Ta Van village Sapa | 5 Tips for visitors first time to Sapa 2023

Ta Van Village is a great place in Muong Hoa valley for travelers to visit during any trip to Sapa. This is home to many ethnic people with special cultures and traditional wooden houses. There are still many things you can discover during your tour! Take your baggage and prepare the itineraries to enjoy the trip!

1. Overview of Ta Van village

There are around 1000 residents in Ta Van village, including mainly Hmong, Dao and Giay. They live in stilt or wooden houses and spend life day by day peacefully. Most people work in the fields, but some also produce instruments and engraved silver. 
Ta Van village leans back on the Hoang Lien Son Mountain, and Muong Hoa Stream is on the front side of the village. Every day, people can enjoy fresh air, listen to birds singing and see the green mountains surrounding. Although this is famous for tourists, locals still love field work and you can immerse yourself when visiting this on your next holiday. 

ta van village

Overview of the village

2. How to get to Ta Van village?

From Hanoi to Ta Van village
To be comfortable, tourists should book a direct limousine straight to Ta Van village from Hanoi. You can also take a night bus to Sapa or the train from Hanoi to Lao Cai, after that you can take a car or taxi for the last part of the village. Taking the night bus can save you a lot of time for visiting the village during the daytime.
From Sapa to Ta Van village
Ta Van village is about 12 km from Sapa town. You can easily take a taxi to the village. Another choice is to rent a motorbike (100,000 VND per day) and drive yourself. This way can give you chances to see the paddy fields, and immerse yourself in the fresh air of nature. 

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sapa vietnam

3. Best time to visit Ta Van

If you have a plan to visit Ta Van Village, the best time to depart is from April to August. During this time, the climate is convenient for your tours and you can drive a motorbike to discover the village. You can also visit Ta Van from November to January. During this time, tourists can take a lot of beautiful photos of yellow paddy fields and white peach blossom hills. You should set a plan to go with your friend/ your family to have a good tour as soon as possible. 

4. Best things to do and see in Ta Van Village

Ta Van village is the home of many ethnic people, so it is a good chance for you to discover local life with the special culture of minority groups. Besides that, the village is located at a good place for tourists to adventure more and more about Sapa. Let’s see what you can do and enjoy when visiting Ta Van village, with our suggestions below!

4.1 Sapa Trekking Experience

Ta Van is only 7 km from Sapa town, which makes it a great trekking place for any traveler. On the way, you can see the beauty of Y Linh Ho and other ethnic villages. You can also spend time trekking to Fansipan mountain and discover Lao Chai village at night. Having a local tour guide is amazing because he can introduce you well to many places and the traditional culture of ethnic people.

Sapa Trekking Experience

Trekking at Ta Van

4.2 Trek the Rice Fields by Yourself

To enjoy the beauty of rice fields, you can go trekking by yourself, without any tour guide. The roads are straightforward around Ta Van and easy to walk around. Remember that they can be muddy and slippery after rainy days. You should prepare clothes, as well as walking boots to trek better. Some snacks and bottles of water are also necessary for the trip.

sapa trekk by Yourself

You can enjoy the beautiful landscape by yourself 

4.3 Stay with the local tribe in their home

This must be one of the unique experiences in Ta Van Village. Ethnic locals are friendly, and they can give you delicious food with good accommodation. It feels like you are a real member of the house, and all can chat happily before going to bed.

homestay in Ta Van village

Homestay at the village 

4.4 Admire May bridge and Muong Hoa valley

May Bridge is made of thin wooden slices and forest ropes, which makes Ta Van village more pristine. Along the way, you can admire the beauty of Muong Hoa Valley, with many colored flowers. 

May bridge Muong Hoa valley

Muong Hoa Valley 
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5. Where to stay in Ta Van village

ta van village sapa

Ta Van village 
In Ta Van, Tourists can easily find a basic homestay with a mountain view, good food, and beautiful decoration. Here are some suggestions for you all.
Muong Hoa restaurant & Homestay
Address: Giang Ta Chai, Ta Van, Sapa
Muong Hoa restaurant & Homestay is located near the beautiful Hoa stream and surrounded by green terraced fields. Your accommodations are poetic stilt houses with mountain views, which make you feel fresh whenever you wake up. Muong Hoa restaurant & homestay has both dorm rooms and single rooms with a capacity of 15 to 20 customers. You can even enjoy many local foods for the meal. 
Green House Homestay
Address: Ta Van, Sapa
Green House Homestay has 9 rooms, including 4 rooms with 2 large beds and 5 small ones including 1 large bed. The interior is made of wood and decorated sensitively. In the morning, you can feel the peace of life with fresh air, and a view of paddy fields and mountains. Green House Homestay even serves outdoor BBQ, and motorbike and bicycle rental service. Customers can also order American or Asian breakfast at the restaurant.
Phori’s House
Address: Giang Ta Chai, Ta Van, Sapa
Phori's House is a cozy and idyllic accommodation, where you can go to the kitchen and cook your meal. You can also pick clean vegetables from the garden and try cooking specialties of ethnic people. Customers will have a good evening seeing the stars and sleep in the stilt house with a warm blanket. 
Besides these suggestions, you can also check for Tavan Ecologic Homestay, Viettrekking Homestay, Sanh Homestay, etc.
Besides that, you can experience to staying stay with local people at Ta Phi village or Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai village

We hope this article will help you easier for travel in Ta Van village, If you have any question please feel free to contact Go Viet Trip: Email: Email: Goviettrip@gmail.com or hotline +84968667589. We are guarantee about quality and prices. Get a full refund if you do not feel happy with our services.

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