Muc: a famous dish with sticky glutinous rice, the sweetness of squid, and the salty taste of the fish sauce. All mix and make the success of a delicious dish to enjoy. It is a must-do in Halong to enjoy the food.

Mud Clam: this is a rare and delicious specialty of Quang Ninh. It can be used to steam, fry, make soup, etc. Mud clam wine is also a famous delicious one to buy when visiting Halong Bay.
Peanut worm: Peanut worm is a specialty only found in Ha Long. Therefore, you should absolutely enjoy this at least once in your trip. Peanut worms can be stir-fried with garlic to enjoy with rice. It even can be used as a kind of snack when enjoying a beer on summer days.

Tien Yen Chicken: The chicken is so delicious with firm meat but not very fat when cooking. It is because they are free to wander along the slopes every day, which makes their meat firmer day by day. A boiled Tien Yen chicken with a special dipping sauce can make everyone fall in love with the dish. Do not miss this experience when traveling to Halong Bay.


halong bay food 1

Halong bay food


24. Spend time to adventure Halong Bay Sun World Park

Sun World Park is always at the top of the Halong entertainment places, not missed by visitors. It owns the two largest Halong Bay amusement parks, the Dragon Park and the Typhoon Water. Dragon Park has more than 20 dangerous games, and the most popular one is “Tau Luon Sieu Toc”. Typhoon Water Park is a water park that is suitable even for children with 12 attractive games, such as “Than Lan bay”, “ Chuyen Xe Tuoi Tho”, etc.

In addition, Halong also has a Queen Cable cab and a mysterious hill. You can experience the world's tallest cable car here. The mysterious garden is also an address not to be missed when traveling to Ha Long.

This place has a Sun Wheel, Wax Museum, Kidoland children's play area, and Japanese Garden. Besides, you can have fun at Sun World Ha Long beach. This is a 900m long artificial beach that is free for all visitors. All can participate in windsurfing, kayaking, speedboat parachuting, etc.


halong bay sun world park 

Sun World Park Halong

25. Discovery Monkey island

Monkey Island is a small island located 2Km from Cat Ba town. This is one of the best beautiful beaches of Lan Ha Bay. Visitors can feel like paradise with a private island, with blue water and white sandy it is very suitable for swimming.

Besides that, tourists can enjoy many sports games on the beach, such as playing football, volleyball, or kayaking in the bay.


 monkey island cat ba

Monkey Island

26. Cycling in Halong bay

This is also among the best thing to do in Halong bay. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore daily life, meet the locals, and spend time enjoying the peace in this pristine village. For the best experience, visitors can rent a bike/double bike, which is about 5$USD/day. You can rent at the hotel or the store along the road.

cycling in halong bay

The beautiful road for cycling


27. Stop at Cat Ba cannon fort

Cat Ba Cannon Fort is located at an altitude of 177m above sea level. It was built in 1940 to protect the island during the war with America. Besides visiting historical sites such as the command bunker, the traditional house, canna fort, visitors can have a chance to enjoy the panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay as well as Cat Ba Island.

cat ba cannon fort 1


28. Swimming at Bai Chay beach

Last but not least is swimming at Bai Chay – Ha Long is one of the favorite beaches in the North, especially during the summer. Besides swimming, playing sports games, visitors can explore the Sun Word complex nearby.

swimming at halong bay

Swimming on the beautiful beach

29. How to book the best Halong Bay cruise?

Searching for Halong bay tours is sometimes not easy and makes you confused. There are a thousand companies providing services, hundreds of cruises, but you book only one time. We are one of the leading travel agents in Hanoi and Vietnam, offering many cruises with the best price in Hanoi old quarter.

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We have shared with you a lot of things to do at Halong Bay. Will you try all of them when traveling to the place? Let us know if you have any experience. We wish you a great time in Vietnam and if you need help, contact us at number 1, Hang Da, Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem Hanoi. 

Or contact us through email: or hotline +84968667589. We are guarantee about quality and prices. Get a full refund if you do not feel happy with our services.

Author Hoan Nguyen

He has over 10 years of experience working in the tourism sector and operator. He has traveled to many places in Vietnam and around the world.

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