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Halong bay is one of the most famous places in Vietnam also in the world, thanks to natural favor, and natural beauty with majestic mountains, beautiful as a mysterious and poetic painting.

1. Halong bay meaning

Halong Vietnamese means "Descending Dragon" there are many legendary about this place. But most people believe the story: When Vietnam just establishes the country was invaders, the Jade Emperor sent the Mother Dragon to bring a flock of baby dragons down to help the Vietnamese fight the enemy.
When enemy ships from the sea rushed to the shore, just as the herd of Dragons arrived here, the Dragons immediately spewed out countless pearls and suddenly turned into thousands of rocky islands in the sea, like a solid wall, suddenly blocking the advance of enemy ships. The enemy's fleet was speeding, suddenly stopped, crashed into the rocky islands, and crashed into each other and shattered.
After the war finished, the Mother Dragon and the Baby Dragon did not return to heaven but stayed on the earth, where the battle had just taken place. The location where the Mother Dragon landed is Ha Long, and the Baby Dragon landed is Bai Tu Long.

2. How to get to Halong bay - Hanoi to Halong bay

Today is located in Quang Ninh province, northeast of Vietnam, only 180 km east of Hanoi capital, surrounded by Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Island, Tuan Chau Island, and Ha Long City. Despite its small area of about 1533km2, Ha Long Bay owns about 1,600 limestone islands, and islets, limestone in this bay has gone through 500 million years of formation in different conditions and environments.
Halong Bay was recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage 3 times from 1994, also New 7 wonder of the world in 2011.
From Hanoi, you can go by bus, private car or limousine. Price from US$ 15 to $US 150, depending on which service you want to use. Or you can choose to book Halong bay tours with all transportations already included.
By seaplane: This is the best option to get there, especially if you have a very short time visit Vietnam, you can get overview like bird's eye view.

halong bay tours 

 Panorama view of the bay

3. Best time visit Halong bay

Halong bay is beautiful all year. Each season has its own beauty. You still have clear sky blue and clear water.

  • January - March: It is the Tet festival Luna New Year. Vietnamese people will usually stay at home, so Halong Bay is not as crowded as usual.

  • March - July: This is summertime, very suitable for outdoor activists such as kayaking and swimming… This is also the peak season, with the majority of visitors being Vietnamese and Asian.

  • August - December: The autumn and winter weather is quite cool and cold, suitable for tourists who want to enjoy the colder weather and the fanciful, mysterious atmosphere and beauty hidden in dew.

4. Things to do in Halong bay

With a large coverage area and special terrain, you can participate in many outdoor activities from the mountains to the sea when visiting Halong bay.

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4.1. Halong bay cruise

Doing the cruise visiting the bay is the most interesting in here, you will stay on the boat with a private room and full equipment such a boutique hotel. It is fascinating when you can relax in your own room and open the window you will see the majestic mountains pass by floating village see the daily life of local people living on the bay or go up to the deck to watch the stars the sea at night.

4.2. Halong bay caves

Halong bay has many caves, such as Sung Sot cave (Surprising cave), Thien Cung cave (Heaven), Dau Go cave, Tien Ong cave, and Thien Canh Son cave. All are beautiful, with a lot of stalactites and stalagmites created millions of years ago with unique shapes.

halong bay cave

Inside Surprising cave

4.3. Do kayaking or Bamboo boat

Kayaking in Halong bay - This is one of the most famous activists here. There are many areas to do kayaking in here, such as Ba Hang, Luon cave, Dong Tien lake, Cua Van, Vung Vieng. Some are super quiet and beautiful.
Trekking, rock climbing, and cycling: Visitors can trek up to Titop island to get the panorama view or to jump from the top of the boat to the sea, or you can cycle and trek through Cat Ba national park.
Besides that, you can go squid fishing, cooking demonstration, sunset party, karaoke, tai chi… on the boat.

halong bay kayaking 

Our clients do kayaking on the bay.

5. Best place to stay in Halong bay

Hotel: Being the most famous place for visiting in Vietnam, many hotels you can stay from 3 stars to 5 stars. The price is also very suitable, from $US 20 to $US 200, you can stay near Tuan Chau international Marina harbor (where the boat departure) or in the center of Halong city.
Cruise: This is a very popular option. Visitors won't have to worry about transportation, food, entrance fees, etc., because everything will be included in your cruise package. We have selected and provided Halong bay tours with quality from three to five stars. The cruises are designed with their own style, full of equipment as well as safety license.
Besides that, we also co-coop with cruises company create promotions and discounts. We have promised we will give you the best price.

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