Best & Famous Vietnamese Hot Pot To Taste

Through the recommendations of international friends, Vietnamese hot pot is highly appreciated for its variety and freshness from many ingredients, creating harmony in enjoyment. So don't wait, let's go along Vietnam to discover the unique hot pot dishes in each region!

1. Top Hot Pot Vietnamese Food You Should Try

1.1. Crab Hot Pot

 Crab Hot Pot
 Crab Hot Pot

This dish has Vietnamese hot pot ingredients from crabs, mainly sea crabs with other seafood. And of course, the hot pot dish will be accompanied by attractive raw vegetables to balance the taste.

The attractive point of a crab hot pot is probably the golden crab pots made from crab meat and crab bricks. The colorful hot pot and the fragrant crab smell will make no one can resist. 

1.2. Ninh Binh Goat Hot Pot

Ninh Binh Goat Hot Pot

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Do you know what Ninh Binh's specialty is? Definitely the goat meat. And one of the most delicious dishes from goat meat is Vietnamese goat hot pot. 

If you have the opportunity to travel to the ancestral land of Hoa Lu, you will see here raising a lot of goats in the fields. Goat meat is stewed with low heat to soften naturally, adding fresh coconut water to increase the sweetness. And during cooking, people can use turmeric and lemongrass to reduce the smell of goat, making the hot pot more delicious and flavorful.

1.3. Chicken With É Leaves Hot Pot

Chicken With É Leaves Hot Pot
Chicken With É Leaves Hot Pot


Among the delicious and exotic hotpot dishes of Vietnamese people, chicken with é leaves hot pot is a favorite dish of many people. It is a specialty of Phu Yen, now spreading throughout the southern provinces and warmly received by the people.

The hotpot has the main ingredients of chicken and é leaves. This combination of chicken hot pot and é leaves is totally perfect. Just choose firm and sweet chicken, add common spices, and you will have a sweet and delicious chicken hot pot. When eating, you put the raw basil leaves in the pot and then enjoy. It's as simple as that, but the more you eat, the more addicted you become, especially on cool or rainy days.

1.4. Beef Hot Pot

Beef Hot Pot
Beef Hot Pot

Beef hot pot is one of Vietnam's specialty hot pot dishes, available almost everywhere in the country. But this hot pot dish is even more famous in Da Lat city - where the famous Ba Toa beef hotpot brand is located. It is also a delicious Vietnamese hot pot soup base because it brings nutritional value and is suitable for the tastes of many regions.

Eating beef hot pot is to feel the full sweetness from the bone broth, the light fat taste of young tofu, and the rich, aromatic sauce. In particular, the aroma of cinnamon and anise in the hot pot creates an irresistible attraction for this delicious dish.

1.5. Fish Sauce Hot Pot

Fish Sauce Hot Pot
Fish Sauce Hot Pot

If you have a trip to the West, do not miss the famous fish sauce hot pot of this place. Nam Bo fish sauce hotpot is a symbol of rustic cuisine in the river garden, combining different vegetables to create a delicious hot pot dish.

This Vietnamese hot pot recipe often includes bacon, shrimp, meat, and copper fish. In addition, depending on the season, Westerners can choose different ingredients, creating a salty and irresistible hot pot. 

1.6. Mixed Hot Pot

Mixed Hot Pot
Mixed Hot Pot

Similar to its name, mixed hot pot is a type of hot pot that varies the ingredients according to the preferences of the diner. If you have family or friends events, a mixed hot pot is an excellent choice.

In general, a mixed hot pot will have beef, clams, beans, squid, shrimp, chicken,... And if you like, you can order more eggs and other food outside for a full set.

1.7. Thai Hot Pot

Thai Hot Pot
Thai Hot Pot

Thai hot pot brings the aroma of ginger and lemongrass, greasy with coconut milk and a characteristic Tom Yum flavor. In addition, you can order countless fresh dips such as beef, chicken, shrimp, squid, or mushrooms.

For a long time, Thai hot pot has been introduced to Vietnam and modified to suit the taste of both local people and foreign travelers. If you don't like spicy food, you can reduce the fresh chili. On the other hand, if you like a more sour taste, you can add a little tomato.

2. Conclusion

Hopefully, the above sharing can help you discover the Vietnamese culinary picture and choose your favorite Vietnamese hot pot. 

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