Ti Top Island - A Favorite Tourist Attractions In Halong Bay

Ti Top Island often tops the list of favorite tourist attractions in Halong Bay. It is a tiny island that boasts a pristine beach along with a spectacular view from the top. If you are going to Halong Bay, do not miss such a place.
Read this article to ensure the best experience at the pearl of Halong Bay.

1. History of Titop Island

Many visitors who come here have the same question, why is the island named Titop
In the past, Titop Island in Quang Ninh was known as Nghia Dia Island (meaning Tomb Island) or Hong Thap Tu Island. Explaining the origin of this name, it is said that they are associated with the event in 1905. Accordingly, a French cargo ship, when entering Ha Long Bay hit the reef and crashed in the area. The body of the sailor was buried on this island.
On November 22, 1962, President Ho Chi Minh and Soviet cosmonaut Gierman Ti Top visited the island. To mark the friendship event of these two countries, the Soviet Union and Vietnam, Uncle Ho rename the island Ti Top.


history titop island

Overview of the island


2. Where Is Ti Top Island?

Ti Top island is about 8 kilometers to the southeast of Bai Chay Harbor. In fact, it lies at the heart of Halong Bay. Stretching over 3.7 hectares only, it is still considered one of the most beautiful islands in the bay.
Due to the close proximity to Bai Chay and its pristine beauty, this is a popular stopover in many cruise itineraries.
There is a story behind the name of this small island. 
Formerly called Cat Nang island, it was renamed to Ti Top by Uncle Ho in honor of the Russian cosmonaut Gherman Titov.


Where is ti top island

It is 8 kilometers from Bai Chay Harbor


3. Best Time To Visit Ti Top Island

Ti Top island welcomes tourists to discover its picturesque landscapes all year round. Generally, there are two peak seasons when the island is packed with travelers, including June - July and December - February. 
June to July is the period when most locals and tourists from Asian countries come to visit here. Meanwhile, travelers from other continents, mainly Europe and America, often go on Halong bay tours between December and February. Therefore, prices tend to go up during the second peak season.
April to May and August to October are two off-peak seasons. The number of tourists will drop during these times, and everything is cheaper.


ti top island halong bay


4. What To Do In Ti Top Island

4.1. Swimming

Ti Top houses a crescent-shaped beach, which white sand, azure seawater, and gentle waves. In addition, the beach has a tranquil atmosphere that makes it a perfect swimming spot.
Near the beach, there is a bar offering swimming suits, floats, as well as deckchairs to sunbathe. You can also try freshly-caught seafood at Ti Top beach.


swimming at titop island

Beautiful beach for swimming

4.2. Enjoying Panorama View of Halong Bay

This is one of the best places to see Halong Bay from above. 
After walking up over 400 steps, you will reach the gazebo at the top of the island. From there, you can feast your eyes on all the majestic limestone karsts, the lushly green forests, as well as the serene seawaters in Halong bay. 
Of course, climbing up the mountain is exhausting, but you will find all the efforts totally worth it when you get the view from the top.


halong bay photo

Here visitors can get the best view from Halong bay

4.3. Playing Water Sports

In addition to swimming, there is a wide variety of water-based activities for tourists here. Kayaking and snorkeling are among the most popular. While kayaking is a fun way to explore the surrounding areas, snorkeling allows you to discover the colorful world underwater.
Other thrilling sports include parachute jumping and hiking up the mountain. If possible, you can also join a seaplane tour.


5. Some attraction nearby

Beside visit Titop Island, visitors can visit some famous attractions in the same route.
Sung Sot caves – or surprising cave – one of the biggest cave on Halong bay
Luon cave – where visitors can do kayaking or on a bamboo boat.
Soi Sim island is an unspoiled island with beautiful natural scenery a clear blue sea and white sand.

Best time to do kayaking at halong bay

Do kayaking at Luon cave

Ti Top Island is a must-visit destination when you travel to Halong Bay. Hopefully, the article will provide you with useful information for your next trip. 
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