Cho Hom Market: Best place for Fabric in Hanoi? (Update) 2023

Cho Hom Market is one of the most popular markets in Hanoi. It is a paradise for fabric and clothing enthusiasts. Also, Cho Hom makes a great place to try out the rich local cuisine.
Read on for a detailed guide to visit this place with Go Viet Trip.

1. History of Cho Hom Market

This is the second-largest market in Hanoi. The origin of Cho Hom dates back as far as the early 19th century when it was a place for selling poultry on Hang Bai Street.
The place was demolished and built again on Hue Street in 1921. Since then, the market grew bigger and offered more items, mainly including poultry, veggies, meat, etc.
At present, Cho Hom is the biggest place for selling fabric in Hanoi. In addition, visitors can find other items such as clothing, bags, and shoes there.

History of cho hom market

Cho Hom in 19th century


2. Best Time To Visit Cho Hom Market

Cho Hom market opens every day from 6 am to 5 pm.
It is not the best idea to visit in the early morning since you may not be able to check items and ask for prices freely as in the afternoon.
If you check an item but do not buy it, the sellers believe it will bring misfortune for the whole day. They may even get mad at you. Therefore, it is best to visit Cho Hom at noon or in the afternoon.


best time to visit cho hom

Noon or in the afternoon is the best time for visit

3. Structure of Cho Hom Market

Cho Hom consists of two floors. The first floor is filled with fabric, clothing, and accessories. All the items here are made in China and sold at affordable prices.
On the second floor, you can find vegetables, fruits, snacks, and many food courts serving Vietnamese specialties such as Bun, Pho, etc.
Also, here is designed with five gates so that visitors can get in and out easily.




hom market foods

There are many things to do and eat here

4. How To Get To Cho Hom Market

There are many ways to get here.
If you live near the market, it is best to visit it on foot to avoid the rush hour and parking hassles.
However, parking there is not as troublesome as it seems. There is a parking lot right inside the market, and you only need to pay VND 5,000 for a bike and VND 10,000 for a motorbike. Feel free to visit by bicycle or motorbike if you have to.
For extra convenience, you can opt for a taxi.

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Tips for Visitors
Below are some tips when you go shopping at Cho Hom.

  • Make sure to bargain at half the given price.

  • Check carefully before buying any item.

  • Bring along some cash. Generally, credit cards are not supported here.

  • Keep an eye on your personal belongings, especially when the market is crowded.

Cho Hom Market is a great place to have authentic experiences in Hanoi. You can even go on a food tour there. Just bring some cash and have fun!
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